To encourage adoption, blockchain projects use airdrops and similar types of promotions as a way to offer free crypto tokens and distribute them to their communities of holders.

In this guide, we review the best crypto airdrops for 2023 as well as explaining how crypto airdrops work exactly and how to take part in them using a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

Top Crypto Airdrops List

Based on their size and recency below is a list of the top crypto airdrops to watch right now in 2023.

  1. Wall Street Memes – Meme token leveraging a strong community and a unique entry point for the $WSM token while offering a crypto airdrop of $50k.
  2. AiDoge – AI-Based Meme Token Offering a 50 Billion AI Token Airdrop
  3. Love Hate Inu – Popular Crypto Airdrop with $10,000 Grand Prize
  4. DeeLance – Emerging Crypto Offering an Airdrop Style Crypto Giveaway of $100k
  5. Tamadoge – Popular Crypto Airdrop That Sold Out $19m Presale
  6. Lucky Block – Crypto & NFT Competitions Year Round
  7. Pulsechain – Brand New Blockchain-Based EcoSystem Set to Airdrop
  8. Basic Attention Token – Clain Up To 40 Free BAT Tokens and 70% of Advertising Revenue
  9. DeFiChain – DeFi Project Airdropping Crypto Worth $30
  10. DAO Labs – dApp and Development House Airdropping Up To 60 BUSD for Completing Tasks
  11. Tidex – Total Airdrop of 20 Million TDX to be Distributed
  12. Binance – Leading Exchange to Earn Free Crypto and Win NFT Mystery Boxes
  13. RAW DAO – Connect Your Wallet to Claim Free $RAW Tokens
  14. StormGain – Best Crypto Airdrop Giveaway Pegged to US Dollar

We’ve included a huge variety of free crypto airdrops in this list and we talk about all of them in more detail next so that you will have a better idea on how to earn free cryptocurrency right now.

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Airdrops

Because of its extensive applicability across blockchain projects, the crypto airdrop space has been a buzzword lately.

For instance, in the 2021 bull run, major DeFi projects held record-breaking coin airdrops that often went on to explode in value. One of the most famous being the ENS airdrop (Ethereum Name Service) for early adopters.

In the sections below, you will find the best crypto airdrops to consider right now:

1. Wall Street Memes – Community-Backed Meme Token With a $50K Airdrop

Identifying rewarding crypto airdrops amidst emerging projects can be challenging. The launch of Wall Street Memes’ native crypto, $WSM, has captured investors’ attention since its launch.

This token is the brainchild of the innovators behind the highly sought-after Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which was sold within minutes of its launching. The Wall St Bulls’ robust community, with a great following of over one million across diverse social media platforms, has helped $WSM raise over $4.1 million USDT in just a few days.

The creators have planned an airdrop event to mark the $WSM  launch, rewarding $50k to their dedicated followers across their digital platforms.

Wall Street Memes Presale

As the presale that began on May 26, 2023, progresses, the $WSM token, currently priced at $0.0274 USDT, will continue surging. While presales involve a certain level of risk, they present a potentially rewarding Return: Risk ratio for early investors.

Noteworthy figures like Elon Musk have engaged with the Wall Street Memes’ Twitter feed, suggesting that $WSM may continue attracting investor traction. 

The $WSM token, capped at a total supply of 2 billion, is distributed with its community at heart. Half the tokens are earmarked for the presale, 30% for community rewards, and the rest for exchange liquidity.

$WSM Token Presale

As the meme coin phenomenon sweeps globally, $WSM is a promising contender. The ongoing presale presents an appealing entry point for investors. Wall Street Memes has consistently demonstrated its ability to stay on the pulse of shifting market trends, aspiring to replicate the passion that drove the GameStop and AMC bull rallies of 2021.

Consider joining the Wall Street Memes Telegram group to keep tabs on all the latest about $WSM.

Presale Started 26 May  2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB Credit Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $30,577,000
Min Investment 100 Tokens
Max Investment None

2. AiDoge – AI-Based Meme Token Offering a 50 Billion AI Token Airdrop

AiDoge is a utility token with meme-generating mechanics. This cryptocurrency project takes cues from the likes of ChatGPT to create a system that allows one to generate relatable and engagement-worthy memes by only entering a couple of text prompts.

