What is the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency? Despite being criticized for their environmental impact, many cryptocurrencies are sustainable.

However, if you want to invest in environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies, read our guide for the top options available.

What Is the Most Sustainable Cryptocurrency?

Here’s our green cryptocurrency list for 2024:

  1. Pepe Unchained — Top eco-friendly crypto with massive staking rewards
  2. WienerAI — Upgradable AI meme coin with high staking rewards
  3. PlayDoge — Promising meme coin with in-game rewards utility
  4. Shiba Shootout — Eco-friendly ERC-20 and BEP-20 token that offers a large APY
  5. Base Dawgz — A multi-chain token that runs on a carbon-neutral blockchain
  6. Mega DiceThe latest Solana GameFi token offering exclusive rewards and incentives within the casino ecosystem
  7. 99Bitcoins — Your gateway to crypto knowledge, $99BTC rewards, and community engagement
  8. Sponge V2 — Elevating from its predecessor, Sponge, with a 2024 play-to-earn game
  9. Ethereum — The most energy-efficient cryptocurrency and the first dApp ecosystem
  10. Hedera Hashgraph — UCL research’s most environmentally-friendly crypto
  11. Algorand — Partnered with ClimateTrade, an eco-friendly blockchain

A Closer Look at the Most Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency List

We examine the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency in light of the climate crisis, which has led some investors to question whether crypto is environmentally harmful.

Keep reading as we discuss the greenest cryptocurrency in 2024.

1. Pepe Unchained — Top Eco-Friendly Crypto With Massive Staking Rewards

most eco friendly crypto -pepe unchained

If you are looking for eco-friendly cryptocurrencies, make sure you consider Pepe Unchained ($PEPU). It is a new version of the original Pepe but with improved features. It is built on the Layer-2 blockchain on top of the Ethereum network. 

Layer-1 solutions often face speed issues. However, Layer 2 offers impeccable speed, low fees, and robust security. Its volume capacity is 100 times faster than ETH’s. It also provides instant bridging between the Pepe chain and ETH. 

The total supply of $PEPU is 8 billion. A significant portion of that, 30%, is allocated to staking, and Pepe Unchained offers massive staking rewards. Moreover, the project provides a well-balanced financial plan, with 20% allocated to the presale and another 20% to marketing, while project finance, chain inventory, and liquidity each get 10%. 

The current $PEPU price is $0.0083591 but will increase with every presale stage. Buying the tokens is a very simple process, so investors can start buying now and take advantage of the lowest price ever. Price predictions point to the price increasing by 220% by the end of 2024. 

2. WienerAI — A Sustainable Meme Coin That Aims to Become a Top Dog Within the Dog-Based Meme Coin Community

most eco friendly crypto-wienerai

WienerAI is a green project that combines two popular crypto trends — meme coins and AI. This quirky meme coin has a unique design that can be described as a mix of a dog and a sausage. This token is similar to ScottyAI, an AI-powered meme coin that managed to surpass its $7.5 million hard cap before its due date.

$WAI is an ERC-20 token built on hype and FOMO, which means it could profit from the success of its dog-based peer, ScottyAI. In fact, this project managed to raise over $7,3 M. Its goal is to establish dominance within the world of dog-based meme coins through a sustainable approach.

Namely, WienerAI uses PoS consensus to reduce its harmful impact on the environment, which makes it a good option for meme coin enthusiasts who are into AI-powered projects. Early investors will also be able to earn staking rewards, whose annual returns currently amount to 154%.

The $WAI token has a capped supply of 69 billion, of which 30% will be allocated towards the presale, which will be divided into several stages. At the time of writing, investors can buy $WAI tokens for $0.00073.

3. PlayDoge – Promising Meme Coin With In-Game Rewards Utility

most eco friendly crypto-playdoge

PlayDoge is an eco-friendly crypto that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that it uses the PoS consensus mechanism, which consumes significantly less energy than the PoW consensus. Moreover, the BSC network is much faster and cheaper than the ETH network.

This project also started its presale with great success. On that note, PlayDoge raised $600K in less than three days by combining 90s nostalgia with blockchain technology.

With that in mind, PlayDoge is a mobile-based game inspired by Tamagotchi. This 8-bit game combines Doge memes and the P2E concept. This means that players will be able to earn $PLAY tokens by feeding and training their Doge pets and playing mini-games. Early buyers will also get to stake their tokens for annual rewards, which currently amount to 531%.

The $PLAY token has a limited supply of 9.4 billion, of which 4.7 billion will be available for purchase during the presale. At the time of writing, its price amounts to $0.00517.

This sustainable coin could experience great success once it gets listed on crypto exchanges, like Binance. Namely, dog-based memes are expected to enter the bullish sentiment this summer.

4. Shiba Shootout —  Wild West-inspired meme coin that runs on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain

most eco friendly crypto- shiba shootout

If you’re looking for a coin that is environmentally friendly, look no further than Shiba Shootout. This token runs on two eco-friendly blockchains: Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. Both use the PoS consensus mechanism, which consumes less electric energy. Due to this and its extended utility, the Shiba Shootout could outperform its main rival, Shiba Inu.

