When you purchased your new voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone system, a technician likely plugged the system into your internet connection, set a few standard menu options, recorded a few generic messages, and left – never thinking to customize your IVR experience.

And while your chief financial officer might be happy with the cost savings afforded by your new VOIP system, your customers might not share in that enthusiasm.

That’s because your average technician can only go so far in setting up your VOIP interactive voice response (IVR) experience. And ‘so far’ often isn’t far enough to make maximum use of your IVR features.

“From the choice of music and voice talent, to the strategy of the script and voice prompts, when you customize your IVR experience, you maximize the benefits of the system,” says Bryant Wilson, CEO of On Hold Company. “Customization can make your caller experience professional and seamless, reducing caller confusion and frustration.”

Consider these three ways a customized IVR experience can do just that.

#1: Customize Your IVR Script

A customized IVR script guides callers through a series of menu options that connects them to the right department or person, gives them the information they need and the ability to leave a message.

Fail in any of these three areas and you have a frustrated caller on the other end of the line who may never call back.

With a customized IVR script and menu options, your telephone system works for you – not against you. And it gets your caller where they need to go with efficiency and ease of use.

#2: Customize Your IVR Voice Talent

It’s unlikely that ‘Joe the technician’ has the kind of voice you want representing your brand. In fact, the voice talent you use for your IVR greetings should be congruent with your brand and target market demographics.

For example, if your business is a financial institution, you might want a mature male voice that conveys confidence and competency. If you’re a local retailer, you might want a hip female voice that projects warmth and friendliness.

Brand-aligned voice talent is relatable, keeps your caller engaged, and on the line.

#3: Customize Your IVR Production

When you customize your IVR production, you have the opportunity to keep it aligned with your brand so that it’s congruent with other marketing touchpoints.

Callers have likely visited your website and may even be familiar with your promotional videos, radio ads or even podcasts.

Customizing your IVR production in terms of music for business, voice talent, and audio quality reinforces your other audio touch points, builds brand familiarity and strengthens the connection with your customer.

Customize for Success

Customizing your IVR experience is key to maximizing the benefits of your IVR features and eliminating caller frustration. And a positive experience for your callers, is a positive experience for your business.