Apple have one-fifth the number of stores as Best Buy, but makes 5 times the sales per store. And Apple customers keep coming back for more, with a loyalty rate of over 90%. What makes Apple so successful? The secret may be in their customer service model, based on the hospitality standard of Ritz-Carlton’s 5 Diamond hotels.

When Apple decided to open its own brick-and-mortar stores, it sent all its store manager to Ritz-Carlton’s hospitality training, which emphasizes guest-experience, personalized service, and anticipating guests’ needs. The Ritz hospitality model starts with warm, sincere greeting, followed by high-quality service and a fond farewell. It emphasizes using each guest’s name to show a personal touch. Ritz-Carlton employees even have the freedom to spend $2,000 to guarantee a guest’s experience is a positive one.

In the Apple store, customers are similarly greeted with a warm smile, and addressed by name. Apple stores are even designed to mimic a hotel, with the Genius Bar in place of a concierge station, and plenty of pleasant distractions to occupy your time while you wait for a service. Visits are scheduled ahead of time so employees are always available to meet with customers, and check-out is simplified by bringing a credit card reader right to the customer.

Other tech stores are taking note of Apple’s success, and copying their features. Microsoft allows customers to set appointments and Samsung has a device available for customers to explore while they wait. While much of retail sales are shifting online, consumers still value personalized, welcoming service.

Your business can benefit from following Apple’s example, whether it’s by greeting your customers by name or letting them schedule a time to talk. Show your customers a genuinely welcoming experience, and don’t be afraid to offer up a few distractions.

Learn more in this infographic:

Infographic Courtesy of Hospitality Management Degrees