That said, $SHIBASHOOT is a Wild West-based token with multiple utility functions. Its main features include Posse Rewards, a referral program, and Campfire Stories sessions, through which investors can earn $SHIBASHOOT tokens by sharing their stories. Token holders will also be able to play its upcoming P2E mobile game and participate in its Lucky Lasso lotteries. 

SHIBASHOOT is a governance token, meaning that its holders will be able to vote on changes within its ecosystem. In addition, early buyers will be able to stake their tokens for an APY that goes up to 1676%. Its present price is $0.0195, while its total token supply is capped at 2.2 billion.

5. Base Dawgz — Doge Meme That Runs on Five Proof-Of-Stake Blockchains

most eco friendly crypto- base dawgz

As its name suggests, Base Dawgz is a dog-based meme coin that’s built on the Base blockchain and is on our eco friendly cryptocurrency list. The Base network uses a PoS consensus mechanism, like Ethereum, which is 99% more energy efficient than PoW. However, Base processes transactions faster than Ethereum – 24 transactions per second vs. 15 transactions per second.

This is also a carbon-neutral blockchain with a multi-chain architecture. This means that the $DAWGZ token is compatible with four other networks: Solana, Binance, Ethereum, and Avalanche. Early investors will also be able to stake their tokens for annual rewards.

Base Dawgz could benefit from the recent hype created around meme coins that run on the Base network. These coins offer faster and cheaper transactions. Moreover, Base’s developer is Coinbase, which gives these tokens massive growth potential.

The $DAWGZ token has a total supply of 8,453,000,000, of which 20% will be reserved for presale. Its starting price is $0.00479; however, its value will increase by 5% in each subsequent phase.

6. Mega Dice – Sustainable Crypto and Latest Solana GameFi Token Offering Exclusive Rewards

most eco friendly crypto - mega dice

Next on our eco friendly cryptocurrency list is Mega Dice token— a Telegram-based casino that recently launched its native token called $DICE. What makes $DICE a lucrative green investment? Its multi-utility nature and gameFi features. 

Namely, this Solana-based coin can be used for trading, playing casino games, and earning rewards. $DICE holders will earn daily rewards based on casino performance. Those who buy $DICE tokens during the presale will receive bonus $DICE tokens, while selected holders will get limited edition NFTs.

This project is currently in its presale phase, which will take place in several stages. Due to its community-focused approach, Mega Dice managed to raise over $320K in a single day. Its developers will also try to increase the stability and scalability of their token through a buy-back system and regular burns.

The $DICE token has a total supply of 420 million, of which 147 million will be allocated towards the presale. At the time of writing, the price of 1 $DICE token stands at $0.09093. However, once it gets listed on DEXs, its value could reach a potential high of $0.17.

7. 99Bitcoins — Your Gateway to Crypto Knowledge, $99BTC Rewards, and Community Engagement

most eco friendly crypto - 99btc logo

99Bitcoins is one of the most environmentally friendly crypto platforms that focuses on blockchain education. That said, this platform uses a learn-to-earn model to reward its users for participating in 99Bitcoin’s quizzes and crypto courses. Although its name includes Bitcoin, this project doesn’t use a PoW consensus mechanism. Its native token, $99BTC, runs on Ethereum, which uses PoS consensus. 

Moreover, its developers plan to bridge from the ERC-20 to the BRC-20 standard to support eco-conscious blockchain solutions. This switch will also enable developers to build dApps on the Bitcoin network.

In addition to that, 99Bitcoins offers one of the best crypto airdrops for early investors. Namely, those who buy $99BTC tokens during the presale will be able to join its $99K BTC airdrop. At the same time, those who stake their tokens will earn massive annual returns, which, at the time of writing, amount to 2239%.

99Bitcoins has raised over $2,3 M so far. Its maximum supply is 99 billion, of which 10.50% will be allocated to the presale. The current price of the $99BTC token is $0.00113.

8. Sponge V2 — Elevating From Its Predecessor, Sponge, With a 2024 Play-to-Earn Game

most eco friendly crypto - sponge-v2

If you’re looking for the most green cryptocurrency that could experience a surge in price once it goes live, look no further than Sponge V2. Sponge V2 is the upgraded version of Sponge V1, a token that experienced a 100x jump in price upon its launch.

With that in mind, Sponge V2 will try to repeat the success of its predecessor through the stake-to-bridge model. This means that the $SPONGE V2 token can only be obtained by staking V1 tokens. After all V1 tokens are staked, they’ll be replaced by their V2 counterparts. 

Early investors will be able to stake their tokens on two blockchains that use the PoS consensus – Ethereum and Polygon. At the time of writing, the annual reward rate stands at 49% on Ethereum and 343% on Polygon.

In addition to earning passive rewards, token holders will be able to play Sponge Racer, a soon-to-be-released P2E game, and access dApps and DeFI platforms.

$SPONGE V2 has a total supply of 150 billion tokens, and so far nearly 10 billion tokens have been staked. Its current price stands at $0.000085.

