If you’re looking for the next cryptocurrency to explode, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll list and review several crypto projects that show large growth potential.

We’ll also talk about the factors that could make these tokens explode in 2024.

Which Crypto Will Explode in 2024?

  1. PlayDoge — Care for virtual Doge pets and earn $PLAY tokens in PlayDoge’s 2D 8-bit world
  2. WienerAI — New meme coin with groundbreaking AI technology
  3. Sealana — New Solana-based meme coin, has raised over $120k within hours
  4. Base Dawgz — Multi-chain meme that raised over $222k just days after launching its presale
  5. Mega Dice New crypto to explode offering daily rewards based on casino performance with $DICE
  6. 99Bitcoins — Explosive Learn-to-Earn crypto project with $99BTC rewards
  7. Sponge V2 Next altcoin to explode follow-up to 100x meme coin that reached a $100m market cap.
  8. eTukTuk Next crypto coin to boom thanks to its engaging P2E mobile game through which investors will be able to earn additional $TUK tokens
  9. Pepe Unchained — Crypto Set to Explode with Double Staking Rewards on Layer 2 Blockchain
  10. KAI — A cat-themed meme coin clawing its way to the top with great community rewards
  11. Shiba Shootout — Dog-based meme coin that could explode once it gets listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  12. SpacePay — Compliant, cost-efficient crypto solutions, available in presale
  13. FightNight — Expected ROI of over 10-20x, with a Web3 game in plans shortly
  14. Lingo — GamiFied rewards system, leveraging real-world assets
  15. BitNance — Store of value token whose yield could exceed 1,000% if it reaches its full potential
  16. Kounotori — An ERC-20 token with a significant market potential and optimistic price predictions that could explode 

A Closer Look at the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode — Next 100x Cryptos

If you want to make money with cryptocurrency, investing in the next crypto coin to boom could be a wise move. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at each of these crypto projects.

1. PlayDoge — Care for Virtual Doge Pets and Earn $PLAY Tokens in PlayDoge’s 2D 8-bit World

next crypto to explode - playdoge

  • Current Price: $0,005
  • Launch Date: N/A

One crypto with the potential to explode is PlayDoge. PlayDoge is a mobile-only play2earn game in the style of a 90s Tamagotchi. The twist here is that this is not a regular virtual pet, but you get to take care of the legendary Doge meme. You feed, train, and play with your 2D PlayDoge while at the same time earning $PLAY tokens. However, neglecting your pet will result in resetting the game, as your Doge can leave or even die.

This token is currently on presale, and although it was launched a day prior, it has already raised over $270k. Judging by this, this can certainly be one of the next 100x crypto coins.

Unlike many new coins launching these days, the token has actual utility, both in the app and in the greater crypto market. Once you purchase the coin, you’ll be able to stake it and receive high rewards. However, staking is only available on the Binance Smart Chain.

With that said, if you want to purchase this coin, you can use the widget on their website. All you’ll need is a DeFi wallet and either BNB, ETH, or USDT. By buying it early, you’ll be able to purchase it at a low price. Please note that there are presale stages, and as those progress, the price will also increase.

2. WienerAI — New Meme Coin With Groundbreaking AI Technology

next crypto to explode - wienerai

  • Current Price: $0.000707
  • Launch Date: TBA

WienerAI is a new player in the cryptocurrency market, combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology as a cybernetic AI wiener dog. This meme coin can potentially explode in value and surpass its competitors, such as Scotty the AI, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Bonk. 

$WAI could be the next big crypto coin that will revolutionize the AI crypto industry as it will be the main driver of the WienerAI trading bot. This project also managed to raise over $1.7M during its presale, which shows the strong interest of the crypto community. Moreover, this token is upgradable, which gives it extended utility. It’s also built on Ethereum, using the chain’s broad reach and strong security.

