Affiliate advertising has evolved as a very effective strategy to generate income on a website. By simply structuring a website and producing quality traffic, website owners can receive generous commissions from top brand websites with affiliate programs.

Although it may be obvious that participating in affiliate advertising programs is a good way to monetize a website, many websites may not realize the importance of good branding and that brand name affiliates may also help improve their own brand recognition and credibility.

Affiliate Advertising Strategies to Monetize or Improve Branding

Website owners may choose to participate in affiliate advertising programs for several reasons. Affiliate programs can help monetize a website completely, supplement website income or improve overall branding and market perception.

  • Monetize free website content. Typically, the main reason to join an affiliate program is to monetize a website. Some websites, such as blogs, may exist solely on fresh, free content. Adding affiliate programs alongside relevant content will help that content “make money” or be monetized.
  • Supplement website income. A small business website may have good traffic that already generates some sales or business. An affiliate program will help supplement or add to income generated from the website. One example could include local restaurants that have websites that act as menus. Adding complementary affiliate advertising alongside restaurant information is a good strategy to generate additional income.
  • Improve branding and credibility. A small business website growing and seeking some “credibility by association” may add some bigger brands to the site through an affiliate advertising program. In this scenario, monetizing the website is not as important as gaining brand recognition or a brand lift from a well-known brand name that is complementary to the business. The market’s perception of brands with lower recognition could be improved by associating the website with a strong, quality brand.

Choose Targeted Brand Name Affiliate Advertisers

The most important step in selecting appropriate affiliate advertisers to add to your site is determining their relevance to your industry niche. Carefully selecting quality advertisers that complement your website’s content, existing product line, or industry is the best approach.

A targeted brand name advertiser that elevates your website’s brand is key if your goal is to improve branding or credibility by association. Even if your goal is to monetize content on your website, consider how likely your website visitors will click on advertising offered by the affiliate. Affiliates are also interested in good, quality content for their targeted online advertising programs to perform well.

Review all the available affiliate advertising programs and which advertisers are available to join. Top programs that manage advertisers include Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, LinkShare, and Google Affiliates. Each one has a variety of advertisers available to choose from when you join the program. If your website is relatively new, make sure you have established enough relevant content on your website before applying for a specific advertiser in order not to damage your brand. Top brand name affiliate advertisers will check out your website to make sure your site is also relevant before accepting your site in their program.

Affiliate Advertising to Improve Branding for Blogs or Small Businesses

Whether your site is an industry niche blog or small business website, affiliate programs can be a great low-cost marketing tool for businesses. From monetizing content to augmenting website income, affiliate advertising programs can be very advantageous. And by carefully choosing targeted and relevant established brand names as affiliate advertisers, a website can improve its own branding and relevance. If you are looking to recruit new advertisers, seeding ad spots with brand-name affiliate banners is also a great way to build credibility in your industry niche and attract other paying advertisers.

Quality affiliate advertisers relevant to your industry niche can help improve your website brand and credibility while monetizing your website content.