Times Internet

After forging partnership with Gawker Media to bring Gizmodo and Lifehacker to India, Times Internet (TIL) has entered into a strategic partnership with Future PLC to launch its major international consumer technology news and reviews brand – TechRadar – in India.

TechRadar, UK’s biggest technology reviews website is a truly 24/7 operation site, with editorial teams already based in the UK, US and Australia. The site today has become the go-to destination for opinions, exclusives and authoritative reviews of everything from mobile phones and tablets to the latest cameras and televisions. The company boasts of reaching out to more than 20 million unique users a month internationally.


The latest alliance promises to bring together the technology review expertise of TechRadar and TIL’s highest editorial standards, thereby feeding the Indian tech enthusiasts community with global technology news along with localised technology content. Along with content development the partnership with Future PLC, the holding company of TechRadar would encompass events, monetising and syndication.

While TechRadar eyes India for a new reach, the alliance also adds to the growing list of seven partnerships that were carried out by Times Internet last year under the Times Local Partners (TLP) – an initiative to partner with global digital companies to launch, build, and grow meaningfully in India. Prior to this TLP had announced a partnership with Gawker Media to bring Gizmodo and Lifehacker to India. Last year, it also launched America’s most popular business news site Business Insider India & Askmen.

The Indian version of TechRadar is expected to launch soon.

The new alliance once again indicates that Times Internet is providing a platform for International online sites that want to tap the market but at the same time are new to the business geography of the country. Unconfirmed reports state that Huffington Post of the US is also close to signing a deal with The Times of India Group to launch an Indian edition.

With smartphone proliferation at an all time high and digital awareness increasing in the country, alliances forged by TLP will not only provide great content to the Indian audience but also more avenues to businesses to reach out to targeted audience with advertising. This also means a growing competition to the local digital and print publication. But it all sums up to a healthier and competitive ecosystem.