AiDoge best altcoin

And since the project is novel, the team is doing everything it can to bolster consumer interest in its presale. One of those measures is an Airdrop through which presale supporters can gain a share of the massive 50 billion AI token airdrop by participating. Participation is referral-based. Users only need to buy AI tokens and join the AiDoge community. Buying the tokens will give users a unique referral code that they can then share with others.

AiDoge Crypto AirDrop of This Year

Depending upon how much funds those referral links were able to raise, these AiDoge “affiliates” will get an appropriate amount of AI tokens delivered to their crypto wallets.

Meme generation has always been considered an easy task by those who don’t partake in it. But those in the know know that social media platforms only respond to memes that are engagement worthy. Creating those memes is difficult, and creating multiple ones is more so. AiDoge is a project aiming to tackle this issue by providing an AI-based tool that allows users to use text prompts to generate memes.

These memes aren’t only for social media posting purposes. Users can post their memes on the AiDoge community’s public wall and earn AI tokens based on how many likes/votes their memes are able to gain.

AI tokens can be used for staking and earning APY and other rewards and to buy credits to generate memes. Users will also be able to put these tokens to use for voting on AiDoge’s DAO, which focuses on the platform’s development and picking the most popular memes.

Thanks to the announcement of the recent airdrop and the unique way to leverage AI mechanics, AiDoge has been running a successful presale. The presale has raised close to $500k so far, and the first stage is about to close. Those who wish to maximize their ROI are recommended to invest in it during the present (first) stage since now is when the token is available at its lowest entry price.

Hard Cap $14,900,000
Total Tokens 1 trillion
Tokens available in presale 500 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase N/A
Purchase with ETH, BNB, USDT, Card

Love Hate InuSecond in our list of the best crypto airdrops to consider checking out is the one offered by Love Hate Inu. For those unaware, Love Hate Inu is a brand-new meme coin project that looks to leverage the immense success of these coins while also offering various use cases that add value over the long term.

Love Hate Inu’s pioneering “Vote-to-Earn” (V2E) mechanism is the most prominent of these use cases. Through this mechanism, users can earn LHINU tokens for voting on hot-button topics related to current events and controversial figures. The polls offered on the Love Hate Inu platform are designed to promote healthy discussion and help foster constructive debates.

Love Hate Inu voting

As per the project’s whitepaper, there’s no cap on the number of polls a user can enter – which also means there’s no cap on earnings potential. What’s more, the poll library will even contain user-submitted polls alongside the developer-submitted ones, ensuring there’s always something for users to vote on.

It’s this V2E mechanism that has helped Love Hate Inu top our list of the best crypto airdrops. The development team is currently running a “poll demo” to showcase the platform’s setup. Excitingly, those who enter this demo and cast a vote will be entered into a draw where one lucky winner will receive $10,000.

Love Hate Inu crypto airdrop

Entering the poll is easy – users must vote whether they “Love” or “Hate” Andrew Tate and provide a valid email address. Once the email address has been verified, entry will be secured, and all that’s left to do is wait until the winner is announced, making this one of the best upcoming airdrops to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, those interested can buy Love Hate Inu tokens through the project’s presale. Tokens are currently priced at $0.000115 – significantly lower than the launch price of $0.000145. However, since the presale has a “tiered” structure, the lowest entry prices are reserved for those that invest as early as possible.

Hard Cap $10,068,750
Total Tokens 100 billion
Tokens available in presale 90 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase N/A
Purchase with ETH, BNB, USDT

4. DeeLance – Emerging Crypto Offering an Airdrop Style Crypto Giveaway of $100k

deelance logoThe DeeLance presale has just commenced, attracting significant interest from users. As part of an Airdrop-style crypto giveaway, DeeLance offers $100k worth of $DLANCE tokens to four fortunate participants.

Priced at a mere $0.025 USDT per token at the time of writing, DeeLance presents an affordable crypto investment opportunity in the freelance and recruitment sector. 

