In today’s digital age, it would be a sin to restrict your brand’s digital presence to websites alone, irrespective of the kind of business you have. Customers these days demand convenience and the ability to get things done on the go. 

This makes targeting mobile devices a non-negotiable to gain maximum customers and sales. Sure, plenty of sites claim to help you create your own website within a few minutes, but there are hardly any competent no-code tools to create a responsive mobile app.

Today, we will share with you detailed reviews of the top 10 mobile app development companies that can enhance your digital presence by designing competent and responsive mobile applications.

Best Mobile App Development Companies: 2024 Top 10

Want to work only with the best mobile app development companies? Here are our top 10 picks for the most reliable and efficient mobile app development companies of this year:

  1. Ramotion: Best App Development Company for User Experience
  2. Solveit: Best Mobile App Development Company For Small Businesses 
  3. Hidden Brains: Best Mobile App Development Company With Award-Winning Service
  4. Orangesoft: Best Mobile App Development Company For Tech Consulting
  5. SEM Nexus: Best Mobile App Development Company For Startups
  6. Sonin: Best Mobile App Development Company For User Testing
  7. Appinventiv: Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company For Speedy App Development
  8. JetRuby: Best Mobile App Development Company For Transparent Pricing
  9. AlgoWorks: Best IOS Mobile App Development Company For Multi-Skilled Professionals
  10. Envative: Best Mobile App Development Company For US Companies 

Best Mobile App Development Companies: Compared

Still not sure which mobile application development company is best for your business? Here is a detailed review of each of the above-listed companies to help you zero in on the best one for your needs:

1. Ramotion: Best Mobile App Development Company With a focus on User Experience

Ramotion is well-known in the design community as a digital agency that focuses on a great user experience and interfaces.

Many of the apps created by Ramotion were used in Apple User Interface Guidelines and Apple WWDC as a reference for a good design solution.

Ramotion App Development

Best Features

  • Distributed team: The team has always been remote and distributed, using all the best collaboration tools for connecting their experts and clients from around the world.
  • Staff augmentation: Ramotion experts could work as a part of the client team, sharing their experience and approach and closing gaps in client team expertise.
  • Focus on user experience: Ramotion team has built dozens of open source UI libs on GitHub used by many developers across the globe.
  • The back-end and front-end development: The Ramotion team consists of mobile front-end and back-end developers who can efficiently build API for your mobile app.



Ramotion provides best-in-class experts based on a Time and Material approach.


  • Small teams of experts
  • Excellent portfolio and open source examples of work
  • Only expert-level devs, no juniors in projects


  • Europe based specialists

2. Solveit: Best Mobile App Development Company For Small Businesses

Solveit is an excellent mobile and web application development company that primarily focuses on European and North American clients. It abides by a unique problem-solving approach and is driven by results and numbers to ensure each project meets the expected benchmark.

Solveit is fairly new to the market compared to the other mobile app development companies on this list. That said, it has already spread its roots to three different locations in a short span of five years. At the time of writing this review, Solveit has completed over 100 projects with the help of its brilliant team of 50+ professionals. 

Solveit promises to provide a full range of mobile application development services, including tech consulting, idea auditing, quality analysis, product testing, etc. 

What’s more, it has a fairly diverse portfolio; it has worked in different industries, including healthcare, travel booking, lifestyle, etc.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Solveit:

  • Diverse Portfolio: Despite being fairly new to the industry, it has a diverse portfolio that validates all the claims about its proficiency.
  • Full range services: Everything you need to develop the perfect mobile application for your company is offered under one roof by Solveit.
  • Streamlined Process: Its workflow is highly streamlined and methodical, making it efficient and time-saving.
  • Engagement Models: It offers three different engagement models depending on your requirements. 


Solveit doesn’t disclose its pricing on its website. Contact its sales team for more details.


  • A comprehensive range of services
  • Three different engagement models
  • Streamlined workflow for maximum efficiency 
  • Diverse portfolio with multiple industry experience 


  • Fairly new to the market 

3. Hidden Brains: Best Mobile App Development Company With Award-Winning Service

Hidden Brains is a seasoned industry expert in mobile application development. It has been in business for more than 18 years and has served thousands of clients with a brilliant team of more than 500 experts.

Its services include front-end development, back-end development, DevOps, mobile application development, app database, open-source software creation, etc. 