The token has a total supply of 69 billion dollars, of which 30% is reserved for presale, per WienerAI’s whitepaper. If you’re looking for low-cost meme coins with high ambition, $WAI should be your number one pick. At the time of writing, you can buy $WAI tokens for $0.000707. However, once this token gets listed on crypto exchanges, its value could reach $0.03.

3. Sealana – New Solana-Based Meme Coin, Has Raised Over $120k Within Hours

next crypto to explode - sealana

  • Current Price: 1 SOL = 6,900 $SEAL
  • Launch Date: N/A

Solana-based meme coins are the new craze on the crypto market. After SLERF and SLOTH, which raised over $10 and $15M, respectively, during their single-tiered presales, Sealana is another Solana-based meme coin that could explode this year. This coin has a South Park-themed design featuring a chubby seal eating chips and tinned tuna.

This fun design helped this project raise over $739K in less than two weeks, even though its developers didn’t provide information about its roadmap and total token supply. What attracted the crypto community to this project was its single-tiered presale. This means that the price of the $SEAL token will be fixed during the presale. I.e., investors will be able to buy 6,900 $SEAL tokens for 1 SOL.

The $SEAL token could be considered a strong candidate for the “next crypto to blow up” due to its successful fundraising, innovative approach, and the created FOMO effect among investors. This means that the price of the $SEAL token could explode once it goes live. Anyone who buys $SEAL tokens during the presale can get them via airdrop once the presale ends. 

For more information about this project, visit Sealana’s Telegram channel or follow this project on X (Twitter).

4. Base Dawgz — A Meme Coin That Could Capitalize on the Recent Success of Projects That Run on the Base Chain

next crypto to explode - base dawgz

  • Current Price: $0.00479
  • Launch Date: N/A

Base Dawgz has the potential to experience the next crypto pump this year for several reasons. First of all, this token runs on the Base chain, which has recently become very popular in the crypto world. In fact, many meme coins that run on the Base chain have experienced great success in the last month. For example, Brett’s value jumped by over 150%, while the price of Toshi and Keyboard Cat jumped by 114% and 90%, respectively.

Secondly, this token uses the Portal Bridge and Wormhole technology, which enables it to run on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX in addition to the Base chain. Base Dawgz could also capitalize on the success of Dogeverse, a multi-chain meme that raised over $15 million during its presale. On that note, Base Dawgz raised over $223K in just a few days.

Finally, the $DAWGZ token pays homage to the most popular meme coins, like Shiba Inu and Pepe, which could further increase its popularity among the crypto community. Its current price is $0.00479. However, during each subsequent presale round, its value will increase by 5%.

5. Mega Dice — New Crypto to Explode Offering Daily Rewards Based on Casino Performance

next crypto to explode - mega dice

  • Current Price: $0.069
  • Launch Date: TBA

Even though its presale has just started, Mega Dice has already raised over $960K while selling more than 13 million tokens. By purchasing $DICE tokens at the price of $0.069 each, you get not only a gaming currency but also exclusive access to certain features, staking rewards, and more.

I.e., this gameFi token serves as an in-game currency, a tradable asset, and a way to earn daily rewards based on casino performance.

The $DICE token could be the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2024 since it has a low total supply that is capped at 420 million. Its developers also plan to burn part of the $DICE tokens to increase their scarcity, stability, and value. 

Moreover, as much as 35% of its total supply will go towards the presale, while 15% will go towards airdrops, LP, and casino $DICE pool. This is why many crypto analysts believe that this gameFi token could trade between $0.06 and $0.17 once it gets listed on DEXs.

Mega Dice is accessible through Telegram, but you can follow the latest developments via Twitter as well.

6. 99Bitcoins — Explosive Learn-to-Earn Crypto Project With $99BTC Rewards

next crypto to explode - 99bitcoins

  • Current Price: $0.00104
  • Launch Date: Q3 2024

99Bitcoins is set to be the next big cryptocurrency with its unique Learn-to-Earn approach. This project lets users earn $99BTC tokens by completing quizzes, learning modules, and more. With access to advanced trading courses, webinars, and VIP groups, $99BTC holders can expand their crypto skills while enjoying high staking rewards of over 1373%.

