The world we live in thrives, because companies produce and manage data. In fact, data is the new currency of the global market. Problems arise when a company’s data isn’t properly protected: A company may experience significant downtime or lose customers because of lost data. They may even lose a significant piece of the market share in their industry. A quality backup solution makes your company more efficient.

Not all data backup solutions are equal. More companies are migrating to cloud backup solutions.

Low Cost: Implementing a high-powered backup system used to mean depleting your budget with expensive enterprise equipment. Not only that, but companies needed to procure proprietary operating system and software to execute on-premise backup solutions. With a cloud backup, you can forego all the costs associated with developing a robust backup solution. All equipment and software costs are on the shoulder of the service provider. You only pay for the resources you consume.

Speedy Data Recovery: It’s not enough that your data is stored at an offsite facility; when significant data is lost, you must be able to recover it quickly. The bulk of today’s most trusted cloud backup providers provide fast data recovery. This all depends on the provider and if they’re able to provide this level of service, but if you were to ask any seasoned IT professional their salt, they’d tell you that the only cloud backup solutions worth pursuing are the ones that provide lightning fast data recovery.

Reduced Admin Costs: The wonderful thing about cloud backup is that you can easily automate a seamless backup process. It’s not completely a set-it-and-forget-it tool, but once you do set up your backup schedule, the provider automatically saves all your data. This saves you significant resources on administrative and general IT tasks compared with scheduling regular backups in a complex, on-premise system.

Minimal Downtime: Downtime is every company’s worst enemy. Depending on the size of your company or the scope of your industry, extended downtime can cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Since your cloud provider offers high levels of speedy backup recovery when things go awry, you can rest assured that your infrastructure will get back up and running quickly after disaster strikes.

Nothing is off limits when measuring business efficiency. Everything from server architecture to whatever backup solution you choose contributes to your competitive edge. A company with well-managed data will always be a few steps ahead of the competition. Be known as a company with perfect up-time and data recovery records. Close isn’t going to cut it, no matter what type of work you do or what industry you serve. Proper data management produces efficiency. Period.