What’s more, it has a rich portfolio and has worked with renowned brands like StudyGate, PayPerWorkz, FabAlley, Cinta, etc. Some of the industries it serves include retail, healthcare, travel and hospitality education, logistics, oil and gas, real estate, etc.

Hire from their huge team of developers with just a simple click and let them take away the burden of developing your brand’s app from you. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Hidden Brains

  • Experience: Experience is a huge plus when it comes to mobile application development, and you will be glad to know that Hidden Brains has 18 years of it.
  • Recognition: Hidden Brains is not a self-proclaimed app development company. In fact, it has been recognized worldwide with 11 prestigious awards.
  • Available for Various Industries: Hidden Brains does not limit its services to specific industries. It has made its services available to 9 different industries, some of which have been mentioned above.
  • Portfolio: It’s pretty clear by now that Hidden Brains does not believe in making empty claims. Feel free to take a quick look into its rich portfolio, where it has shared details of its work for some of the most eminent global brands.


Pricing quotes are only supplied to interested customers on request. Contact the company to know more. 


  • Industry experts
  • Proven record of work
  • Easy payments
  • Services for up to 9 different industries 


  • It does not cater to many major industries like eCommerce.

4. Orangesoft: Best Mobile App Development Company For Tech Consulting

Orangesoft was founded in 2011 and has so far completed more than 300 app development projects. The company believes in creating high-quality and flawless applications instead of simply churning out numbers, which is why it accepts only selected projects. That said, each project crafted by Orangesoft is a work of art.

It offers the complete package of development services, starting from the first stage of ideating the perfect application for your brand to speedily completing the product and garnishing it with a few final touches.

Along with developing brilliant applications for iOS and Android, Orangesoft also offers tech consulting and project management services that you can use simultaneously with your app development venture. 

Orangesoft has received a few prestigious awards for its superior work and is quite famous in the app development domain for its unbeatable customer service.



Best Features

Here is what we love about Orangesoft: 

  • Full Cycle Project Development: Orangesoft offers end-to-end app development services, so you don’t have to worry about finding multiple partners for the same project. 
  • Tech Consulting: Need a quick word of advice from experts before you get started with your mobile application development process? Benefit from Orangesoft’s unique tech consulting service.
  • Multiple Industries: The company, as of May 2022, serves in 8 different industries, including health and fitness, travel finance, and eCommerce.
  • Experienced Service Providers: Nothing speaks more of Orangesoft’s dominance in the mobile app development industry than the number of years it has been here — 11 years.


Unfortunately, like most mobile app development companies, Orangesoft too does not reveal its pricing on its website.


  • Tech consulting with experts
  • End to end app development service
  • Service available in multiple industries
  • Highly skilled professionals deployed for every project


  • The portfolio isn’t awe-inspiring 

5. SEM Nexus: Best Mobile App Development Company For Startups

If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a mobile application for your startup, try SEM Nexus. Not every mobile application development company in the market understands the unique needs of a startup, but SEM Nexus does. It will provide you with exactly what you need — a high-quality and highly responsive mobile application on a budget. 

SEM Nexus does not just limit its services to developing and launching applications; it will also help you market your product, allowing you to get the maximum return on your investment. Its fast and streamlined workflow allows you to get the finest mobile applications at affordable prices, whereas its data-driven approach effectively markets your application to your niche audience.

Some of the most common tools used by SEM Nexus to market your application include social media marketing, Google advertisements, and influencer marketing. Not to forget that it also helps you improve your customer retention rate by developing bug-free applications that are optimized to rank high on the app store.


Best Features

Here is what we love about SEM Nexus:

  • Affordable: SEM Nexus’s methodical application development process curtails unnecessary expenses without compromising quality.
  • Promotion: Have no idea how to make your mobile application reach your target audience? Don’t worry; SEM Nexus will market it on your behalf.
  • User Testing: SEM Nexus doesn’t just release an app in the market. Each mobile application developed by it goes through a round of A/B testing and user testing before it’s finally introduced to your customers.
  • VC Preparations: Don’t have enough funds to run your business? Let SEM Nexus prepare an impactful pitch deck for your application and connect you to their venture capitalist connections. 


SEM Nexus believes in understanding more about one’s requirements before quoting a price. Reach out to them directly for more details on the pricing.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Helps with app marketing
  • Offers VC connections for fundraising
  • A/B and user tests before the final launch 


  • Serves startups only

6. Sonin: Best Mobile App Development Company For User Testing

Sonin is all about quality and adding value. It doesn’t matter what your business size, budget, or industry is; Sonin will serve you the perfect blend of technology, usability design, user interface, and value.