Its multichain feature via Ethereum and BSC offers flexibility for staking. As pioneers in the Learn-to-Earn concept, 99Bitcoins is shaping the future of rewards, giving enthusiasts a chance to grow in the crypto space. 

With an attractive $99,999 bitcoin giveaway for early birds, 99Bitcoins welcomes everyone to join the Learn-to-Earn movement and seize its opportunities. Investors can delve into BRC-20 tokens, understand Bitcoin halving, and receive expert trading signals.  

This project is currently in the presale phase, during which it managed to raise over $1.2M. The $99BTC token has a total supply of 99 billion, of which 10.50% will go towards the presale. Early investors can buy $99BTC tokens at a discounted price, which is currently $0.00104.

However, once this token gets listed on CEXs, its potential high could reach $0.004.

7. Sponge V2 — Stake-to-Bridge Update to Legendary Meme Coin That Launched 100X in 2023

next crypto to explode - sponge v2

  • Current Price: $0.001494
  • Launch Date: May 30th

Sponge V2 is a newly released version of the Sponge V1 meme coin, one of the most profitable meme coins for traders. The original $SPONGE surged 100x from a $1 million market at launch to a more than $100 million valuation at its peak.

The team behind Sponge is looking to the future with its V2 token that promises to be bigger, better, and more absorbent. $SPONGEV2 is the gateway to a new play-to-earn game based on the Spongebob Squarepants character.

It’s also intended to help rocket $SPONGE onto major exchanges like Binance and OKX. For a limited time, investors who buy $SPONGEV2 through the project’s site will earn staked V1 tokens that yield V2 token rewards for the next four years. Plus, they’ll get an immediate one-time purchase bonus of V2 tokens as an incentive to join the V2 project.

Existing V1 token holders can bridge to V2 by permanently staking their tokens. Along with new V2 investors, they’ll earn V2 rewards for the next four years. The staking and rewards mechanism is explained in detail in the Sponge V2 whitepaper and on Discord.

The current price of this meme coin stands at $0.001494. 

8. eTukTuk — A crypto project that could explode due to the recent popularity of P2E games and sustainable cryptos

next cryptos to explode - etuktuk

  • Current Price: $0.0325
  • Launch Date: July 2024

eTukTuk is currently the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. Its mission is to revolutionize transportation by promoting climate well-being through EVs.  

To spread awareness about the negative impact of Tuk Tuks on the environment, its developers have created a P2E mobile game. This 3D game, inspired by Crazy Taxi, will simulate the working day of eTuk Tuk drivers. This means that players will have a certain period of time during which they’ll have to drive passengers to different locations in Sri Lanka. The faster they complete their tasks, the more $TUK tokens they’ll earn.

This token could explode once it gets listed on DEXs and CEXs for two reasons. First, it managed to raise over $3.4M during its presale, which shows strong investor interest. Secondly, this project could profit from the popularity of P2E games, that are becoming very popular among crypto investors. Namely, according to ChainPlay, the market cap of P2E NFT blockchain games is over $13 billion. 

Early investors will be able to buy $TUK tokens for a discounted price of $0.0325 (at the time of writing).

9.  Pepe Unchained — Crypto Set to Explode with Double Staking Rewards on Layer 2 Blockchain

next cryptocurrency to explode pepe unchained

  • Current Price: $0.008
  • Launch Date:  Sep 01, 2024

Pepe Unchained may be the next crypto that will explode this year due to its layer 2 technology. Namely, this meme coin aims to expand the PEPE universe by utilizing layer 2 technology that will enable faster and cheaper transactions. Moreover, this technology will enable higher staking rewards, which will attract early investors. On that note, $PEPU holders can earn massive staking rewards whose APY is currently 124146%.

