As VP of Marketing for V12 Data, I have a deep understanding of today’s data-driven marketing environment, including key components such as Data Integration, Personalized Journey Management, Customer Experience, Third-Party Data, Marketing Technology and Analytics. I head up all marketing functions, including lead generation goals, content management , marketing strategy, webinar development and though leadership initiatives.

About V12
As a leading provider of customer acquisition and retention solutions, V12’s new breed of marketing blends data, technology and analytics to drive accelerated results. Our comprehensive acquisition packages leverage industry-leading data, in-market shopping indicators, state-of-the-art analytics and end-to-end omnichannel marketing execution. Powered by our market leading Customer Data Platform solution, V12 Velocity, our easy to use solutions include a quick-start acquisition program and a full-access bundle to acquire, retain and upsell in-market shoppers. For more information, visit