Have you started thinking about our 2021 digital marketing plans yet?

Here are 3 important digital marketing things that you need to be preparing for in 2021

1. Optimize for voice search. The popularity of products like Google Home and Alexa have created a HUGE boom in the usage of voice search. Almost half the world’s population currently uses it, and that will only grow in 2021. Just because you are optimizing for text/typing search doesn’t mean you are optimized for voice search. The optimization for voice search is different from text. (think about how you type in google vs. what you say to Alexa) For instance, when you on your mobile phone and typing in Google looking for a good Indian restaurant, you might type in ‘Indian restaurant near me’. But to Alexa you say, “Alexa, what is the closest Indian restaurant to me right now’. See the difference? Voice search is more conversational as you normally speak vs. just typing in a few words on google. Making sure your Google My Business profile is updated and detailed is the best way to ensure you are updated for voice search.

2. Use Video Advertising. As more streaming services open up their ad platforms, and as more people cut the cable cords, there will be a continuing opportunity for video ads to target your customers/clients/supporters. Studies show that 76% of adults in the US, UK and Australia have purchased a product after viewing a video. That number will go up in 2021 as platforms like Youtube and TikTok further refine their advertising algorithms. Hulu is already opening up its ad platform to the public. Look for it to explode in ’21.

3. Watching Google Core updates and specifically how it influences your organic rankings. Web Vitals will go into effect in March. Here is an article I wrote that covers the latest one in detail, and will give you some ideas on how to maximize your reach and see if your website is ready. Google Just Changed the Rules. Again. Is Your Website Ready?

As always, reach out to me if you need any assistance or have questions.

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