The Benefits of A Strong Brand Presence and How to Achieve One

A company’s brand is more than just it’s logo. It is what the company outwardly projects and how the company tells us as potential clients and consumers what they are about, what they value, and what we can expect from their product or service. It is also what sets a company apart from competition and how they tell their audience why they should pick them and not someone else. I believe Jeff Bezos aptly summarized it when he said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The Benefits Involved

Having a strong brand presence will benefit any company regardless of their size, industry, or location. Specifically, a strong brand presence can help you and your company:

  • Build and grow your reputation
  • Stand out and apart from competitors
  • Convey stability
  • Positively influence potential customer’s purchasing decisions
  • Project your specific values in order to reach and attract your ideal client or consumer
  • Acquire new customers easier
  • Construct loyalty and trust

Simply put, if your company wants to continue to grow as well as be sustainable it is essential that it cultivates a strong brand presence. A 1990 study done by Wayne D. Hoyer and Steven P. Brown called “Effects of Brand Awareness on Choice for a Common, Repeat-Purchase Product” further demonstrates the benefit of having a strong brand presence. The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, stats that brand awareness does indeed have an influence on choice and brand sampling. More specifically the study found that brand awareness is a prevalent choice tactic among inexperienced customers facing a new decision task, subjects who are aware of one brand in a choice set tend to sample fewer brands across a series of product trials, and that subjects who are aware of one brand in a choice set tend to choose the known brand even when it is lower in quality than other brands they have had the opportunity to sample. What they concluded in 1990 remains just as true today; a strong brand presence will help a company flourish.

How to Achieve A Stronger Brand Presence

Brand presence and awareness is often measured by how well a consumer can identify and connect with both the brand and the company. Here are some key strategies your company could utilize to create a stronger brand presence:

1. Focus on your target audience:

Most likely, your product or service isn’t perfectly suited for everyone. As such, you should know and have a deep understanding of the concerns, needs, preference, and lifestyle specific to your target audience. Understanding your target audience can also help you give them the information they want and need in a way they will understand it. This can also help raise the personal connection between your brand and your consumer.

2. Foster a personal connection between your brand and consumer:

One of the main pillars to building and maintaining a successful brand presence is to develop a strong level of trust between your company and your client or consumer. Maintaining impeccable customer service and speaking to your audience in a way they will respond to, not just the way you want to say something, can help this level of trust grow.

3. Cultivate a strong story:

It is important that your company’s story is cohesively defined because your mission, vision, and values are the stepping-stones to a compelling brand presence. If you are unsure of where to start begin by asking yourself, “How will my product or service help someone?” and “Why did I create it in the first place?”

4. Remain Consistent:

Branding is integrated into every aspect of a company and so consistency is key when building and maintaining a strong brand presence. Meaning, how you present your brand should be clear across all channels and to anyone that comes into contact with it. If your brand doesn’t remain consistent it can create confusion, slow down or disrupt the buying process, or even lead to a consumer or client choosing a competitor.

A Real-Life Translation: Dropbox, Incmarch7 dropboxlogo

If you work in corporate America chances are you may have heard of a little company called Dropbox, a file hosting service that provides cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

Dropbox is a great example of a company that truly understands the benefit of consistent design and personalization across all channels. The company’s signature logo of an open blue box makes an appearance on every single DropBox communication or platform.

In their case, with both design and usability, simplicity is key. Their product is simple and easy to use for all ages and skill levels, while their logo is also very basic and perfectly symbolizes the functionality and simplicity of the product. It is quite literally an open box for you to place things in.

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