The best crypto signals help investors get daily trade movements and streamline the crypto trading process so they don’t miss opportunities. How do crypto signals work? Can they be trusted?

Read on as we review crypto signals and evaluate their accuracy, legitimacy, and performance.

Best Crypto Trading Signals List

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury — Overall Best Discord Crypto Signals Provider
  2. Dash 2 Trade — Crypto Intelligence Platform with Trading Signals and Tools
  3. WOLFX Signals — Easy-to-Follow Signals
  4. MyCryptoParadise — Exclusive Insider Circle of Professional Traders
  5. NFT Signals — New NFT Trading Signals Group
  6. Rekt Capital — Accurate Crypto Signals with Newsletters and Quality Courses
  7. 99Bitcoins — Gain access to Rewards, Training Courses, Trading Signals and Strategies
  8. Whale Station — Offers premium trading signals and Telegram live alerts
  9. AltSignals — Best Crypto Signals with Clear Trading Results
  10. 2Moon — Profitable Crypto Signals Provider Specializing in Binance Signals

Best Crypto Signals Groups — Reviewed

If you’re wondering how to buy cryptocurrency without spending excessive time in front of price charts, using crypto buy and sell signals is one approach that can significantly streamline the trading process.

Below are the best crypto signals groups, ensuring you can make a decision that suits your investment goals.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Bury runs the best crypto signals Discord for real-time buy and sell signals, trading advice, crypto news, trading battles, competitions, giveaways, and more.

Discord servers host multiple channels so members can filter the type of crypto signal information they want to see and set alerts – whether they want futures trading signals or just spot trading, if they prefer Bitcoin trading signals to altcoin signals, etc.

While having more functionality than Telegram, Discord is easy to use and mobile-compatible through its iOS and Android apps.

crypto trading signal Jacob Bury

Example crypto signal

Jacob, an experienced professional in the crypto trading industry, offers free crypto trading signals and exclusive paid group calls for VIPs. The community-oriented Discord group, consisting of several admins and moderators, allows thousands of members to participate in discussions, ask questions, and network with other traders of all levels.

Jacob does not have a Telegram group, so be wary of scams and impersonators.

One unique aspect of this crypto signals provider that stands out is his additional coverage of new token presales, early access launchpad projects, and white listings, several of which have delivered a high ROI for members that entered when the signal was given:

Jacob has recently picked out Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF), Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), and Wall Street Memes ($WSM) as high-potential tokens to watch.

You can follow one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to stay updated on developments in the crypto world.

Project Covered ROI
Battle Infinity 750%
OSEAN DAO 24,000%
Sponge 500%
Meta Masters Guild 500%
Silks NFT 800%
Tamadoge 1,927%
Wall Street Memes ~40%
Bitcoin Minetrix 250%


2. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto signal and intelligence platform that has attracted huge investment since it launched.

D2T token is now available on multiple exchanges, raising over $15 million during its presale. Developed by the team behind Learn2Trade, the protocol acts as a hub to help traders and investors make informed decisions, improve their strategies, and maximize profits.

Features include trading signals, social sentiment and on-chain analysis, a strategy builder, social trading tools, and a risk profiler. The dashboard offers presale launch notifications, a scoring system, and alerts for identifying the best new projects.

dash 2 trade presale dashboard token profile view

The bespoke presale scoring system – the Dash Score – will rank new projects out of 100, judging them on various criteria, including utility, tokenomics, roadmap, and the team’s credentials.

Dash 2 Trade will feature three subscription tiers – Free, Starter, and Premium – with different data points and even trading competitions.

  • Free – This tier provides traders with tier-one pricing information on the market data terminal without requiring D2T tokens.
  • Starter – The starter tier will have a monthly subscription of 400 D2T tokens. It offers advanced data and basic insights into notable presale launches. The tier also offers access to automated trading crypto tools, and strategy-building and back-testing platforms. There is also a members-only Discord to discuss insights and exchange ideas.
  • Premium –The premium tier offers access to all features, including quarterly trading competitions, with 5% of fees allocated to the prize pool. It costs 1,000 D2T tokens monthly or 20% less annually. Premium members get on-chain data, whale wallet alerts, and market indicators. Social metrics come as real-time data feeds.

D2T tokens are now listed on various popular crypto exchanges.

Read through the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper for full information on the project.

3. WOLFX Signals 

If you are looking for an easy-to-understand and trustworthy channel, the best option is WOLFX Signals.

WOLFX Signals is one of the top crypto providers with a free group of 117,000 members at the time of writing, where they share around two crypto signals weekly. Users who opt for the VIP group will receive 2-4 signals daily containing entry points, stop loss, and take profit levels. Another good point I found is the guidance and education they have to follow their signals step by step.

wolfxsignals website

Besides the signals, their VIP group supports auto trading for clients who don’t have enough time to trade, offering trade ideas on more than 50 different cryptocurrencies, from Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, etc, which can be followed. If you want the VIP cryptocurrency trading signals, you can subscribe for $89 per month.