DeeLance Presale

The platform seeks to transform how freelancers and businesses interact within a decentralized environment, granting users complete autonomy over their projects and the choice to receive payment in digital currencies.

DeeLance equips freelancers with various resources, such as an NFT marketplace, a metaverse, and a means to discover new talent.

The platform boasts low transaction fees of only 2% for businesses and 10% for self-employed professionals. The DeeLance whitepaper states that there are no withdrawal fees, no delays due to exchange rates, and no restrictions on project sizes.

What makes DeeLance worth considering?

DeeLance is an online community dedicated to simplifying job searches and recruitment processes for its users. This streamlined approach saves time and energy for job seekers. When conflicts arise, DeeLance employs an automated system to resolve them and restore a positive experience.

One of DeeLance’s many advantages is a secure escrow account that retains payments until both parties are content with the completed work.

Cryptocurrency transactions are carried out swiftly and cost-effectively. DeeLance ensures protection against payment scams and copyright violations by transforming freelance projects into NFTs while preserving the intellectual property rights of hiring entities.

Why DeeLance?

DeeLance’s global reach and decentralized nature enable users to access leading job opportunities. The platform’s native token, $DLANCE, can purchase NFTs, lease virtual offices, and more.

Furthermore, DeeLance is working on a metaverse featuring a lobby, workspaces, and conference rooms for virtual meetings.

For the latest updates, users can subscribe to the DeeLance Telegram channel.

Hard Cap $6,800,000
Total Tokens 1,000,000,000
Tokens available in presale 300,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, Card

Tamadoge very recently gave away a whopping $100,000 to one holder of $100+ of their token, TAMA. This came as a great surprise to anyone, since such claims to airdrops etc usually end up being weightless claims.

Tamadoge Giveaway

Once holding $100+ of TAMA competition entrants then just need to complete nine tasks which are mostly following this new crypto project on social media. Tamadoge also recently launched 3 of its games, which have gained massive traction since the announcements. The project has been seeing developments at a very quick pace, which indicates that TAMA may infact be gearing up for some more major announcements from the team. While it may not necessarily be another giveaway, the likelihood of such opportunities arising again is quite high.

This is one of the largest crypto airdrops we’ve reviewed to date. Future airdrops, if any will be announced on their Telegram. SO make sure to follow that to stay updated (admins will not DM you first).

What is Tamadoge?

Don’t mistake Tamadoge (TAMA) as another coin part of the doge ecosystem developed as a joke. It’s unlike Dogecoin, as it has various utility and enables players to earn while they play. Whereas Dogecoin is an inflationary coin, Tamadoge is deflationary. Dogecoin’s supply has increased from 100 billion to 132 billion. The developers of Tamadoge burn 5% of all TAMA spent, so the original supply of 2 billion is constantly diminishing.

Players use in-game assets to feed their digital pets and even provide toys for them. This crypto game ranks players on its leaderboard according to their pet’s development and rewards players who take care of them. Players can also mint and breed pets to compete for top leaderboard positions and earn TAMA rewards. The pool prize consists of 65% of TAMA tokens spent.

The good news is that TAMA has sold out its presale and raised $19 million. That means its diminishing supply potentially means that demand could exponentially increase in the near future, especially during the listing on OKX scheduled for 12 pm BST on 27 September 2022, which is expected to be huge. Investors can stay up to date with TAMA listings by subscribing to the Telegram channel. The channel’s admins never message subscribers first, so watch out for imposters.

The game’s developers have established different phases of Tamadoge’s development and listings on centralized exchanges is soon to follow. OKX will list Tamadoge after the presale, and Tamadoge app will also be available to make the gaming experience even more real.

6. Lucky Block – Crypto & NFT Competitions Year Round

lucky block logoLucky Block is a decentralized crypto and NFT competitions platform on the BSC chain. The entire process is controlled by smart contracts, which eliminates the need for any human intervention. This ensures that all gamers have a safe, secure, and fair experience.

Lucky Block is one of the best crypto airdrops that run all year round. The platform regularly announces new crypto airdrops and you can register with the platform to keep abreast with the latest and upcoming promotions.