9. Ethereum (ETH) — Most Energy-Efficient Cryptocurrency and First dApp Ecosystem

most eco friendly crypto - ethereum

Those who invest in cryptocurrency regularly will need no introduction to Ethereum, as it looks to transition to a low crypto energy consumption approach.

Ethereum recently switched from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism — which is very energy intensive — to proof-of-stake (PoS), which saw dramatically reduced energy usage, categorizing it as one of the green cryptocurrencies.

This switch, dubbed ‘the Merge,’ successfully happened in September 2022, and, according to Ethereum.org, the network’s energy usage dropped by an incredible 99.95%.

It ensures Ethereum is an environmentally energy-efficient cryptocurrency since it will no longer rely on ‘mining’ to validate transactions. This removes the need for power-hungry mining equipment, drastically reducing Ethereum’s contribution to CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, this transition to an energy-efficient crypto will enable validators to verify transactions using everyday devices like laptops and PCs. Due to this, Ethereum is one of the best blockchains for dApp developers, and it is predicted to see huge gains in the coming years.

10. Hedera ($HBAR) — UCL Research’s Most Environmentally-Friendly Crypto

most eco friendly crypto - HBAR

According to the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Hedera is an energy-efficient cryptocurrency among proof of stake coins with a 0.020 Watt Hour per transaction (Wh/tx).

Unlike other cryptos, even eco-friendly crypto coins, Hedera isn’t built on top of a conventional blockchain — it uses a distributed ledger technology (DLT) called a Hashgraph. That novel technology improves upon blockchain-based cryptos in areas like scalability, speed, efficiency, and transaction costs.

In a blog post, the company stated:

‘Hedera has adopted environmental sustainability as a core value and is officially committed to carbon-negative network operations by purchasing carbon offsets quarterly, with amounts determined by the third-party assessment provider Terrapass.’

To go carbon negative, Hedera frequently purchases green-e climate-certified credits measured in metric tons, which offset all of their network operations.

Investing in HBAR, the most eco-friendly crypto, is a good buy-the-dip opportunity. Its native token, HBAR, is currently 82% off its all-time high.

11. Algorand ($ALGO) — Partnered With ClimateTrade, Eco-Friendly Blockchain

most eco friendly crypto - ALGO

In 2021, Algorand partnered with ClimateTrade to assist companies to become carbon neutral or negative through emissions offsetting services using blockchain technology — so far, they’ve helped over 500 companies offset over three million metric tons of carbon.

Algorand is the most sustainable cryptocurrency that uses a sustainability oracle to notarize its carbon footprint on-chain for each epoch (a specific period on the blockchain). Then, to keep its protocol carbon-negative, the Algorand Foundation pledged to lock an equal amount of carbon credit as an ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) into a green treasury.

Following that partnership, Algorand announced it was fully carbon neutral. The Algorand Foundation is a non-profit committed to clean energy, addressing climate change, and being the greenest blockchain.  Moreover, Algorand is a ‘pure proof-of-stake’ chain that removes the adverse effects of crypto mining energy consumption.

Silvio Micali responded to Elon Musk’s concerns over Bitcoin’s environmental impact by tweeting that Algorand was designed to be environmentally friendly. Musk decided in 2021 to suspend the use of Bitcoin to purchase Tesla vehicles due to the ‘increasing use of fossil fuels’ for Bitcoin mining, including coal, which has ‘the worst emissions of any fuel. ‘

Environmentally-conscious investors who typically invest in Bitcoin may wish to consider Algorand since the network can handle 6,000 TPS, whereas Bitcoin can only facilitate five. Algorand also has immediate transaction finality, making it a sustainable crypto and the most efficient blockchain.

How to Know Which Crypto Is Eco-Friendly

Most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies are green, consume less energy, and offer financial incentives. They appeal to a wider audience, use innovative technology, and combat crypto stigma. To determine eco-friendly cryptocurrencies, consider:

  • the electricity consumption of each blockchain node per year (Cardano performs well);
  • the total annual electricity usage across all nodes (Polkadot leads);
  • Watt-hour per transaction (Hedera Hashgraph and Solana have the lowest);
  • PoS blockchain (IMPT, IBAT, TAMA, and XTZ); and
  • industry partnerships (such as C+Charge’s partnership with Flowcarbon).

Many green crypto coins, such as Cardano and Near Protocol, are fighting climate change and deforestation. Others donate to charities like the Red Cross.

What Is Energy Consumption in Blockchain?

Crypto mining is facing an issue of high energy consumption. Bitcoin consumes an estimated 127 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually, and CCAF has estimated that Ethereum consumes 6.56 GWh of electricity annually. However, when it comes to low-energy crypto, blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tezos, and Solana, which use PoS consensus protocols, have been found to consume the least energy per year.


In conclusion, these best eco-friendly cryptocurrency projects are worth considering, as the blockchain world is gradually shifting towards eco-friendly alternatives, acknowledging the importance of sustainability.

However, eco-friendly cryptos generate only a little hype and buzz from retail investors, and it can take years for the market to reflect their utility and use cases.


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