That said, Pepe Unchained aims to enhance PEPE, whose value jumped by 7,000% less than three weeks after its launch, according to CoinGecko. Due to its upgraded features and growth potential, Pepe Unchained could exceed its success once it gets listed on notable crypto exchanges.

Its total token supply is capped at 8 billion, of which 1.6 billion will be available for purchase during the presale, while 2.4 billion will be distributed towards staking. The $PEPU token currently trades at $0.008, which makes it ideal for long-term investors.

10. KAI — A Cat-Themed Meme Coin Clawing Its Way to the Top, With Great Community Rewards

next crypto to explode - kai

  • Current Price: $0.004101
  • Launch Date: August 2024

Which coin will pump tomorrow? The one that has radical goals, like $KAI. On that note, Kai Cat is a cat-based meme coin that aims to dethrone dog-based meme coins like SHIB and DOGE.

This is also one of the best AI crypto projects that prioritizes its community. Its holders will participate in multiple community-driven challenges and events. Moreover, as much as 25% of its total token supply will be allocated to community rewards.

Kai Cat is currently in its presale phase, which will be divided into several stages. During the presale, early buyers will be able to buy 20% of the token supply. This project has raised over $228k in a few days, which shows that investors believe in its potential. 

Another thing that makes this project lucrative is its staking system. Namely, staking rewards will be distributed over 1 year at a rate of 570.77 $KAI tokens per ETH block, while their current annual reward rate is 9166%.

The $KAI token currently trades at $0.004101. However, once it gets listed on crypto exchanges, its price could reach a potential high of $0.025.


11. Shiba Shootout — New Meme Coin With an Ambitious Roadmap That Shows Great Growth Potential

next crypto to explode - shiba shootout

  • Current Price: $0.0189
  • Launch Date: N/A

Shiba Shootout is the newest Ethereum-based meme coin that could explode after it gets listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. This project managed to raise $4,000 in just 1 day, mostly thanks to its creative design and staking rewards system.  

Its roadmap consists of 3 ambitious phases. The first phase includes CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap listings and attracting 1000+ holders. The second phase will be focused on achieving community partnerships, generating 5,000-10,000+ holders, and getting listed on CEXs. And finally, the last phase will be dedicated to the launch of the $SHOOTOUT merch, academy, and tools, as well as T1 exchange listings and blockchain takeover.

This dog-based meme coin also offers a massive APY to early investors, which currently stands at 3777%, while its price, at the time of writing amounts to $0.0189 per token.

This coin has multiple utilities. I.e., it can be used for playing games, earning bonuses, voting on key project decisions, staking, and participating in Lucky Lasso Lotteries. Due to its multi-utility nature, the $SHIBASHOOT token could trade at $0.065 by the end of 2024.

12. SpacePay — Compliant, Cost-Efficient Crypto Solutions, Available in Presale

next crypto to explode - spacepay

  • Current Price: $0.00147
  • Launch Date: N/A

The $SPY token could explode in 2024 for several reasons. First, $SPY is the native token of SpacePay. SpacePay is a fintech startup that created software that could become a decentralized alternative to debit and credit cards. This software is also integrated into card machines. This means that its customers will be able to use 325+ crypto wallets to conduct transactions. It will also benefit merchants since it will enable them to receive payouts in fiat.

Secondly, SpacePay is set to launch on 4.5 million devices by the end of 2024. This token will also be listed on CEXs shortly after it concludes its presale. Both factors will increase its visibility and user base.

Finally, this token raised $750,000 from private investors due to its multiple use cases. Investors can use it for voting, access to loyalty airdrops and private features, and generating passive income.  

The $SPY token has a total supply of 34 billion, of which 20% will be reserved for early buyers. At the time of writing, this token trades at $0.00147.

13. FightNight — New Meme Coin That Promotes Celebrities With an Expected ROI Between 10X and 20X

next crypto to explode - fightnight

  • Current Price: $0.0009
  • Launch Date: N/A

If you’re looking for the next big crypto coin with a high return on investment, you should opt for FightNight. This project drew the interest of the crypto community with its unique story. On that note, FightNight is an upcoming Web 3 game in which Mike Tyson will fight against Jake and his minions. This story is inspired by the upcoming match between Tyson and Jake Paul, which will take place on June 20. This match could also create hype around this project.