Lucky Block best crypto airdrops

Sometimes, you can earn free crypto tokens for joining the Telegram Group, following them on Twitter, or joining the mailing list – which takes next to no effort at all. Moreover, the project has created 10,000 unique Platinum Rollers Club NFTs.

When you purchase a Lucky Block NFT, they double up as an entry ticket. As such, buying NFTs allows you to be automatically included in the daily NFT prize draws held by the platform.

Lucky Block crypto airdrop

Moreover, when all 10,000 NFTs have been sold, an extra special giveaway prize draw will be held. Someone stands to win a Lamborghini that is worth around $340k.

Tickets for the main giveaway crypto draw are $5 each. This cryptocurrency game donates 10% of its daily jackpot to charity. 10% of the proceeds also go to LBLOCK holders who participate in the daily charity voting procedure. 8% is allocated to marketing and the last 2% is added to the NFT prize pool.

Learn more at the official website where new competitions are frequently announced, including for NFT holders.

7. Pulsechain – Brand New Blockchain-Based EcoSystem Set to Airdrop

PulseChain is a fork of the Ethereum network and is a cheaper, quicker, and more ecologically friendly cryptocurrency project than its parent blockchain. After the upcoming hard fork, all ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network will be duplicated and transferred to PulseChain.

This could one of the greatest airdrops in terms of value in the digital asset scene. The upcoming crypto airdrop is open to anybody with one of many ERC20 tokens or NFTs in a suitable wallet address.

PulseChain crypto airdrops

PLS tokens will be given to everybody who has ETH in their wallet in a 1:1 ratio. The PLS received needs to be relocated to a new wallet within 30 days. Failure to do this would lead to the crypto that was airdropped being burned.

Of course, this is a brand new cryptocurrency and at the time of writing no one knows its value, so there are risks. That said, any airdrops you receive can be traded or transferred to the Pulsechain exchange, where you also can earn free crypto by yield farming.

8. Basic Attention Token – Clain Up To 40 Free BAT Tokens and 70% of Advertising Revenue

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based system that uses the Brave web browser and is built on Ethereum. The project’s goal is to measure media users’ time and attention on websites. Basic Attention Token shares advertising money effectively between creators, publishers, and users of online marketing material and adverts.

The project distributes 70% of its advertising income to holders of Basic Attention Token. To get involved, download the Brave browser. Next, enable ‘Brave Advertising’ within the browser. This will allow you to get notifications about advertisements to earn free BAT while browsing the web.

This is one of the best free crypto airdrops. All you have to do is interact with the aforementioned alerts, look at the advertisements in question, and you’ll receive 70% of the funds from Basic Attention Token. Brave receives the remaining 30%. Holders receive all accrued tokens at the end of the monthly Brave Rewards cycle.

Basic Attention Token crypto airdrop

Random crypto giveaways of 25-40 BAT can also be claimed. On a first-come, first-served basis, users can claim token awards once every 30 days. You may do so by installing the web browser and turning on ‘Brave Rewards’, which will make you eligible to earn free crypto.

When one becomes available, a notification appears on the Rewards icon. You’ll be able to use BAT to pay for premium content and redeem it for real-world incentives like hotel stays, restaurant vouchers, and gift cards in the near future.

9. DeFiChain – DeFi Project Airdropping Crypto Worth $30

DeFiChain is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to make services more efficient, intelligent, and transparent. Its purpose is to provide the Bitcoin ecosystem with complete DeFi capabilities.

In late 2020, DeFiChain distributed DFI tokens to Bitcoin holders at a rate of 500 DFI for every 1 BTC held. If you opt to stake DeFiCHain tokens on Cake, the platform will pay you 34.5% APY. For those unaware, Cake is a fintech platform that allows you to take charge of your finances.

DeFiChain crypto airdrop

The platform allows crypto investors to stake, lend and earn a yield. Furthermore, in an upcoming crypto airdrop, DeFiChain and Cake DeFi are offering $30 worth of DFI tokens to new users as well as an 11% bonus on the first deposit.