This group has grown rapidly in just two years, thanks to their impressive results, valuable free content, and exceptional customer support.

 4. MyCryptoParadise provides the most professional crypto signals, and that is why it is only for people who take trading extremely seriously. MCP was founded in 2016 by four former hedge fund traders, who shifted entirely into day crypto trading instead.

You will get from them a full real-time view of their current trading portfolio, what they invest in, how diversified they are, etc. Plus, of course, their trade setups with exact info on where they buy or sell, their take profit, and their invalidation levels.

mycryptoparadise website

Every trade setup you will get from them has a strict Risk/Reward with the best probabilities possible. They don’t force trades; they are very disciplined with their trading system. This means their stop losses are always as tight as the market and current price action allow, and they take profit as wide as possible. This guarantees them that they will stay profitable long-term.

When you join their ParadiseFamilyVIP membership, you will be assigned a personal trading expert to guide you on following each trade and reveal their trading secrets during an introductory call.

In the ParadiseFamilyVIP, you will also be getting their insights about the current situation on the market and much more!

 5. NFT Signals 

Through extensive research and testing, we’ve found that NFT Signals is the provider that offers the best NFT trading signals for traders. As the name implies, this service focuses solely on the NFT market, offering automated alerts for those looking to generate long-term profits by flipping non-fungible tokens.

NFT Signals is probably the best crypto signals Telegram group, offering 3-5 trade opportunities daily in the VIP group and a minimum of 5 signals a week. Additionally, it includes bonus tips about upcoming mints and even has a dedicated Discord server available for user support.

NFT Signals website

Access to NFT Signals’ VIP Telegram group starts at just $56 monthly, and it’s probably the best paid crypto signals app.

However, there are significant discounts for longer-term subscriptions, with the quarterly plan priced at $83 and the annual plan priced at $277. These plans also contain information on how to get whitelisted for upcoming projects and access to exclusive Q&As.

Finally, those looking to invest in the best NFTs can join the NFT Signals group, which has over 3,000 members.

6. Rekt Capital

One of the best places to get crypto signals and information about the crypto industry right now is Rekt Capital. Although it is not exactly one of the Telegram crypto signals, Rekt Capital may be the only thing a novice trader would need to get started. It is a platform that helps users find, learn, and use strategies to improve their trading game and potentially make massive profits.

Rekt Capital provides trading signals via newsletters delivered directly to your inbox. The website caters to traders of all levels and has various resources available.

Those who prefer video updates about market events and important news can request a weekly subscription and receive quality and insightful videos about Bitcoin and Altcoin investing.

Rekt Capital

However, the hero products of Rekt Capital, placing it among the best crypto courses, include four crypto courses: an Altcoin Investing Course, a Bitcoin Investing Course, a Risk Management Course, and a Technical Analysis course.

7. Whale Station 

Whale Station is a crypto signal provider tailored for experienced traders. This platform offers numerous services. 

For example, its users will get access to premium trading signals curated by Whale Station’s crypto analysts. They can also take advantage of its airdrop signals. Namely, Whale Station will conduct an in-depth analysis of critical data, such as wallet creation.

whale station signals homepage

They’ll also do a background check on the airdrop creators to ensure their projects are legitimate. Likewise, its users can use the AML service feature to check suspicious crypto wallets.

What sets Whale Station apart is its real-time Telegram alerts on market movements. One of the perks of Whale Station is its free Telegram group

Whale Station offers three pricing plans – Premium, Premium Whale, and Lifetime. Each plan offers 2-6 signals per day, Telegram live alerts, and airdrop signals. Moreover, traders will gain access to spot and futures premium channels, and they’ll get 10 to 25 anti-money laundering/wallet checks per month.

Premium Whale members will get access to priority customer support, NFT signals, and they’ll be the first ones to access new features.

8. AltSignals 

Another option if you’re interested in auto trading the crypto market is AltSignals. AltSignals is a colossal crypto signals provider that has operated since 2017, boasting over 50,000 members at the time of writing. The platform notes a retention rate of over 75%, with over 3700 trade signals sent since AltSignals was launched.

AltSignals’ crypto signals group offers cryptocurrency trade ideas, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and more, through its ‘Binance Futures’ service for £99 monthly. The website also has a ‘Results’ section that shows the monthly trading performance of each service.

alstsignals website

When researching the best-paid crypto signals, it’s crucial to look for reviews – and AltSignals ensures credibility in this regard. The platform has over 280 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.6/5. Finally, the platform even has a variety of free trading guides for crypto and forex, designed to streamline the investment process for new traders.

