If you want to build customer loyalty, you need to create a memorable brand, one that makes people want to come back. To find out how, we asked YEC members the following question:

Being visible — and memorable — to your audience is crucial for long-term success. What is the best way to make a brand stick in people’s memory, as well as encourage them to engage?

Here’s what they said:
1. Be Consistent With Your Visuals
Many of the most memorable brands I can think of, whether it’s a clothing line or a website or an individual, have one thing in common: They come across as professional and knowledgeable because they have a well-designed logo and a consistent visual aesthetic. It may seem superficial, but the fact remains that image is important. – Bryce Welker, Crush The PM Exam

2. Focus on Benefits

Consumers don’t buy products because of features — they buy them because of the benefits that arise from the features. However, a significant number of branding messages still highlight features, leaving the customers to determine the benefits on their own. To make your brand stick in people’s mind and get them to engage, keep your list of benefits short, and focus on what sets you apart. – Derek Robinson, Top Notch Dezigns

3. Retarget Them With an Email Funnel

Most visitors aren’t going to convert the first time they hear about you. Instead, you should treat it like a sales process. If you can capture their email, and at least cookie them so you can retarget them, then use these opportunities to not just send them back to your homepage, but drop them off on different content pages, so they can get a broad perspective on your product. – Fan Bi, Menswear Reviewed

4. Get Emotional

There is no better way to make your brand stick out than by gaining your audience’s empathy. You can spend your entire budget on branding and get your logo plastered everywhere. But if people aren’t emotionally connected to your brand, they’ll leave you as soon as your competitors match your marketing budget and undercut your price. – Stanley Meytin, True Film Production

5. Make Your Branding About the Journey

The best way for a brand to stick out in consumers’ minds is by taking them on a transformational journey. Show them what your company can do to help them achieve their goals. I’ve discovered that it’s all about showing the consumer how my company can get them from point A to point B through storytelling and visuals. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Creative Development Agency, LLC

6. Create Helpful Content

If you focus your content marketing efforts on answering people’s questions and truly helping them, you’ll get repeat visitors to your site, increasing your brand recognition. Use free tools like Answer the Public to find out what your target market is searching for on Google. Then create content that solves their problems. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

7. Host In-Person Events

Events should immerse people in your company culture. Culture can be displayed in anything from the design, to the type of music you play, and everything in between. You make these events memorable by adding instant value to your attendees. Pro tip: To see a true impact, give people “to dos,” not takeaways, and see how people react. Your feedback will be instantaneous. – Kenny Nguyen, ThreeSixtyEight

8. Optimize Your Social Media

With each new generation becoming more invested in social media, it has never been more essential to have a unique and consistent social media presence. Posting behind-the-scenes pictures, reminding your audience of your brand values and keeping their attention with aesthetic pictures on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more, lets clients put a face to your brand. – Veronica Romney, LoSoMo Inc.

9. Lead With Your Brand’s Values

Consumers develop an affinity for brands that share the same set of values. For instance, our company prioritizes an honest product that is engineered to provide better sleep and is manufactured using eco-friendly processes — and we emphasize those unique selling points throughout our website and marketing collateral. That’s helped with better brand recall and stronger customer loyalty. – Firas Kittaneh, Amerisleep

10. Create Strategic Repeat Exposure

Marketing studies show that you need at least seven touch points to become memorable to your audience and encourage action. Implement an integrated visibility strategy: Your website content, guest blogging on other sites where your audience is, social media, building email list and sending newsletter, video and visual content, etc. You need to constantly encourage action. – Matthew Capala, Alphametic