Concentrating on the top trending cryptos can be beneficial since these cryptocurrencies often have strong community support and innovative use cases that serve as a foundation for growth. Simply put, if a crypto coin is trending, more and more people are bound to invest in it. Although this might not 100% correlate with growth potential, it is a strong indicator.

With that in mind, this guide discusses the top trending crypto coins on the market right now, exploring what they are and why they are so valued before presenting some of the main ways investors can easily find trending coins.

Below are some of the top trading cryptocurrencies, each displaying excellent potential for the weeks and months ahead.

  1. PlayDoge — A fun throwback to the 90s with this high-staking play-to-earn game
  2. WienerAI — Trending meme AI token with high staking rewards
  3. Sealana — New trending Solana-based meme coin following the SOL animal token mania
  4. Base Dawgz — Multi-chain functionality and a great chance to diversify a portfolio
  5. Mega Dice — Experience the future of online casinos with $DICE rewards and encrypted transactions
  6. 99Bitcoins — Comprehensive crypto learning, $99BTC rewards, and exclusive perks
  7. Sponge V2 — Transition from V1  to V2 via staking, 150B tokens, P2E game for additional rewards
  8. eTukTuk — AI-powered gaming token that raised over $3.4 million in presale
  9. Ethereum — One of the most trending crypto coins on Twitter due to ‘The Merge’

Investing in new trending cryptos can be a lucrative endeavor, especially if the investment is made early in the project’s lifespan before the price takes off. Many trending crypto projects made their name on social media before generating any price momentum, so it’s wise to consider this before making an investment decision.

With that in mind, let’s explore the market’s top trending cryptocurrencies in more detail.

1. PlayDoge — A Fun Throwback to the 90s With This High-Staking Play-to-Earn Game

Top Trending Crypto - playdoge

One of the top trending cryptos at the moment is PlayDoge. This mobile-based play-to-earn game turns the popular Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet. Just like a virtual pet, you’ll need to feed it, train it, and play with it to earn $PLAY tokens. However, neglecting to take care of your token resets the game, which means a huge emphasis is put on consistent care.

Apart from rewards and bonus $PLAY tokens, you can also stake the coin, which will, in turn, provide high staking rewards. However, it’s important to note that staking is only available on the Binance Smart Chain. If you’re interested in purchasing this coin, $PLAY is currently on presale, raising at a discounted price of $0.005. Please note the price is expected to increase as the presale continues. Therefore, buying it sooner means you’ll buy it at the cheapest price. As of writing (a day after launch), the coin has raised over $260k.

With the rise in popularity of meme coins and the growing P2E blockchain market, which reached a market cap of over $13 billion in May of this year, we can definitely see the hype behind this coin.

top trending crypto - wienerai

WienerAI is next of our top trending coins and aims to become the “top dog” on the crypto charts. This project has so far managed to raise over $1.6 million. This means that the $WAI token could conclude its presale prematurely, like its peer, ScottyAI, which managed to hit its $7.5 million hard cap ahead of schedule.

What makes WienerAI lucrative to investors is its roadmap, during which the $WAI token will get an upgrade. After the upgrade, its developers will initiate the Ethereum network takeover. This will enable the $WAI token to get listed on both DEXs and CEXs. This project is also trending among meme-coin enthusiasts due to its staking rewards that come with an APY that currently stands at 831%.

The $WAI token has a total supply of 69 billion tokens, of which 30% will be allocated towards the presale. Another 20% will go towards staking and community rewards, while 10% will be distributed towards DEX/CEX liquidity. At the time of writing, investors can buy $WAI tokens at a price of $0.000706.

Top Trending Crypto - sealana

Sealana is currently the top trending cryptocurrency today among all Solana-based meme tokens. This project started its presale on May 1, 2024, and in just a few hours, it managed to raise over $500k. What makes this project lucrative for investors? Its community-based approach and single-tiered presale setup. This means that the price of $SEAL tokens during the presale will be fixed at $6,900 $SEAL tokens for 1 SOL. Moreover, there will be no time limits and predetermined hard caps.

With that in mind, Sealana’s developers aim to repeat the success of its Solana-based peer, Slothana. Namely, Slothana managed to raise $15 million during its presale thanks to its single-tiered presale setup that created a FOMO effect.

Sealana’s design is inspired by the character from South Park, the Gamer Guy. With that in mind, this token features a chubby seal that enjoys eating chips and tinned tuna. This media-based approach will contribute to Sealana’s popularity once it gets listed on crypto exchanges.