To obtain the incentives, create an account at Cake DeFi, complete your verification, and deposit $50 worth of any currency. Moreover, if you recommend the platform to a friend, you’ll receive $10 in DFI for each referral.

10. DAO Labs – dApp and Development House Airdropping Up To 60 BUSD for Completing Tasks

DAO Labs is a dApp research and development project with a worldwide network of major collaborators, clients, and blockchains. The platform focuses on assisting businesses in the creation of next-generation governance infrastructure.

This could be described as a tokenized consulting firm. More importantly, the platform is about to carry out one of the best crypto airdrops, where you can earn digital currency for performing simple tasks. To further explain, for performing basic social chores, DAO Labs is airdropping up to 60 BUSD.

DAO Labs crypto airdrop

In order to receive up to 60 BUSD, you need to head over to the DAO Labs platform and complete a free crypto airdrop form to say you wish to participate. Next, you will be required to join the Telegram group and channel, as well as follow them on Medium and Twitter.

The final step is to submit the details to the airdrop form so that you can earn free crypto. You can also complete the additional tasks to be eligible for a portion of a 25,000 BUSD prize pool. This includes creating an account at DAO Labs.

You will be required to do things like completing surveys, joining Telegram, and performing various tasks on Twitter – all the while earning points. The more points you earn, the more BUSD you will be awarded from the main prize pool.

11. Tidex – Total Airdrop of 20 Million TDX to be Distributed

Tidex is a crypto exchange headquartered in London. The platform lists over 100 tradable crypto pairs, and 70 individual tokens. The platform’s token is called TDX. Tidex has one of the best crypto airdrops as you can claim up to 200 TDX.

Users who perform basic activities for Tidex will get a cut of the prize pool, which totals 20 million TDX. To take part in the airdrop you need to create an account at Tidex, complete the KYC process, and then make a crypto deposit valued at $20.

Tidex crypto airdrop

Just by signing up and making a deposit, you will be given free crypto airdrops in the form of 200 TDX tokens. Plus, you’ll also receive 70 TDX for each recommendation you make, as well as an additional 30 if your referral gets another friend to sign up and do the same.

You can withdraw the crypto airdrop after completion. With regards to the aforementioned 20 million TDX giveaway prize draw, 2 million tokens will be distributed to holders at the end of May 2022. The remaining 18 million TDX will be shared out over the 18 months that follow, starting November 2022.

12. Binance – Leading Exchange to Earn Free Crypto and Win NFT Mystery Boxes

binance logoBinance is one of the most popular crypto-to-crypto exchanges in the world, supporting over 100 currencies for deposit and withdrawal. Their goal is to become the blockchain ecosystem’s infrastructure services provider.

There are plenty of opportunities to access the best crypto airdrops at Binance as it hosts a number of trading tournaments and giveaways for its users. Create a Binance account to start, then you can access multiple upcoming airdrops.

Moreover, the first 10,000 people who apply for the Binance Card and complete the KYC process will be deemed eligible for 5 BUSD. Five of these participants will be chosen to receive a full Bitcoin. To qualify, you must complete a transaction on the card with a minimum of $10.

Binance’s other promotions include a share of 90,000 BUSD, 200 NFT mystery boxes, and a prize pool worth $4,000. If you create a Binance account, follow them, and also the Alpine F1 team on Twitter, you can win ALPINE tokens and NFTs.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

13. RAW DAO – Connect Your Wallet to Claim Free $RAW Tokens

RAW DAO is a platform for educating, networking, and converting physical assets into digital ones. RAW DAO’s governance token is $RAW. In one of its latest free airdrops, JUNO holders, as well as JunoSwap, and Osmosis liquidity providers will get a total of 200 million $RAW.

The upcoming crypto airdrops are intended to reward Juno and Cosmos ecosystem supporters and it’s not too late to become a part of it. Those who have staked and supplied liquidity on multiple Cosmos protocols for the longest time will be rewarded more tokens.

