“Did you hear what marketing proposed on the Zoom meeting this morning?” I’ll Slack you after I get off our sales call. Then I’ll find that deck they emailed and send it your way.”

Sound familiar? Switching between three or four communication tools each day, and then constantly trying to find the conversation you had or the information that was shared? It’s not just costing employees their sanity. Here are 7 statistics that show the high time-is-money cost of siloed communication tools:

  1. The average team uses 6 approaches to support project collaboration and at least 4 different communication tools. 48% of organizations say their top collaboration hurdle is ineffective communication between team members. – Source: Planview Everyone is a Project Manager Study
  2. The average team wastes more than 20 hours per month due to poor collaboration and communication. That’s 6 workweeks per year that teams are not being productive. – Source: Planview
  3. In North America specifically, collaboration and communication silos cost even more: 7 hours per week totaling more than 350 hours per year. – Source: Planview
  4. 54% of organizations report their customer experience operations are managed in silos. Only 33% of customer experience professionals say they can actively communicate and collaborate across teams to drive improved CX. – Source: Dimension Data CX Benchmarking Report. P.S. According to VisionCritical, the overall impact of bad customer experiences in the US alone is $537B.
  5. Siloed contact center agents spend 15% of their time each day trying to navigate communication hurdles to get information to serve customers. – Source: The ROI of Uniting Unified Communications and Contact Center, Aberdeen
  6. A 200-agent contact center loses $1.5M in labor costs annually because of siloed communications. – Source: Aberdeen
  7. 87% of employees think leaders should reconsider the way they think about technology in the workplace, and 84% say businesses are missing opportunities by not moving to more modern solutions. – Source: Workfront 2020 State of Work Report

Do these statistics have you thinking about what siloed communication and collaboration tools are costing your organization? You can read more here about how the sudden shift to remote workforces is encouraging organizations to rethink their employee experience and their technology.

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