If you want to expand your knowledge about cryptocurrency, there are a few ways to go about it. One option is to take a targeted approach by seeking out the best crypto YouTube channels offering high-quality educational content and informing you about the latest industry trends. 

Our curated list of the best crypto channels below will help you quickly access high-quality information and insights.

Best Crypto Channels on YouTube – Top 10 List

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury – best crypto Youtube channel for beginners
  2. 99Bitcoins – crypto Youtube channel with over 700k subscribers
  3. TodayTrader – crypto Youtube channel focusing on technical as well as psychological analysis
  4. Rekt Capital – crypto Youtube channel with a complete package for traders
  5. TechnicalRoundup – best crypto Youtubers for technical analysis
  6. Trader Mayne – best crypto prediction Youtube channel
  7. Crypto Face – most popular crypto Youtube channel for live leverage trading
  8. The Modern Investor – good for general investing and cryptocurrency news
  9. CryptosRUs – one of the biggest crypto Youtube channels for fundamental analysis (FA)
  10. Benjamin Cowen – voted in the top crypto Youtube channels on Reddit
  11. Crypto Louca – among the best Youtube channels to learn crypto trading
  12. George Crypto – another good crypto Youtube channel for trading price action (PA)
  13. Evan Aldo – explains how to use Market Cipher for trading (TA)

Top Youtube Crypto Channels – Example Videos

The crypto YouTube channels we’ll review in this guide are good for beginners; some are more advanced and useful for learning crypto trading, and others help you learn how to make money with cryptocurrency. Some are also on Telegram or have Discord groups.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury

If you’re a beginner to crypto investing, this channel is ideal when you’re just starting.

Jacob Bury likes to review small marketcap crypto projects, staking assets, NFTs, and make price predictions for altcoin gems the largest crypto Youtube channels don’t tend to cover.

He also has a free Discord group for his YouTube subscribers to network with each other and ask questions easier than in the YouTube comment section.

He pumps out content daily on what’s going on in the crypto markets and good beginner-friendly video tutorials like where to buy cryptocurrency safely.

Looking for the best crypto alert sites? He also has a section on his discord for leveraged trade setups, including take profit and stop loss points and courses on how to trade.

2. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins is one of the biggest YouTube channels within the cryptocurrency community, boasting over 708K subscribers and an impressive 39 million views since its inception in July 2015. With a library of 526 videos, the channel covers a diverse range of topics relevant to both beginners and seasoned investors in the crypto space.

The channel provides valuable insights into various aspects of cryptocurrency. The channel explains fundamental concepts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP) in plain language and offers investment strategies and market analysis.

Additionally, it covers the latest tokens gaining popularity and discusses their fundamentals to explore if these assets are good enough for presale or ICO seekers.

One notable aspect of 99Bitcoins is its commitment to delivering updated content and keeping viewers informed about the latest developments and trends in the cryptocurrency market. Whether it’s discussing recent price predictions, analyzing market movements, or exploring emerging opportunities, the channel strives to provide timely and relevant information to its audience.

3. TodayTrader


TodayTrader is a seasoned trader with a wealth of experience in the financial markets, evident from the diverse range of content on their YouTube channel. Spanning over several years, their videos offer valuable insights into various aspects of trading, catering to both novice and experienced traders alike.

One notable feature of TodayTrader’s channel is their commitment to providing educational content. They cover topics such as pre-market routines, successful trading tips, and the basics of technical analysis, empowering viewers with essential knowledge to navigate the complexities of the market.

Furthermore, TodayTrader emphasizes the importance of psychological factors in trading. They underscore the significance of maintaining the right mindset for making sound trading decisions, recognizing that successful trading goes beyond just technical skills.

In addition to educational content, TodayTrader provides market insights and analysis. Their discussions on specific stocks and market trends offer valuable perspectives that can aid traders in making informed decisions.

4. Rekt Capital

Rekt Capital is one of the most popular crypto YouTubers in the space. His channel has been around since 2018 and has consistently given high-quality crypto analysis for investors. Each video posted by Rekt Capital is backed by technical analysis. Rekt Capital has also racked up a massive following on other social media platforms like Twitter and has delivered some highly accurate and timely predictions and signals in the past.

