You probably already know that the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is not available for shipping to many parts of the world. In fact this is just like what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire. It gets a little frustrating sometimes.

Why do they do this? I’m not really sure, but the good news is that I now know, and have used successfully myself, an easy way to ‘get around’ this Amazon restriction.

Call it good old fashioned lateral thinking.

To get your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite into a country that they don’t currently allow shipping to is easy. All you need is to setup an account with a reputable freight forwarding company in the USA. That’s it. Simple. This freight forwarding company will then act as your ‘local USA’ address in the eyes of Amazon. The way the forwarding company does this is by giving you a unique postal address (similar to a POBOX).

I used comGateway as my freight forwarder and had a great experience using them. Once you sign up they give you a unique Portland, Oregon based US address that is linked on their systems to your own address.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in New Zealand

You can sign up for comGateway here.

After you order your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and it is received at your new ‘local USA’ address the freight forwarder simply sends the package on to your own address. Easy. I know that this method works for most other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and more.

Also note that when your item is received at your ‘Local USA’ address, comGateway send you an email with the package description and a link for you to complete a customs form.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in NZ

Now there is a cost to using a freight forwarding service, but the reality is that the cost is close to normal international shipping rates from Amazon. You are really only paying one extra local US delivery cost (about $9) on top of the usual international rate, this is the cost of shipping your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite from the Amazon warehouse to your freight forwarding address.

I’ve personally used this process to buy Amazon Kindles that were not available for release in my part of the world and the process was very easy and surprisingly fast.

And the end result? A new and unique Amazon Kindle ready for use.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite