In 2020, creating a strategic and impactful strategy for customer satisfaction is essential for businesses everywhere.

Poor customer experience can lead to low customer retention rates and negative online reviews – which can (and most likely will) discourage prospective buyers from choosing to work with your organization.

In fact, an average company will lose 10 to 25 percent of its customer base per year – and they don’t know why. How can you understand why a customer leaves? Ask them in a survey.

If you are looking to conduct a customer survey for your organization, but don’t know where to get started – I have compiled five videos that can help.

Meter with customer survey ratings on it
mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey – Why Do You Need It?

Watch Time: About 8 minutes

Let’s start at square one.

With any type of market research study, it is important to set up objectives and goals for what you would like to achieve. Ask yourself…

  • Why am I conducting a customer survey?
  • How many responses would I like to receive?
  • What areas of my business do I need the most feedback on?
  • What will I do with the results?

The answers to these questions should help guide you from project start to finish.

This video by Six Figure Mastermind, a marketing, closing, and public speaking coach, will really get you excited to conduct customer research.

She discusses how useful this is in growing your business, growing your customer loyalty, and growing your return rates.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

Watch Time: About 7 minutes

We’re not done with the Six Figure Mastermind just yet! Now that we understand the basics and reasonings for executing a customer satisfaction survey, it is important we discuss best practices.

After all, what is the point in collecting customer feedback if we are not going to do it correctly?

This video is all about customer survey best practices – including what to do and what not to do.

As Marianne puts it, “great surveys will create better decisions for you, leading to customer satisfaction and larger profit.”

3. 11 Principles for How to Write Good Customer Survey Questions

Watch Time: About 5 minutes

While creating a customer satisfaction survey may seem simple, writing survey questions is truly an art and science.

Campaign Creators shares this great video that showcases 11 principles for writing great customer survey questions.

This includes:

  • Choose simple over specialized words
  • Choose as few words as possible to pose the survey question
  • Ask questions in complete sentences
  • Avoid vague qualifiers when more precise estimates can be obtained
  • Avoid specificity that exceeds the respondent’s potential for having an accurate, ready-made answer

Watch this video to learn more!

4. Customer Survey Question Examples

Watch Time: About 8 minutes

Still need a little inspiration for what questions to include in your customer survey?

In this video, team members from Drive Research share what they believe to be the most important questions you need to ask in your customer survey.

These are the same questions their market research company uses to help their clients measure high areas of satisfaction and critical areas of improvement.

5. What Are The Best Survey Tools for 2020?

Watch Time: About 2 minutes

One of the last stages of executing a customer survey is launching it! If you choose to conduct the survey in-house, rather than through a third-party market research company, there are tools that can help streamline this process.

There is a lot of online survey software out there. This video by CloudApp showcases the top 10 online survey tools for your business.

Bonus Video: The Office – Customer Survey

Watch Time: About 3 minutes

As an Office super fan, I couldn’t resist adding this video to this blog post. After Dunder Mifflin conducts a satisfaction survey, Michael learns that Jim and Dwight have received poor ratings from their clients.

In order to improve customer satisfaction, Jim and Dwight must take place in some role-playing. Although this is a humorous example, it’s important to note that taking action with customer feedback is essential to this type of market research.

If customers report a bad experience, you must act quickly to resolve the situation! Maybe that includes employee sales training showcased in this scene from The Office.