It’s a mobile-first app development agency with a contemporary approach to meeting contemporary needs. In its ten years of creating flawless mobile applications for Android, iOS as well as web-based apps, it has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Elanco, Veet, Esure, etc. 

Along with strong backend functions to keep your application running smoothly, it will also help you design the perfect user experience and interface to keep your customers hooked to the screen.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Sonin:

  • User Testing: You mustn’t launch an application in the market without appropriate testing. Sonin will take care of all the user testing technicalities on your behalf.
  • User Interface Design: No matter how technically adept a mobile application development company claims to be, only a handful are as experts as Sonin in creating memorable user interfaces and experiences.
  • AR: Sonin is what you should be looking at if you want to make your mobile application more enjoyable with a hint of augmented reality. 
  • Superior Service: Sonin makes every stage of the app development a smooth ride. Starting from the first discussion to the final product launch, it simplifies every step for you. 


Unfortunately, Sonin does not provide its pricing details on its website. Reach out to the Sonin team to get a custom quote.


  • Experienced professionals
  • Mandatory user testing before product launch
  • Excellent customer service
  • Brilliantly designed user interfaces 


  • Limited information on the industries they work in

7. Appinventiv:  Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company For Speedy App Development

Appinventiv is an award-winning app development company that has been recognized as one of the fastest developing service providers in the digital product industry. The company consists of more than 650 talented developers and professionals and has completed more than 1000 projects so far. The brilliant minds at Appinventiv come from all over the world and serve customers from different time zones with unmatchable expertise.

Its services include web as well as cloud computing. Moreover, it pays equal attention to both iOS and Android operating systems. Currently, it serves 17 different industries, including entertainment, social media networking, travel, healthcare, etc. 

Appinventiv professionals are proficient in multiple technological skills, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, python, Swift, blockchain, Flutter, etc. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Appinventiv:

  • Award-winning Service: Indeed, it’s tough to trust a brand’s claims but not when their claims are backed by multiple awards for their outstanding performance.
  • Multiple Industries: Appinventiv professionals can handle any industry, be it real estate or travel. Whatever business you have, rest assured that you will get outstanding service with Appinventiv. 
  • Speedy Development: Appinventiv breaks up your project into smaller subtasks and then divides it equally among its team such that each subtask can be worked upon simultaneously. This ensures you get your application developed faster than you would have initially imagined.
  • Portfolio: Appinventiv has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Pizza Hut, IKEA, Adidas, etc.


Just like most application development companies, Appinventiv does not provide any pricing details on its website. Therefore, you will have to reach out to its team for custom quotes.


  • Award-winning service
  • Service available in over 17 industries 
  • Experienced service providers
  • Speedy application development 


  • Takes a little long to respond to queries

8. JetRuby: Best Mobile App Development Company For Transparent Pricing

JetRuby has been in the industry since 2010 and has so far completed more than 250 quality projects in over 16 different industries. Along with developing impeccable mobile applications, its services also include custom software development, code audits, and development for startups.

JetRuby is also one of the few mobile application development brands that are transparent about their pricing and provide all the necessary details regarding it on their website. In fact, it has separate pricing packages for startups and established enterprises.

JetRuby’s development process consists of:

  • Auditing the app idea
  • Designing the application and discovering more opportunities on the way
  • Creating a minimum viable product to get started with
  • Getting on with full-scale application development after the minimum viable product is successful

This formula has helped the company finish projects quickly and be more affordable and effective. 



Best Features

Here is what we love about JetRuby:

  • Free Services: JetRuby offers a few services like app audit and code audit for free to help you get started easily.
  • Experience in Multiple Sectors: It has experience in over 16 industries, including taxi booking, retail, AgriTech, fitness etc.
  • Multiple Technologies: JetRuby has a team of 100+ engineers proficient in 10 advanced technologies, including AWS, Elixir, React Js etc.
  • Versatile: Its team is capable of dealing with any type of business, regardless of its size. For the same reason, it offers separate packages for startups and established enterprises.


The standard price for startups is $1950 for an app idea audit, after which you will have to request a custom quote for the next steps. 

