Making money on the crypto market without having to spend hours a day at the computer is a dream for many investors. Metaverse Profit is a crypto trading profit that says it enables you to do just that. The platform trades 5 cryptocurrencies on your behalf using artificial intelligence and claims to win more than 95% of its trades.

So, is Metaverse Profit as good as it sounds? In our Metaverse Profit review, we’ll help you decide if this crypto robot is legit.

Metaverse Profit Summary

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about the Metaverse Profit app:

💠 Supported cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC
💥 Win Rate 95%
🏺 Type Bitcoin Robot
💵 Minimum Deposit $250
📱 Mobile App No
🕘 Withdrawal Time Less than 24 Hours

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Metaverse Profit?

Metaverse Profit is a Bitcoin robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to trade cryptocurrencies automatically on your behalf. The platform doesn’t require manual oversight to trade. Rather, Metaverse Profit claims that you can sit back while its software identifies potential trading opportunities and acts on them to turn on a profit.

metaverse profit review

Metaverse Profit doesn’t charge any fees to use the platform and there are no commissions on your winning trades. This crypto app currently trades 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Metaverse Profit claims that it wins approximately 95% of the trades that it makes, although we could not verify this claim as part of our Metaverse Profit review.

Metaverse Profit Pros & Cons

Here’s a breakdown of Metaverse Profit’s good and bad features:


  • Uses AI to trade automatically on your behalf
  • No fees or commissions
  • Claims a 95% win rate
  • Trades 5 popular cryptocurrencies
  • Demo trading mode available


  • Doesn’t offer a mobile app
  • Requires a $250 deposit to get started

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Metaverse Profit Work?

Metaverse Profit helps you make money with crypto using a proprietary AI algorithm. This algorithm is trained on cryptocurrency market data so that it is able to recognize price movements that can be traded for a profit.

When the Metaverse Profit robot identifies a price movement or crypto signal, it uses money in your trading account to open a position. The algorithm then monitors the trade as it unfolds and closes your position when a profit target or stop loss is reached. At the end of the trade, Metaverse Profit automatically closes your position and returns the funds – including any profit from the trade – to your account.

Metaverse Profit’s algorithm can open multiple trades simultaneously and doesn’t require any breaks between trades. The platform can trade in markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, creating more opportunities to find profitable price movements. The platform is also capable of operating 24/7, so it can take advantage of trading activity as markets open in Europe and Asia.

Metaverse Profit Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at the key features we identified during our Metaverse Profit review.

Simple Registration

Registering for Metaverse Profit is fast and easy, making it simple for beginner crypto traders to get started with this platform. You can sign up with just your name, email, and phone number, and Metaverse Profit will create a trading account for you. You’ll also need to make a deposit of at least $250 in order to start trading with Metaverse Profit.

Claimed 95% Success Rate

One of the most impressive things about Metaverse Profit is that it claims that its algorithm wins 95% of the trades that it makes. This is a very high win rate even compared to other crypto trading robots and is much higher than most experienced traders achieve through manual trading. Note that we could not confirm the platform’s claimed win rate as part of our Metaverse Profit test.

Commission-free Trading

Metaverse Profit doesn’t charge any fees for using its platform. You won’t pay a commission when the algorithm opens a trade on your behalf and Metaverse Profit doesn’t lay any claims to your profits.

Demo Trading

Metaverse Profit offers a demo trading mode so you can try out the platform before risking money on live trades. Demo trading mode also offers a chance to calibrate the algorithm’s parameters.

You can modify conditions like the maximum position size Metaverse Profit is able to open or how aggressive the algorithm should be in pursuing trades. Demo mode allows you to optimize the algorithm and see what your potential profits could be.

Fast Withdrawals

Metaverse Profit makes it easy to withdraw your profits from the platform so you can reinvest them or stash them away as savings. Withdrawal requests are typically processed in less than 24 hours and there are no withdrawal fees.

Metaverse Profit Fees

Our Metaverse Profit review found that this platform does not charge any fees to buy crypto and sell it on your behalf. You won’t pay anything to open an account and there are no commissions on trades placed through Metaverse Profit. In addition, Metaverse Profit doesn’t take a cut of profits that its algorithm earns for you.

Account Fee None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees None
Trade Commissions None

Is Metaverse Profit a Scam?

We set out to answer a key question with our Metaverse Profit review: Is Metaverse Profit a scam?

We can’t provide a definitive answer to that question, but we found several signs that suggest Metaverse Profit is legit.

metaverse profit review

Metaverse Profit doesn’t charge fees to use its platform and it offers a demo trading mode. Together, these features mean that you can try out Metaverse Profit with very little risk and then evaluate the algorithm’s performance without risking money on real trades. You can also modify the algorithm’s parameters and see if the claimed 95% win rate is accurate for you.

We also found that Metaverse Profit reviews from past users are generally positive. The platform doesn’t display results from current traders, but existing Metaverse Profit users have commented on the platform’s success and ease of use.

Metaverse Profit Minimum Deposit

Keep in mind that Metaverse Profit requires a deposit of $250 when you open a new trading account. This money is needed to open a crypto trading account for you and it is the seed money that Metaverse Profit uses to begin growing your account.

You can withdraw your deposit at any time if you’re not satisfied with Metaverse Profit. The platform doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees and withdrawal requests are typically processed in 24 hours.

Metaverse Profit Customer Support

Metaverse Profit claims to provide users with a dedicated support representative who can show you how to use the platform and answer any questions. However, you must register an account with Metaverse Profit in order to contact the support team. Contact details are not available to unregistered visitors.

How to Use Metaverse Profit

Ready to start using Metaverse Profit to trade cryptocurrencies? Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Sign Up for Metaverse Profit

Head to Metaverse Profit’s website and find the registration box at the top of the homepage. Enter your name, email, and phone number, then click Register Now to sign up.

metaverse profit- review

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Metaverse Profit requires a minimum deposit of $250 to open a new trading account. You can make a deposit by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or WebMoney.

Step 3: Practice Trading

It’s a good idea to start out in demo mode so you can learn how Metaverse Profit works and optimize the algorithm’s trading parameters for current market conditions. Don’t be afraid to modify the default parameters and see how it impacts your profitability in demo mode.

Step 4: Activate Live Trading

Once you feel comfortable with Metaverse Profit, you can activate live trading using a toggle in your account dashboard. When live trading is activated, Metaverse Profit will begin trading cryptocurrencies automatically on your behalf.

The Verdict

Our Metaverse Profit review set out to answer the question, Is Metaverse Profit legit? We found that this crypto trading robot is capable of trading 5 popular cryptocurrencies on your behalf using a sophisticated AI algorithm. Metaverse Profit claims a 95% win rate, although we were not able to confirm this during our review. It’s also important to note that crypto trading comes with risks.

Metaverse Profit is completely free to use and doesn’t charge commissions on your profits. The platform has good reviews from existing users and offers a demo mode so you can safely try out the algorithm for yourself. You can get started with Metaverse Profit today with just a $250 deposit.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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