Bitcoin enthusiasts should absolutely not miss out on this YouTuber since most of the channel’s videos are focused on predicting Bitcoin’s price actions. He also set up a website with four high-quality crypto courses to learn about trading.

5. TechnicalRoundup

The TechnicalRoundup channel features two crypto traders to follow, @CryptoCred and @DonAlt.

They have just under a million combined followers on Twitter, yet the crypto YouTube channel they post videos and live streams on only has 56k subscribers, showing how crypto Twitter and crypto YouTube cater to different audiences.

In our opinion, too much of the YouTube audience is distracted away from quality technical analysis by clickbait videos with attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails – the ‘BitBoy Crypto’ YouTube channel, ‘MMCrypto’ and ‘The Moon’ channel are three examples. Even Reddit threads alleging those crypto Youtubers have been involved in scams and shilling rug pulls.

Cred posts a one-hour ‘Monday Markets with Cred’ live stream each week, and DonAlt streams a one-hour ‘Wednesday Markets with DonAlt.’ Then, on casual Fridays, they both stream together. These traders have a good reputation and attract a more serious audience looking to learn crypto trading.

They answer questions from the audience and analyze price charts of any altcoins requested and the recent price action of big caps like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

6. Trader Mayne

Trader Mayne is a popular account on crypto Twitter with the username @Tradermayne. He provides short altcoin analysis and longer livestream updates on the crypto markets. Previously called ‘Ethereum and chill,’ his live streams are now titled ‘Markets with Mayne.’ Mayne offers practical advice on the mental aspect of crypto trading alongside technical analysis. He mainly uses price action trading and relies on only a few technical indicators.

Like another good crypto YouTube channel, TraderSZ, he likes to define the current price range an asset is trading in and look for longs or shorts at the extremes of the range based on whether the price reclaims or loses a certain support level.

His crypto predictions are based on the ‘if this, then that’ model, which some make fun of as ‘the price can go up or down’. However, as Mayne explains, it’s about having a plan and trading strategy for either direction, the price going in, and reacting to the market.

Like TechnicalRoundup, Mayne answers any and all questions in the chat to help viewers and subscribers improve their trading skills.

7. Crypto Face

Crypto Face is unique in that he trades with million-dollar positions on livestreams, using leverage while talking through his trading strategies.

So he’s one of the best Youtubers to follow for crypto if you want proof that someone is a pro trader and not just ‘LARPing’ by only showing their wins – sometimes he gets stopped.

Having watched his streams for some time, he mostly wins, however, sometimes realizing six figures in profits over the course of a one-hour video stream (some even up to four hours).

He developed the trading software Market Cipher and uses that in his videos.

The only disadvantage is since he’s trading in real time, he can’t always find the time to give commentary. There are periods where he’s not talking or has to take a bathroom break.

8. The Modern Investor

This is a good crypto YouTube channel for fundamental analysis (FA) – that means news updates on crypto projects and their roadmap/upgrades, and any news in the wider financial markets that might affect crypto prices.

The Modern Investor crams a lot of content into easily digestible videos so you can stay updated on what’s going on in the cryptocurrency space in daily 20 – 40 minute videos.

They can help you to stay motivated and have the conviction to hold onto positions as he has a very positive outlook on the future of crypto.

9. CryptosRUs

Another good channel for news and the background fundamentals of different altcoin projects, CryptosRUs also puts out daily videos.

His is one of the most viewed crypto Youtube channels, fitting a lot of analysis into his 30 – 40-minute videos alongside answering audience questions.

He covers what’s going on in the crypto industry with the quality of a professional journalist, for example, predicting what the Fed is going to do next, the future of the metaverse, how macroeconomic conditions like the Ukraine-Russia crisis might affect crypto, and what Michael Saylor and Microstrategy have been doing recently.

He also often covers how to earn interest on stable coins (reviewing Anchor Protocol, for example) and Bitcoin via BlockFi.

10. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is one of the most popular crypto YouTube channels we recommend (BitBoy, The Moon Carl and MMCrypto have more subs but worse content).

He tends to take a zoomed-out, HTF (high timeframe) view of the market and not focus on intraday noise and short-term volatility.

Like The Modern Investor, his videos are positivity as he’s long-term bullish on crypto, even during corrections.

He mainly covers Bitcoin, and his favorite indicator is the bull market support band, similar to the 21 weekly EMA, as it acts as strong support.

Reddit threads on the best crypto YouTube channels to watch usually mention Benjamin Cowen as one of the most popular.

11. Crypto Louca

Crypto Louca is a relatively unknown crypto trader, perhaps as he doesn’t feel the need to write attention-grabbing, heavily keyword-researched titles or use clickbait tactics. He also doesn’t appear on screen.

He keeps it straight to the point – concise, no-nonsense technical analysis with just crypto charts on screen and his voiceover commentary.

He’s a price action trader who mainly uses important support and resistance levels like the quarterly and monthly VWAP (volume-weighted average price), monthly and weekly open, weekly open, Monday low and high, and daily demand and supply areas.

He also likes using TMA bands for trading and various algo indicators he developed for his Pattern Traders private Discord group.

12. George Crypto

George Crypto – not to be confused with CryptosRUs, also named George – is another respected crypto Twitter member (@George1Trader).

He has 4 years of trading experience, primarily specializing in Bitcoin, and his videos are just straight-to-the-point technical analysis.

His educational videos feature live trades he takes as a full-time professional trader, and he explains the reasoning for his trading strategies in simple, easy-to-understand commentary.

He had a paid Discord and logs his trading performance on his website, including Excel spreadsheets showing all trades he took each month, averaging 2 – 20 R (risk/reward ratio).

13. Evan Aldo

Evan Aldo’s channel was shouted out by Crypto Face as a good crypto YouTube channel for trading, technical analysis, and use of Market Cipher.

Evan learned to trade initially in part by watching Crypto Face’s videos and now has his own channel and Discord to coach others, both for free on YouTube and as a paid crypto signals service.

He’s transparent about his current long and short positions, mostly margin trading on low leverage, both long-term swing trades and short-term scalp trades.

Unlike Crypto Face, all of his videos’ length includes commentary without music, so some may prefer that to Crypto Face’s content.

Avoiding Youtube Scams

There are many other great YouTube channels to learn about crypto trading, including TraderSZ, TraderXO, Chase Crypto, Credible Crypto, and SMFX Analytics. Tedtalksmacro, DataDash, Crypto Jebb, Eric Krown Crypto, and Doug Polk Crypto are other popular channels.

Beware of videos promising free cryptocurrency or airdrops in exchange for connecting your wallet. They are scams that use fake images of celebrities and bots to boost the viewer count. Don’t fall for pump-and-dump schemes or promises of doubling your crypto. Videos with fake thumbnails of celebrities claiming to be affiliated with them or their companies should also be avoided. Protect your capital.

Crypto scam youtube

Fake Elon Musk crypto scam on Youtube

On-screen are instructions for a promotion where you earn free ETH. Any Ethereum you send will be lost.

Comment sections are also full of clever scammers who will make an intelligent-sounding comment and then mention the name of a Telegram group handle or Twitter handle – without linking to it, as links in Youtube comments get automatically flagged as spam.

They’ll then reply to themselves several times to replicate a real organic conversation and upvote the comments – these are all bot actions.

The Telegram / Twitter @ handle, if you type it into Google to find it and follow it, will then attempt to scam you over DM (direct message) by claiming to trade or invest on your behalf, if you send them money.

Alternatively, you can check out our list of the top crypto Twitch streamers to follow this year.


This list of the best crypto YouTube channels has been reviewed to help you find the ones that meet your needs. You should choose based on what they offer, like valuable resources for investment advice, analysis of cryptocurrency trends, up-to-date information on the cryptocurrency market, and education on cryptocurrency concepts.

Our top pick for crypto YouTubers, Jacob Crypto Bury, is also on Tiktok – see our latest list of some of the top crypto Tiktok trends.