Enterprises have multiple packages to choose from, including:

  • Breakthrough: $6,000 (first week) + $20,000 (regular week)
  • Quick Boost: $4,000 (first week) + $10,000 (regular week)
  • Minimum Boost: $2,000 (first week) + $6,000 (regular week)
  • One-many Army: Custom pricing 


  • Fairly transparent pricing 
  • Faster project completions 
  • Experience in 16 industries
  • App idea audits for best results


  • Not all the details regarding the price structure are publicly available

9. AlgoWorks: Best IOS Mobile App Development Company For Multi-Skilled Professionals

AlgoWorks is a globally renowned mobile application development service known for its custom solutions. The company showcases its rich work portfolio on its website. You can see that it has hands-on experience in creating a number of mobile applications, including social media chatting apps, video calling apps, mobile games, finance apps, beauty apps, etc. 

Some of its most popular services include mobile app development, application testing, user interface development, salesforce development, custom application development, etc.

Transform your business in just a few simple steps with AlgoWorks and its competent team of software developers and project managers.


Best Features

Here is what we love about AlgoWorks:

  • Inclusive Services: AlgoWorks offers a wide range of services that covers almost everything a brand needs. 
  • Diverse Team of Developers: AlgoWorks has a diverse team consisting of 21 different types of developers and testers, including MEAN stack developers, MERN stack developers, ML experts, Selenium testers, etc.
  • Client Testimonial: You know a company is excellent at what it does when clients do not shy away from vouching for it. If you check AlgoWorks’s website, you will find countless old clients swearing by its service. 
  • Seamless Communication: One of the best things about AlgoWorks is the ease of communication. Its customer support team is available for you round the clock, irrespective of whether you want to reach out to them via email or call.


AlgoWorks doesn’t disclose its pricing on its website. So, you will have to get in touch with the company to get a custom quote.


  • Close to 16 years of experience
  • A supportive and diverse team
  • Amicable customer support
  • Inclusive services for every industry


  • Pricing not disclosed

10. Envative: Best Mobile App Development Company For US Companies

Envative is a 100% US-based software development company that focuses on both web-based as well as mobile applications.

It follows a sprint-based agile development process which includes:

  • Consultation
  • Prototyping
  • Planning 
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Sprint cycle
  • Launch
  • Maintenance 

Speaking specifically for mobile applications, Envative does not only help you develop powerful mobile apps but also looks after post-development maintenance. 

Also, professionals at Envative are highly skilled and adept with modern technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hence, applications developed by this company are far superior to that of its peers.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Envative:

  • Transparent Workflow: The company is very honest and upfront about how it deals with your project so that you are aware of what is happening with your application at every stage.
  • Maintenance: Envative doesn’t abandon you after creating the application. Instead, it partners with you for the long term and maintains a healthy relationship.
  • Integrations: Envative is one of the few companies that offers a ton of integration options, allowing you to integrate your mobile application with other necessary tools and software. 
  • Consultative Collaboration: It has a customer-centric approach to keep you informed at every stage and encourage inputs from you, ensuring that the final product meets your requirements.


Pricing is only revealed upon request.


  • Comprehensive services for multiple platforms
  • Superior development maintenance 
  • Transparent workflow and consultative collaboration
  • Flexible to adapt to new changes 


  • Not entirely focused on mobile apps  

What Types of App Development Agencies are There?

When looking for the best mobile app developer for your company, simply focusing on the designation “developer” can be misleading. Why? Because there are five different types of mobile app developers. Let us dive into the details of each of them to help you zero in on the one that will meet your needs the best.

1. Front-end App Development Agencies

Frontend development agencies focus on the interaction between the users and your application. Some of the most essential skills include user experience designing and creating smart AI operations aided with machine learning to improve the app’s customer experience.

They focus on the visual aesthetics and layout of your application with the help of Java, CSS, UI Framework, and HTML so that customers have a great time browsing it. 

2. Back-end App Development Companies

Backend developers help build the functional systems that keep a mobile application running. Although they help execute customer actions, they do not directly deal with your end-users. 

People often get confused between front-end developers and back-end developers, so here is a simple example for better understanding: the appearance and design of your contact form are designed by front-end developers. However, the sequence of events that follows once you click on the contact button is designed by backend developers.

3. Full Stack App Development Companies

Full-stack developers take care of both frontend and backend needs. This means they are well equipped to create flawless visual designs and user interfaces as well as take care of the logical functions that go behind the servers and the system to execute application functions.

If you are working on limited workforce capacity or do not have the budget to hire separate frontend and backend developers, full-stack developers can be of great help. They will not only save you the hassle of looking up and onboarding two different developers, but they are more likely to offer you a small discount on a bigger project.

