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<p><p>Bob Hutchins is a digital marketing executive who also focuses on behavioral psychology. </p> <p>He founded and was the CMO of the nationally recognized digital agency, BuzzPlant for 17 years.</p> <p>Having spent the last two decades in the digital marketing, linear platforms, consumer psychology, and social media advertising world, Bob has been responsible for creating and executing numerous campaigns and strategies for Hollywood blockbusters, and several Fortune 500 brands.</p> <p>Bob has a Masters degree in Behavioral and Organizational Psychology from London Metropolitan University.</p> <p>He loves to write, teach & communicate about the intersection of digital media, culture, & psychology with a restorative worldview.</p> <p>His latest book with Jenny Black is title, Our Digital Soul-Collective Anxiety, Media Trauma, and a Path Toward Recovery</p></p>

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2022 Will Be the Year of First-Party Data

First-party data is information a company collects directly from its customers and owns. In 2022, more and more companies…

Bob Hutchins
January 5, 2022
Digital Marketing

Socio-Technical Systems Theory, and Why It Is Essential to Human Flourishing and Humanizing Technology

It’s all about the humans. How do we create tools that work for all types of human beings, in…

Bob Hutchins
November 10, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

How Can We Push for Better, More Human Technology? (In Light of the Facebook Leaked Documents)

The recent Facebook leaked documents show that algorithms matter. They can harm people psychologically and socially. Specifically younger people.…

Bob Hutchins
October 18, 2021
Consumer Marketing

Does Personal Bias Make People Vulnerable to Misinformation on Social Media Platforms?

Bias has a well-documented effect on reasoning. Bias can affect the processing of information and lead to beliefs that…

Bob Hutchins
August 24, 2021
Social Media

The Changing Face of Marketing: How AI is Inventing the Future

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do marketing, and it’s happening faster than we think. From voice assistants…

Bob Hutchins
July 23, 2021

July is Full of Opportunities for Creative Online Marketing

The July marketing calendar is a treasure trove of opportunities for creative marketers. World Emoji Day falls on July…

Bob Hutchins
July 1, 2021

How the Block Chain Will Influence Digital Advertising and Marketing

The following is one vision of the near future. BlockChain technology is an emerging field in the digital world…

Bob Hutchins
May 21, 2021
Digital Marketing

The Power of Story: Attention Spans Are Expanding

The comeback of long-form storytelling In 1985, Neil Postman published his groundbreaking work, Amusing Ourselves to Death. In it,…

Bob Hutchins
February 1, 2021

Voice Search Is On the Rise. Now Is the Time to Optimize Your Content

A growing proportion of searches are being spoken instead of being typed in on a keyboard. From the latest…

Bob Hutchins
January 26, 2021

Digital Marketing Changes and Tips for 2021: Instagram and Facebook

As 2021 is now in full swing, it’s not too late to begin thinking differently to the new kind…

Bob Hutchins
January 20, 2021
Digital Marketing

The Power of Micro-Influencers in 2021: Tried it Yet?

Recommendations from household names is not a new thing. We have all watched them on TV and advertisements for…

Bob Hutchins
January 12, 2021
Content Marketing
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