RAW DAO crypto airdrop

There will be three categories for the airdrop, and the total giveaway is 200 million RAW tokens. Specifically, 20 million $RAW will be distributed amongst Osmosis liquidity providers. Then 80 million $RAW will be airdropped for JUNO Stakers. A further 100 million $RAW will be airdropped for JunoSwap liquidity providers.

To claim the best crypto airdrops by RAW DAO you need to go to the claim page on the platform itself and connect your digital wallet. As we touched on, anyone providing liquidity to Osmosis or JunoSwap and those holding tokens will be able to claim free $RAW.

14. StormGain – Best Crypto Airdrop Giveaway Pegged to US Dollar

StormGain is a universal cryptocurrency trading platform where people can buy, sell, and exchange digital assets on either the desktop or cell phone app. The StormGain platform is used by over a million newbies and seasoned traders around the world.

This is the best crypto airdrop for people looking for free digital tokens pegged to USD. So, how does it work? New users that sign up for a StormGain account will receive a 25 USDT airdrop. The platform is easy to use and you will need to complete the KYC process to verify your account.

StromGain crypto airdrop

After this, you can claim the bonus. You will see an empty field for the promo code, at which point you can enter ‘BONUS25’. Importantly, you will need to deposit 100 USDT or more into the StormGain trading account to qualify.

You may also mine cryptocurrency and get your tokens in as little as four hours. Finally, refer a friend to mine at StormGain and you’ll get 15% of the funds they withdraw from mined digital currencies. In exchange for registering, the referred friend will also earn free crypto which at the time of writing is 3 USDT.

What are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops are essentially giveaways and promotions offered in digital form. Crypto airdrops are sent to the digital wallets of people on mass.

To further clear the mist:

  • Users who connect with new and current cryptocurrency platforms on a regular basis are likely to receive an airdrop at some point
  • As part of a larger marketing campaign, blockchain-based developers and organizations distribute free tokens to members of their communities on mass
  • The fundamental concept with newer projects is to offer tokens in the hopes that you, and others, become more interested in the related project

How you can qualify to receive airdrops will depend on the crypto project in question.

How do Free Crypto Airdrops Work?

As we mentioned, airdrops are free releases of tokens or NFTs to cryptos users. They’re a great way to get people’s attention and involve them in a project.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at how free crypto airdrops work:

  • Airdrops might allow you to earn free Bitcoin, albeit, they are usually up-and-coming projects.
  • This can provide you with a way to make money with cryptocurrency because in most cases, you can sell your free tokens.
  • Some projects offer free crypto airdrops to people who partake in various tasks such as retweeting, joining specific Telegram groups, and answering questionnaires
  • Others give airdrops to those adding to the liquidity of a network, or people who refer a friend to the platform.

Before you can access free crypto airdrops, be aware that you need to have a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

This is because no matter which projects in this list you think are offering the best crypto airdrops, you will need to connect your wallet to the platform in question to receive them.

How to Get Crypto Airdrops

For this step-by-step walkthrough, we are going to show you how to buy $WSM and explain how to participate in its $50k token airdrop.

Step 1: Set up a Crypto Wallet 

Often to take part in a crypto promotion of this type, it’s a requirement to hold a small amount of the project’s token, in this case, $WSM.

To store your WSM tokens, a crypto wallet is required. MetaMask is popular for desktop users while Trust Wallet excels as a mobile wallet.

Set up MetaMask

Step 2: Buy WSM Tokens

Head to the official website of Wall Street Memes (beware of fake domains) and connect a crypto wallet. Choose how many tokens to buy, and confirm the purchase. $WSM can be purchased with either USDT, BNB, ETH, or using cards.

Step 3: Enter the Giveaway

Once the tokens are bought, copy the referral link on social media platforms and other places to share. A portion of that $50k WSM token airdrop will be distributed to five lucky winners.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at many of the best crypto airdrop style promotions currently available.

One of the most recent airdrop type promos and therefore the one furthest from its expiry date is that of Wall Street Memes. This new crypto presale is running a WSM token airdrop where those who sign up for the airdrop stand a chance to get a slice of $50k worth of WSM tokens.

FAQs on the Best Crypto Airdrops

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