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In a previous life, I was a travelling salesman. During that time, I became rather adept at turning virtually any space into a temporary mobile office. Service stations, coffee shops, hotel lounges – you name it, I set up shop and worked from it.

I also discovered that my car was, actually, a brilliant office in its own right. By parking in lay-bys I was able to address every task I’d usually undertake in my bricks and mortar office. But it didn’t come easy; I had to work hard to develop the perfect office car and be productive while traveling.

Here are my 7 hacks for turning your car into an office.

1. Get a 4G sim

You need connectivity while on the road. Parking up next to a WiFi-touting coffee shop is a little mean, so make a sound investment and sign up to a 4G SIM plan with a decent amount of monthly data. Then, you can tether your laptop to your phone for effortless mobile browsing.

2. Power up

Offices require power. You’ve got a laptop, two phones and an iPad which all need charging. Stock up on cigarette lighter-powered chargers. They’re relatively cheap and will consistently save your bacon.

3. Make your tablet work harder

By using apps, you can turn your tablet into a second display for your laptop. A second display is a great way to increase productivity and will mimic the dual monitor setup you may have at work.

4. Switch seats

An easy one, this. Don’t try and work in the driving seat – the steering wheel will get in the way. Move to the passenger seat and bask in all that workable space.

5. Invest in a mobile printer

The requirement to print stuff is fast becoming obsolete, but you may occasionally need to print off a proposal or brochure for the client you’re about to meet. Mobile printers are relatively cheap and can often save the day.

6. Buy a mini fridge

View this as an investment. Motorway service station food and drink is expensive, and if you’re going to be working in your car, you need to stay fed and watered. Place a mini fridge in the boot and fill it with water bottles and healthy snacks from the supermarket.

7. Don’t forget your coat hanger. Or toothbrush.

Working from your vehicle often means you’ll be staying over somewhere and moving on the next day, so make sure you’ve always got a hanger handy for fresh shirts and your toothbrush to remain fresh yourself.


You’ll never look at your car in the same way, will you? If you’re a salesman or entrepreneur who fears reaching burnout because you can’t get to the bottom of your to-do list when away from the office, give the tips above a go. I can guarantee you’ll become more productive.

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