9. 2Moon

2Moon launched its service in 2017 after seeing the high demand for crypto signals. Since then, it has sent more than 2,000 signals. The core analyst team consists of three traders analyzing high-probability trades. 2Moon also has strong connections with influential crypto people who inform them of their crypto trade plans.

2Moon is transparent and shares all its knowledge with subscribers. We focus on altcoins for high returns. We offer four packages with different durations. The six-month and unlimited packages have two additional features.

The cheapest is the on-month, $297. It provides short-term, mid-term, and long-term signals. No pump and dump signals exist, but it offers Bitmex and Binance trading signals. Support is available 24/7. 2Moon’s signals are perfectly suitable for the Binance exchange. The unlimited package includes portfolio analysis and strategy advice. Investors pay $997 (special offer).

What Are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals are trading ideas sent to you by a signals provider. These signals contain all the information needed to place a trade and the suggested areas to exit the trade. Ultimately, this removes the need for prior research and analysis, greatly simplifying the trading process.

In terms of structure, crypto signals tend to contain the following information:

  • Asset name
  • Direction of trade
  • Entry level
  • Stop-loss level
  • Take-profit level

The best crypto signals app is Telegram, which has groups that are the ideal medium for receiving trade ideas, as messages are delivered instantly. There is also the scope to create a sort of ‘trading community’ within the group.

Some providers will offer additional content, such as videos, weekly webinars, or daily technical analyses of major cryptocurrencies. If you prefer to watch video content to understand more about trading and following signals, see our list of the best crypto YouTube channels.

Reddit crypto subs are also a good source of information on the fundamental analysis (FA) side, which helps predict long-term price action.

Also, see our article on some more news-focused crypto Telegram groups.

How Do Crypto Trading Signals Work?

If you’re interested in using the best WhatsApp trading signals to buy XRP, Solana, Binance Coin, and other popular altcoins, it’s crucial to understand how they work. As noted above, signal providers will message group members with five pieces of information – the asset to be traded, the direction of the trade, the entry point, the profit level, and the stop-loss level.

Act fast on crypto trade signals, as opportunities can be brief. Sign up with a reputable exchange or broker to trade immediately.

After you’ve placed the trade according to the data points noted in the signal, there’s nothing left to do. The parameters for exiting the position will have already been set via the stop loss and take profit levels, so traders are not required to monitor the trade. As noted in our crypto signals reviews earlier, providers such as and Learn2Trade offer VIP plans that provide multiple signals each day – so you can optimize the trade execution process over time, which is ideal for day trading crypto.

Ever wondered where you should store your crypto assets once you’ve purchased them? This is where the best crypto wallets come in.

How to Pick the Best Crypto Signals for You

Choosing a crypto quality signals provider can be challenging, especially since numerous providers make false claims or present unverifiable results. Thus, it’s crucial to understand which factors to look for when choosing a signal service that lives up to its claims.

Factors to consider when choosing a reliable trading signals provider:

1. Success Rate

One of the most important factors is the provider’s success rate. Providers that make their historical results publicly available tend to be much more trustworthy and offer legitimate services.

Often, providers display monthly summaries on their website detailing the win rate and accumulated pips from the provided signals. However, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, and some claims are unverified, so be aware of this.

2. Fees

Fees are also worth considering, as most signal providers offer a paid plan requiring a monthly subscription. Notably, many providers (such as offer quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly subscriptions – each being offered at a significant discount to the monthly offer. Finally, some of the top providers on our list offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a safeguard for customers unhappy with the experience. 

3. User Reviews

The best crypto signals tend to come from providers with numerous positive reviews. Importantly, these reviews must come from verified sources such as Trustpilot; otherwise, there is no way of knowing whether the reviews are legitimate. Certain providers will also showcase reviews from traders who have had a successful experience with the signals group.

4. Number of Members

Crypto signals groups with many active members are usually the most reputable and provide the best results. This makes sense because if the group were unsuccessful or a scam, then there wouldn’t be many members that would stick around. An example of a reputable group would be, which boasts over 10,000 members at present. 

5. Frequency of Signals

Finally, the frequency of signals is crucial to consider. This is ultimately a balancing act, as too many signals could imply that the provider is using a scattergun approach and just hoping that a few of the trade ideas work out. On the other hand, too few signals will mean that traders will not receive many trade opportunities, making it difficult to produce substantial profits.

Free Crypto Signals vs Paid Crypto Signals

As you may have noted while reading our reviews, many signal providers will offer free and paid services. Ultimately, this provides traders greater flexibility, but which is best? Let’s explore this question in detail below:

The critical difference between a free and paid service is the signal frequency. Ultimately, the more signals provided, the greater the opportunity to generate profits, assuming the signal provider is high quality.


This guide has explored the best crypto signals groups and provided guidelines on getting started with a reliable group today. With the help of signals offered by these best free crypto signals (as well as paid ones), crypto traders can significantly enhance their trading experience and achieve better results quickly.


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