4. Mobile Development Companies

Mobile developers exclusively develop applications that run on smartphones and tablets. These professionals receive special training to understand the environment of mobile operating systems like Android and IOS so they can adapt your application to their framework.

They are proficient in Java, Objective-C Swift, a few more coding languages, and a cross-platform mobile suite. 

5. Software Development Companies

A common rookie mistake that startups often make is hiring software developers when looking for someone proficient in developing mobile applications. Software developers might be proficient in developing a complete application on their own. Still, they are usually vested with the role of taking a look into a certain part or step of developing new software. 

It is usually a full stack developer that takes care of the entire process from beginning to the end, while a software developer only handles a small part of the whole project.

How To Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

Since you are about to invest thousands of dollars in your dream project, you need to be a little more careful while choosing the perfect app developer for your company. Here are five essential things to check out in every prospective mobile app development agency before hiring.

1. Work Portfolio

Do not just rely on certificates and skills alone; make sure anyone you choose has a rich portfolio of previously completed projects. This will give you insight into the developer’s capacities and limitations and help you understand if they are what you are looking for.

You can also choose to cross-check their portfolio by examining the website they claim to create and getting in touch with your connections to see if they actually did the work. 

2. Ask for References

The biggest sign of a good web developer is a list of old clients ready to recommend them. So even if your prospective candidates do not offer references upfront, make sure you take the contact information of their old clients and get first-hand feedback on their work.

Also, instead of focusing on a couple of clients, you should check their overall reviews and feedback. The more reviews you check, the better you will understand what you can expect from the company.

3. Hold a Discussion to See if You Are Compatible 

Developing a mobile application is not a one-day project. Whoever you choose will partner with your company and team for at least a few months. So make sure you choose someone compatible with your work ethic and goals. 

They should be able to understand your exact needs for your mobile application and deliver accordingly. Moreover, they should also have basic soft skills, excellent communication skills, and a strong work ethic. These essential qualities will ensure that your team gets along fine in the upcoming months.

4. Ask About their Post Production Service

Mobile app development projects do not end with creating the application. Instead, it’s the beginning of a lifelong process of maintaining and monitoring the website and preparing for potential technical crises. 

So remember to ask your chosen mobile app development company about the post-delivery service. Ideally, it should include a smooth onboarding option for the team members once an application is developed, sharing necessary resources to help run the application, and looking after major post-delivery crises on negotiated terms.

5. Do Not Prioritise the Cost Over Other Factors

Startups often do not have the financial means to go for high-end mobile app development companies, but that doesn’t mean you should settle with a mobile developer at the cheapest rate. Mobile application development is not the place to save money. You might save a couple of thousand dollars with a cheaper service, but you might have to spend way more than that on fixing their trashy work.

Instead, take an average market estimation of how much it may cost to build a mobile application for your brand. Take a few estimates from interested app development companies and decide accordingly.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

Healthcare mobile applications require a few extra features than regular applications. So it’s also essential to make them as responsive as possible and minimize the risk of the app crashing. After all, when it comes to healthcare mobile applications, a second saved could very well equate to a life saved.

If you are specifically looking for healthcare mobile app development companies, here are our top picks for you:

1. Agnitio Technologies 

Agnitio Technologies is a globally recognized and award-winning mobile app development service with a clientele expanding all over the world.

They offer mobile application development services for many industries, including healthcare, with more than ten years of experience. From taking care of the backend needs to developing the perfect user interface for maximum conversions and usability, they take care of everything. 

2. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is another popular mobile application development company with more than 650 developers under one roof. Having completed more than 1000 projects for companies worldwide, they pride themselves on being one of the most widely renowned and award-winning mobile app development companies catering to the healthcare industry.

Their team consists of 120+ healthcare domain experts with a record of completing 85% of the projects well before the deadline. 

3. Space-O Technologies

Having developed more than 4400 applications for both Android and IOS, it is safe to say that Space-O Technologies is a seasoned player in the mobile app development industry. They offer a full range of mobile application development services, which means they cover both the front-end and back-end needs for both types of mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

One of the best things about Space-O Technologies is that its services are designed for both small and large-size healthcare brands. 

Conclusion: What Is The Best App Development Company For 2024?

Having talked about ten adept mobile app development companies, we rank Ramotion #1 on the list of the best mobile app development companies of this year.



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