GMT Stepn Crypto Price Levels

STEPN (GMT) move-to-earn crypto token has performed exceptionally well over the last week pumping over 11% in value. According to Coinmarketcap STEPN (GMT) is now $1.08 and is ranked #69 amongst other cryptocurrencies.

Should STEPN (GMT) be able to maintain positive price momentum we could see technical targets of beyond $1.20 reached by the end of the week.

Will STEPN (GMT) continue to pump and which alternative cryptocurrencies look more promising during this bear market?

STEPN (GMT) Crypto Price Prediction 2022

When Bitcoin crossed the 200-week moving average STEPN (GMT) move-to-earn token plummeted down to lows of $0.53. Many major crypto investors and speculators believe that particular event marked the bottom for Bitcoin and many bluechip altcoins, including STEPN (GMT).

Since then STEPN (GMT) has already pumped over 100% which proves that sometimes investing in crypto during the extreme-fear phase of a market cycle can be lucrative.

Currently we are seeing major resistance for STEPN (GMT) crypto at $1.13, although we are trading within a bullish continuation pattern known as an ascending channel which could lead to another breakout.

If STEPN (GMT) can break through the $1.13 resistance level I would be keen to see the next leg up to around the $1.20 mark. Following this we could see positive price action all the way up to $1.31 for STEPN (GMT) token.

Stepn Gmt Price Targets

GMT/Usdt -Daily Time Frame. 

There is potential for a 19% increase in price here for STEPN (GMT) if we see continuation to the upside. Of course if the market flips bearish and the trajectory of Bitcoin too we could potentially come back down to the support trendline of the ascending channel.

As a result STEPN (GMT) would reverse back down to around the $0.92 support levels where we could see more accumulation. It is also worth noting on the macroscale STEPN (GMT) is lacking overall trade volume which is a bearish factor.

Stepn Gmt On Chain Data

STEPN (GMT) on-chain data.

It is also worth taking into consideration the growth of new unique wallet holders (Solana ecosystem) as this reflects the behavior of current holders. The above chart reflects that between April and July 2022 there was a huge surge in unique wallets being opened. This is probably why we saw a parabolic rally for STEPN GMT.

However, we can see that the active holders on the STEPN (GMT) platform are actually slowly reducing over time. Perhaps holders are no longer finding much value or reward from the STEPN (GMT) move-to-earn crypto game.

The very top of the chart also demonstrates that the growth has started to plateau as the new unique holders begin to slowly level off. This could be a sign that there is not much investment appetite for STEPN (GMT) at the moment which could mean there is not much upside potential for the remainder of 2022.

Coinmarketcap also states that there are currently 600,000,000 GMT tokens in supply. This is just 10% of the total max supply which is also a red flag in my opinion. Personally, I do not think STEPN GMT will reach $5 this year but we could certainly see price levels of up to $2 if we can see a strong relief rally in the crypto markets and Bitcoin retest $30k price levels.

STEPN (GMT) Video Analysis

Better Alternative Cryptocurrencies to STEPN (GMT)?

After recently navigating the crypto bear markets and researching thoroughly, there are potentially more rewarding cryptocurrencies to invest in as opposed to holding STEPN (GMT) token. Historical data supports that STEPN (GMT) is looking rather exhausted and it has already reached major all-time highs and seen blow-off tops during the peak of the crypto bull market.

A good way to diversify during this crypto bear market is to participate in the Tamadoge presale which could offer large returns for investors. Tamadoge is a new utility based meme coin which is deflationary, tax free and boasts a low circulating supply of just 2 billion coins. In addition to this, Tamadoge oozes with immersivity, replay value and could be one of the best play-to-earn metaverse meme coins in the entire blockchain space.

An astonishing milestone is that Tamadoge has already raised over $4,401,958 (roughly 25% of the presale hard cap). Another huge achievement is that the beta sale sold out in just under two weeks. This demonstrates there is a lot of interest around this new meme coin and Tamadoge could be one of the next 10-100x cryptocurrencies.

Investors are able to purchase Tamadoge (TAMA) at using Ethereum, USDT or Fiat currencies. There has also been an official announcement that Tamadoge is going to be launching on the LBANK centralized exchange which is fantastic news for those participating anticipating a possible pump as soon as it goes to public sale.

For this reason I believe Tamadoge (TAMA) has more upside potential than STEPN (GMT) during the crypto bear market of 2022.


Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

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  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
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