You can find out more about this project by visiting its X (Twitter) account and by joining its Telegram channel.

4. Base Dawgz — Multi-Chain Meme Coin With a Share-to-Earn Utility

top trending crypto - base dawgz

Next on our crypto coins trending list, we have Base Dawgz. This meme coin uses Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology, which allows it to be compatible with multiple blockchains. On that note, this token is built on the Base chain. However, it can also operate on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX.

In addition, Base Dawgz utilizes the share-to-earn model. This means that everyone who shares information about this project on their social networks will earn points, which can then be converted into $DAWGZ tokens.

Thanks to its multi-chain ability and share-to-earn utility, this token raised over $222K in just a few days. Many crypto analysts believe that Base Dawgz could repeat the success of Dogeverse, a multi-chain meme coin that raised over $15M in less than a month. Likewise, $DAWGZ aims to capitalize on the popularity of meme coins that run on the Base chain, like Degen and Toshi. For example, just one week after its launch, Degen’s investors saw a 3000% ROI.

The $DAWGZ token has a total supply of 8,453,000,000, of which 20% will be reserved for presale. Its current price stands at $0.00479.

5. Mega Dice — Telegram-Based Crypto Casino That Raised Over $350K Just a Few Hours After Launching Its Token Presale

mega dice top crypto

Mega Dice made quite a stir in the crypto market after it launched its token presale. In fact, this Telegram-based crypto casino managed to raise over $350k in just a few hours due to its multi-utility token. It currently has more than $13.5 million in presale funding.

This means that $DICE holders will be able to use their GameFi token to play casino games and bet on sports. They’ll also be able to claim daily rewards that will be based on casino performance. On top of that, selected token holders will get limited edition NFTs that will give them access to special rewards. Likewise, Mega Dice will offer a $2.25 million airdrop and token bonuses to early buyers.

$DICE is a Solana-based token, and these types of tokens are currently very popular among crypto investors due to low fees. Moreover, this token has a maximum supply of 420 million tokens, which is quite a small figure. 35% will go towards the presale, while 15% will be distributed towards airdrops. $DICE is one of the top trending coins currently and you can get it at $0.069 per token.

6. 99Bitcoins — Crypto Learning Platform That Offers Lucrative Airdrop and Large APY to Early Buyers

99bitcoins top trending crypto to buy

99Bitcoins is a name that’s well known to crypto investors since this learning platform has been around since 2013. Why is this project so popular right now? Because it uses a learn-to-earn rewards approach. I.e., the platform will reward all token holders who participate in its crypto quizzes and training courses. Apart from being among the most trending altcoins, 99Bitcoins also offers one of the best crypto airdrops to claim in 2024. Namely, 99 community members who join its platform early will get $99,999 worth of BTC.

The $99BTC token will become more valuable once it gets listed on crypto exchanges and once it bridges to BTC since this transition will increase its utility. Investors will also be able to claim staking rewards over two years at a rate of 4,143 $99BTC per ETH block. Their APY currently stands at 4,275%.

The $99BTC token has a limited supply of 99 billion, of which 10.50% will be allocated towards the presale. At the time of writing, the $99BTC token trades at $0.00104.

7. Sponge V2 — Transition From V1 via Staking, 150B Tokens, P2E Game for Additional Rewards

Sponge v2 homepage

Next on our list of top trending crypto projects, we have Sponge V2, the successor of Sponge V1, which aims to repeat its success. Namely, the price of the V1 token jumped by 100x once it went live. Could the same happen with the V2 token? Yes.

Namely, V2 uses stake-to-bridge consensus. This means that the V2 token can only be obtained by locking V1 tokens into V2 staking pools. After all V1 tokens get staked, V2 will replace it as the primary coin.

The staking period will last four years, during which its holders will be able to earn APYs that go up to 176% on Ethereum and up to 475% on Polygon. Investors will also be able to earn V2 tokens by participating in the P2E game Sponge Racer.

8. eTukTuk — An AI-powered sustainable token that could profit from the recent hype created around P2E crypto projects

top trending crypto to buy - etuktuk

eTukTuk is a top trending cryptocurrency among investors who support sustainable projects and crypto gaming. On that note, this eco-friendly crypto project aims to improve the transport system in developing countries.

