Digital marketing has become essential for all businesses regardless of industry or size. You need to leverage the digital platforms in order to stay in the loop and create a brand name for your business. However, not all kinds of marketing strategies can fit all businesses.

However, there is an exception and that email marketing. No matter what kind of business you run or which industry does it belong to, chances are email marketing can help you grow your business. After all, email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in constant touch with your customers or potential customers.

Currently, more than 93% of B2B marketers leverage email marketing to distribute content and around 83% of B2B companies use e-newsletters as a part of their content marketing strategy.

The stats prove the influence of email marketing in the marketing industry, however, what actually proves the clout of email marketing is its ROI. According to a report by CampaignMonitor, email generates $44 to every $1 spent, which is an astonishing 4400% ROI.

Be it an eCommerce website or a usual blog, email marketing can significantly boost the customer retention rate.

However, in order to get started, you need to build a subscribers’ list first. You can use sign up form on your website that certainly won’t compel your audience to get converted into your loyal subscribers.

Then what would I do?

A compelling LEAD MAGNET or a bunch of it. Don’t know what a lead magnet is or what lead magnet should you be using? Read the article.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet to put simply is something that you offer to your audience for free in exchange for a few details or just an email address.

That something can be a valuable asset like eBooks, Guides, freebies, etc. Any of the stuff that could help your target audience in any way and can get you their email addresses in return.

But how does it work?

A typical sales process followed by any online business looks like this-

  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Convert them into leads.
  • Nurture the leads.
  • And finally, convert them into potential customers.

Lead magnets help you to convert your traffic into leads and then continue to nurture them using email marketing.

So now that you know what lead magnets are and how can it help you to convert your audience, it’s time to show you some of the most compelling lead magnet ideas for your online business.

7 Compelling Lead Magnet Ideas to Build Email Subscribers’ List from Scratch

An ebook

One of the most popular lead magnets used by marketers around the world to Build an Email Subscriber. It is a perfect way to curate the top stories (written by you) related to a niche and share it with your audience.

For instance, if you’re a marketer, you can curate all the blog posts written by you around a single marketing tactic like social media marketing or content marketing in the form of an eBook.

You need to be specific regarding the name of the book. The name should NOT be confusing but rather should reflect what it is actually about.

Such types of eBooks look compelling to the audience and also add value to their lives. And that’s what lead magnets are created for, right?

Moreover, instead of asking them to search and read your content scattered throughout the web, you’re helping them to find it all in one place which is definitely making things convenient for them.


You might write a huge blog post regarding steps to take while doing something but at times people don’t have the time to read the entire sumo sized post and are looking for something more concise and specific. And that’s where a lead magnet in the form of a checklist works the best.

A concise checklist allows your audience to perform a specific task without missing any necessary steps. And in return, they happily provide you with their email addresses.

Free courses

Free courses are always cherished by people who wish to learn something new from experts without making any monetary investment.

A course can be in any form like podcasts, video series, daily newsletters, etc. One of the best ways to create a course is to curate as well as repurpose all your previous posts and convert them into a course format.

For example, you can divide your blog post on a specific topic and offer that as a series of email courses.

Case study

If you’ve got a few customers you can interview them or ask for some of the experiences and then convert them into a detailed case study. The case study would include their needs and how they solved a common problem that your audience might have too.

Case studies can be a very effective lead magnet because here you’re offering something that is unique and can actually solve your audience’s problems.

The secret

When you hear someone’s secret, it instantly makes you curious regarding what it is and that is the same case with such lead magnets.

For example, if you’re a content marketer, you can create a lead magnet that says- “Want to know how I got 90,485 views on my article without spending a penny on ads- Click here to unveil my secret.”.

Such types of CTAs always work because here you’re sharing something that is making your audience curious. Moreover, it’s a fact that people like to read about personal experiences because that seems more real to them rather than any other content type.

Access to a free tool or trial

This is becoming more popular with the passing time. People love free stuff and if that ‘stuff’ is of great use to them, nothing else can be better than that as a lead magnet. It can really help you to Build an Email Subscriber.

A free tool in return for just an email address is very hard to ignore. Such lead magnets are mostly used by SaaS companies who offer a free trial of their tool in exchange for email addresses. Later they nurture those leads and try to convert them into their potential customers.

Also, if you don’t want to offer your product for free as a lead magnet you can offer it on a sale or trial price. This will also help you attract your potential audience, turn them into your customers, and then help them understand how beneficial that tool can be for them.


Every now and then I keep noticing webinars held by industry experts and what they ask for in return? Just name and email.

It’s a common myth that webinars have to be long, and the collaborative presentation includes several industry experts. No! You can also do it alone and explain a single topic in depth.

There are many tools and resources out there on the web that can help conduct webinars without the help of anyone else. All you need to do is make sure that you’ve something REALLY helpful to share and promote it as much as possible.

Another crucial thing to consider is that while promoting you have a captivating CTA that could convince people to join the webinar.

To wrap up

The above listicle shows some of the most popular lead magnets of the industry but it’s not a complete list.

There are still many more lead magnet ideas out there and to choose the perfect one, you need to understand what your target audience likes the most.

For understanding the behavioral pattern of your audience, check out some of your competitors and what they are doing.

In this way, you’ll get an idea about what kind of lead magnets work the best for your industry. And once you discover, let us know below. All the best! :)