Ruby on Rails is one of the web development frameworks for building web applications. Even though Ruby on Rails has reached its maturity, it’s still preferred by developers all over the world.

In 2020, E-commerce solutions are in high demand. Because of the pandemic, convenience, and safety led to many companies turning towards E-commerce platforms for serving their customers. Ruby on Rails framework is a highly stable and powerful platform for building an E-commerce website.

Ruby on Rails web development for eCommerce makes sense because it is an affordable framework to build web applications. On top of that, it provides much faster development than other frameworks. You can build B2B, B2C, and subscription-based E-commerce projects without any hassle.

SpreeCommerce is a powerful E-commerce platform powered by Ruby on Rails. By combining both, you can get a high-performing and robust E-commerce application that serves companies of all kinds. Another popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, also utilizes Ruby on Rails at the backend for serving its customers.

Today, E-commerce with Ruby on Rails is more relevant than ever. Due to the imminent losses, you may want to save money and yet reach more customers. With a mobile eCommerce app built using Ruby on Rails, you can reduce the burden on your existing operations.

Benefits of ruby on rails framwork

7 reasons to choose Ruby on Rails Framework for eCommerce App

The top E-commerce companies using Ruby on Rails include The Fifth Collection, AirBnB, Groupon, Couchsurfing and many more. They knew the power of a Ruby on Rails E-commerce app. It is a much better choice to test and validate your E-commerce application idea before launching it in the market.

Here are 7 reasons to choose Ruby on Rails as your eCommerce web development framework:-

  • Cost-effective
    • Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development framework that is available free of cost. You don’t have to pay any licensing fees for using it. You can easily hire Ruby on Rails developers from a Ruby on Rails development company and start with your eCommerce applications.
    • Ruby on Rails projects does not put a hole in your budget. Ruby on Rails E-commerce framework is startup-friendly. Developers can quickly build your platform, and you’ll have to incur less cost of the hourly or fixed engagement model of the project.
  • Rapid MVP development
    • Probably the best thing about Ruby on Rails E-commerce development is the ability to produce a rapid MVP. Ruby on Rails developers can quickly build MVPs, which enables startups to test the waters and check for the viability of the product.
    • Ruby on Rails framework follows convention over configuration, which eliminates the need for excessive configuration like Django. The MVC and DRY reduce the time taken to develop and makes the development process much more efficient. Even with a small team, you can rapidly build an MVP and make improvements as you go along.
  • Flexible framework
    • The modular architecture of the Ruby on Rails framework allows developers to easily modify code and add plugins. It is an incredible benefit when you want to make changes in the code or add features that require a lot of modifications. Ruby on Rails E-commerce apps are flexible and can be updated without tearing the entire coding structure.
    • Ruby on Rails is highly adaptable and enables you to mould the code according to your needs. Even when your MVP is ready, you can make changes without much damage.
  • Secure development
    • When it comes to building a mobile eCommerce app, security is paramount. You need to ensure that your transactions are safe and the user trusts you while making the payment. Ruby on Rails E-commerce apps are highly secure as there are multiple gems that ensure the complete safety of transactions.
    • The Ruby community offers gems like brakeman for security vulnerability detection, bundler-audit for patch level verification, saferpay-gem for client payment detail protection, and much more. Ruby on Rails ecommerce websites use these gems to stay on top of their security game.
  • Vast ecosystem
    • Ruby on Rails for web development has one of the largest communities of developers on GitHub. The massive repository of RubyGems comprises around 150,000 gems for adding various functionalities. They are ready-to-use plugins that can be installed for making the E-commerce website feature-rich and error-free.
    • The wide community of Ruby on Rails developers provides continuous assistance on different projects and regularly updates the framework. They help in completing complicated tasks by offering solutions to all the issues that you may face.
  • Powerful framework
    • Ruby on Rails eCommerce framework is a powerful and highly stable framework for developing web and mobile E-commerce apps. Because it comes with a standardized set of policies, the framework is less likely to face challenges even with heavy coding. The framework offers stable performance to E-commerce applications and removes any lags that occur.
    • The power of Ruby on Rails eCommerce development also lies in the elimination of reconfiguring the development environment again and again. There’s enough documentation for configuring the framework once and then start building the application.
  • Ease of deployment
    • Ruby on Rails for web development reduces the deployment issues form eCommerce projects. There are multiple automation features, including test automation, that simplifies the entire process of deployment and release.
    • Because of the DRY principle, the debugging process doesn’t possess many challenges. The framework utilizes the best coding practices that guide the Ruby on Rails developers to make better development decisions.

Ruby on Rails framework is perfect for E-commerce web development

It is a myth that Ruby on Rails E-commerce development is dead. On the contrary, there will be a high demand for the framework as it is cost-effective, and every organization wants to save money right now. On top of that, everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition as the pandemic has led to a loss in the market share. Ruby on Rails eCommerce apps will help recover the market share and get back with a much stronger digital presence.

While you may want to save money on your eCommerce app, hiring a Ruby on Rails development company can help you reach economies of scale. By getting the assistance of professionals, you are more likely to reach your Ruby on Rails E-commerce objectives.