To support this vision, its developers recently launched a P2E game whose design and gameplay are inspired by the popular arcade Crazy Taxi. In this game, players will earn $TUK tokens by picking up and dropping off passengers while racing through the streets of Sri Lanka. In addition to that, they’ll get to use their tokens to unlock new locations and upgrade their vehicles.

eTuk Tuk could benefit from the recent hype created around the P2E industry, whose size by 2028 could reach $8,856.95 million. This project has already managed to raise over $3.4M, although only 6% of its total token supply will be reserved for its presale, which is 120,000,000 tokens.

The price of one $TUK token currently amounts to $0.0325. However, once its presale ends, its developers plan to enter strategic partnerships and list their tokens on DEXs and CEXs. Both moves will boost its value and demand.

top trending crypto - ethereum

Our final top trending cryptocurrency now is Ethereum, the world’s most famous altcoin. More than $16 billion worth of trading volume is regularly facilitated in ETH, highlighting the sheer scale of this digital currency.

Ethereum is currently trending crypto because of the successful rollout of ‘The Merge,’ which saw Ethereum transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain from a proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism. That switch also made ETH one of the most energy-efficient cryptos in 2024.

Many investors are opting to buy Ethereum following the Ethereum Merge as it’s now more scalable, has lower gas fees, and is a more appealing prospect for decentralized app (dApp) developers.

Ultimately, Ethereum’s move to a PoS consensus protocol is good for all stakeholders and has caused enormous buzz around It at the time of writing. Some notable figures, such as Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes, expect the ETH price to eventually break above $10,000.

Now that we’ve highlighted new trending cryptos to be aware of, let’s discuss how to identify exciting coins for the future. Many of the most undervalued cryptos are regularly debated on social media channels, making it challenging to sift out the coins with high potential.

To make this process easier, detailed below are some of the best ways to find trending cryptocurrencies in 2024:

1. Twitter

Most (if not all) high-growth crypto projects will have a Twitter account since the platform makes connecting with the community quick and easy.

The great thing about crypto Twitter trends is that users can quickly identify promising coins by looking at the engagement of specific projects. If a project’s Twitter account has a large number of followers and receives an abundance of likes/retweets on its tweets, then it’s safe to say that the project has a lot of people watching its progress.

2. Reddit

Many investors also pay attention to how to invest according to Reddit, since this platform tends to be the ‘hub’ for crypto-related activity. Most trending cryptos will have a dedicated subreddit where people interested in the project can band together and discuss its prospects.

The best way to uncover trending cryptos on Reddit is to pay attention to subreddits that have grown rapidly. In addition, following the discussions on popular subreddits (e.g., r/Cryptocurrency) can often highlight projects that investors are excited about.

3. Discord

Discord is a social media platform that allows users to communicate via text, audio, or video messages. Users can create private communities called ‘servers,’ which can only be joined by being invited or using an invite link.

Many servers are dedicated to crypto-related discussions, which is ideal for investors seeking information on popular coins. One of the most widely used Discord servers is hosted by Jacob Crypto Bury, a popular YouTuber with a crypto background. Those interested in joining the server to learn more about trending cryptocurrencies can use the following link:

4. YouTube

Many of the best crypto YouTube channels will focus on trending cryptos since these are the ones that generate the most engagement and result in the highest number of views. However, finding a channel that presents objective and accurate information is essential, as many YouTubers do not possess the expertise they claim to have.

One YouTube channel worth checking out is Jacob Crypto Bury. Jacob uploads multiple videos every week discussing the top trending cryptos. In his videos, Jacob breaks down what makes them so popular and highlights the price points these cryptos could reach in the future.

5. Telegram

Telegram is a great way to uncover trending cryptocurrencies, although it’s essential to understand the prospects of crypto beforehand. A project’s Telegram group, as one of the best crypto signals, will be filled with people who are biased toward the project, meaning that the information can sometimes be subjective rather than objective.

6. Mainstream Media Outlets

Finally, crypto investors can also unearth exciting new projects by paying attention to popular media outlets. If crypto gets mentioned by a leading outlet, it means it has already generated enough momentum to be noticed by the major players in the industry.


In conclusion, investing in the top trending cryptos might be the way to go if you’re unsure what coin to buy. As we’ve already mentioned, trending cryptocurrencies often have more use cases, thus making them a better investment option. However, regardless of whether a crypto is trending or not, thorough research is advised.


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