The on-demand delivery apps are around us for almost a decade now. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst in increasing the popularity of on-demand delivery apps. Apart from panic buying, globally, such delivery apps act as a weapon against contagion. Customers tend to give online orders using an app and get the delivery at their doorstep while staying away from contagion.

Let’s begin with Uber. It started back in March 2009 in San Francisco to disrupt the traditional cab booking services. Today, we know Uber is one of the most reputed, popular, and successful brands around the world. Inspired by Uber’s glorious success, many businesses across different industry verticals have integrated the ‘Uber for X’ concept in their business model to provide their customers ‘on-demand’ and ‘same-day delivery’ facilities.

Some of the valuable names like Grofers, GrubHub, Lyft, and Postmates have evolved from startups to established enterprises thanks to the on-demand delivery model. It is fair to mention that on-demand delivery apps can transform traditional ways into more user-friendly processes while fulfilling the consumer’s demands more effectively. The on-demand delivery app acts as a bridge between businesses and consumers.

Be it groceries, food, electronic items, medicines, or other essential items, the on-demand delivery apps are designed to deliver everything at the customer’s doorstep. Before discussing how on-demand delivery apps benefit businesses in this competitive and turbulent time, let’s have quick facts on the on-demand economy.

On-demand Delivery Stats that will Amaze You

  • HBR survey has revealed that around 49% of on-demand consumers are millennials
  • A Burson-Marsteller’s survey has revealed that over 86 million Americans have used on-demand services
  • The On-demand food delivery business has recorded unprecedented growth worldwide with over 14% CAGR from 2018 to 2020
  • On-demand delivery apps like Instarcart, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and Target have recorded a surge in daily downloads of 218%, 160%, 124%, and 98% respectively in the recent time as per Apptopia data

These facts highlight the importance of on-demand delivery apps in modern businesses. In this pandemic time, businesses need to embrace on-demand delivery apps to survive and thrive. Here are the top five reasons why businesses need to invest in on-demand app development.

Why Businesses Should Invest in On-Demand Delivery Apps Now?

Convenience for your customers and productivity for your business- on-demand delivery apps can give these two major benefits. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should opt for developing on-demand apps for your company.

  • Ease of doing business

On-demand delivery apps connect you to customers directly. In a way, it acts as a digital platform to facilitate the delivery of services or products conveniently. These days, people prefer to explore and purchase things through smartphones. On-demand services aim to address such smartphone users and you can grow your business easily by reaching this audience.

The on-demand delivery apps can increase the demand from consumers and increase revenue for your business. The on-demand app can grow your business way faster than any prevalent traditional ways. Ease of doing business is, in a way, the biggest business benefit of on-demand apps.

  • Increasing efficiency

On-demand apps bring automation and promote the digitization of every business process. They also reduce the time of service exchange by eliminating the middlemen from the process. What’s more, apps minimize the physical interaction in every process ranging from the purchase to delivery. It makes the services more efficient and prompt than the same offered through traditional ways.

Let’s understand this by taking an example of courier services. Traditionally, people had to book courier or parcel by visiting the parcel office and standing in a long queue. Thankfully, the on-demand courier delivery app has made the entire process online and customers can book the parcel or get the delivery at their doorstep with ease. As consumers get services more accurately and promptly, they remain loyal to the company.

  • Seamless payment

The on-demand app offers various payment options to the customers. It gives the convenience of making payments through different cashless options like credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, and debit cards. What’s more, the on-demand delivery apps provide secure and swift online payment options. Customers prefer to make payments online and the on-demand apps facilitate you to leverage the benefits of this trend.

  • Real-time tracking

This is one of the biggest benefits of on-demand apps for enterprises and customers alike. Customers and business owners can track the delivery of services or goods in real-time through an app. You can enhance transparency and increase trust among your customers by providing the real-time tracking feature through which they can easily track their orders and get an estimated time of arrival.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can monitor the movement of the fleet for ensuring the real-time delivery and the exact location of the vehicle and delivery persons.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The on-demand delivery app development process involves cutting-edge technologies to make an advanced app that reduces the dependency on human resources by introducing automation. It can save a lot of money as operational costs. Also, the on-demand delivery app can act as a marketing tool and you can save money on business promotion. The app takes care of every critical process ranging from marketing services to receiving orders and tracking parcels to answering queries. In a way, the on-demand delivery app remains cost-effective and provides a high ROI over the period.

Wrapping Up

The on-demand economy is getting stronger even during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows that it is here to stay. Every business under the sun can leverage the benefits of a thriving on-demand economy to meet critical tasks and offer enhanced services to their consumers. The on-demand delivery app also provides a personalized experience to customers and assist businesses to expand their reach. It also acts as a cost-efficient tool of marketing to promote the business online.

In a nutshell, this is the right time to invest in on-demand app development irrespective of your business model and industry sector to stay ahead of the competition and get a high ROI.