That said, FightNight will start its presale on June 3rd. During the presale, early investors will be able to buy $FNIO tokens at a price of $0.0009. This project will also launch on Webtoon, which will increase its visibility. However, once it gets listed on major CEXs, its value could explode. I.e., its ROI could vary between 10x and 20x.

The $FNIO token has a maximum supply of 200 billion. As much as 96 billion will be distributed towards the presale, while a portion will be donated to various charities.

14. Lingo — GamiFied Rewards System, Leveraging Real-World Assets

next crypto to explode - lingo

  • Current Price: N/A
  • Launch Date: N/A

Lingo is a gamified, RWA-powered rewards token created by former Kraken, Google, and Binance advisors. The project aims to revolutionize the loyalty industry by empowering its token holders to earn loyalty points every month and exchange them for real-life rewards provided by over 3,000 brands.

This ERC-20 token could be the next crypto to explode in 2024 due to its innovative ecosystem and gamified approach. Namely, Lingo follows the same direction as Param, Portals, and Beyond, a socialFi airdrop project that successfully combined traditional gaming with Web3. On that note, $LINGO holders will not only be able to redeem their tokens for real-world rewards but will also be able to participate in its airdrop sessions.

The $LINGO token will run on Solana and Base. This utility token will also become a governance token, which means that its holders will be able to vote for the next reward pool. Early investors will be able to get this token by participating in Lingo’s whitelist campaign, which currently has more than 150,000 users. To learn more about this project, follow Lingo on X (Twitter) or join its Discord group.

15. BitNance — Store of Value Token Whose Yield Could Exceed 1,000% if It Reaches Its Full Potential

next crypto to explode - bitnance

  • Current Price: $0.375
  • Launch Date: October 12th, 2024

BitNance can be described as a modernized version of Bitcoin backed by enhanced security and community support. However, unlike BTC, this token is fully decentralized. This means that its founders will have zero control over the token, and its holders will have complete control over its future development. Moreover, this token runs on the Binance Smart Chain, which makes it faster and cheaper than BTC. 

BitNance is designed to serve as a store-of-value token. This is why its total supply is capped at 10.5 million, of which only 7,750,000 will be reserved for presale. This will increase its demand, which means that the $BTN token could explode once it gets listed on DEXs and CEXs.

Other factors that could increase its value are publicity campaigns and its full transition to a community governance token. At the time of writing, 1 $BTN token costs $0.375. However, if it manages to reach its full potential, its yield could exceed 1,000%.

16. Kounotori — An ERC-20 token with a significant market potential and optimistic price predictions that could explode once it reaches its milestones

Kounotori logo

  • Current Price:  ~ $0.000000001364
  • Launch Date: 2024

Kounotori is a crypto exchange that stands out among the competition with its innovative features, community-driven approach, and vision. Its goal is to become the first CEX to combine centralized and DeFi features, like security and high liquidity. Likewise, this exchange will offer NFT staking options and governance via the NEST council.

Kounotori will employ deflationary mechanisms via transactional burns to increase the scarcity of its native token, $KTO, whose total supply is 1 quadrillion. $KTO token holders will also pay lower trading fees on the KTO exchange, while its NFT holders will get a better reward rate.

Kounotori will offer locked and unlocked staking options, which means that its users will be able to earn rewards in stablecoins. In addition to that, its users will profit by using KTOverter, a tool that will enable cheaper trades.

Crypto analysts believe that the $KTO token could explode this summer, with its value increasing by more than 200% in July. Moreover, Kounotori’s developers will soon announce news about their upcoming plans, so stay tuned.

How We Identified the Best Crypto to Explode 

The following section will explain how we picked out the next crypto coin to explode over the coming months.

Recent Market Trends and Events

What is the next cryptocurrency to boom? The one that’s following the current crypto market trends. On that note, Solana-based meme coins are currently the most popular projects among the crypto community. Why? Because the Solana network has lower fees. This also makes Solana-based projects more affordable for beginners.

Moreover, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, meme coins are community-focused projects that are tailored to go viral, which is why they often lead to the FOMO effect.

Other popular trends that are slowly gaining momentum are sustainable and AI-powered projects. The goal of these projects is to revolutionize the crypto market by offering innovative solutions. This is why our list contains projects that fall into the above-mentioned categories.

Crypto Utility

The token utility was another factor that we took into consideration when determining which crypto will give 1000x or explode. Namely, the more use cases a given token has, the greater the chance that its user base will increase. A larger user base equals a larger demand, which leads to an increase in value. This is why we included tokens that have a multiple-utility nature. Most of the tokens on our list allow their holders to conduct trades, play P2E games, earn rewards, and participate in airdrops.

We also included coins that can be staked for annual rewards since staking rewards bring the most benefits to early investors.

Presales and ICOs

Presales and best ICOs can tell us a lot about the potential success of a certain crypto project. A project that manages to raise a large amount of money during its presale, that is, that reaches its predetermined hard cap in a short period, shows strong investor interest.

In addition, presales provide information about a project, such as its roadmap and tokenomics system, which helps early investors make informed decisions. Presales also aim to build strong communities and educate investors about the project’s goals.

The goal of presales is to collect funds for the development of crypto projects. That is why project developers offer their new tokens at discounted prices to attract as many investors as possible.

With that in mind, we listed crypto projects that have had very successful presales so far. 

Hype and Celebrity Endorsements 

When we asked ourselves, “Which coin will explode this year?” We went to social networks to see which projects are the most talked about among the crypto community. That said, celebrity endorsements often lead to hype because their opinions have a big impact on the community. For example, Elon Musk made DOGE the most popular meme coin.

Celebrity endorsements will not necessarily make the tokens valuable in the long term. What makes cryptocurrencies valuable are the technology behind them and real-world use cases.

Although hyped projects may not be lucrative for hodlers, they can be very profitable to daily traders, which is why they should not be underestimated. This is why we also included projects that build their success on the hype and FOMO effect.

Case Studies-Previous Explosive Cryptocurrencies

We included crypto projects that could profit from the success of their peers who experienced a big boom upon getting listed on crypto exchanges. For example, Sealana’s goal is to repeat the success of SLOTH and SLERF, Solana-based tokens that managed to reach their predetermined hard caps in less than a month. This is why Sealana’s developers use the same single-tiered presale setup.

At the same time, WienerAI aims to repeat the success of its AI-powered dog-based meme peer, Scotty the AI. This project reached its presale goal before the scheduled date.

The team behind the SPONGE V2 token is hoping to repeat the success of the SPONGE V2 token, whose price, once it went live, jumped by 100x.

Whale Positioning

The last factor that will determine which crypto will explode is whale positioning. Namely, crypto whales have a big impact on the crypto market because their investments affect the crypto prices. Once crypto whales start investing in a certain coin, other investments will follow due to the FOMO effect. This will affect their demand and supply. As you know, higher demand equals lower supply, and lower supply equals higher prices. 

Crypto whales will also affect a coin’s liquidity. This means that they will be able to control the market’s dynamics with their buying and selling decisions.


So what will be the next cryptocurrency to explode? It’s hard to say. Our team gives an advantage to meme coins that run on Solana, AI-powered projects, and sustainable coins. Why? Since these types of cryptocurrencies are currently popular among crypto investors. We also believe that multi-utility tokens will experience a big jump in value upon getting listed on CEXs and DEXs. 

And finally, we believe that projects that achieve great success during their presales will become very popular after they are launched.


What is the next cryptocurrency to boom?

What crypto will explode in 2024?

What coin will 1000x?

Which crypto will explode tomorrow?