Screenshot 2014-01-20 15.49.04There are several aspects to personal social media that has the potential to push businesses into the future, regardless of company size. An immense amount of networking is already performed through personal social media, however in the business realm it would create a company asset that business partners, employees and clients could take advantage of. Imagine a world where full contact details were available for each person in your company, add to that a social media newsroom where every aspect of the inner workings of your company were readily available for employees to review and initiate into their day to day business strategies.

How Social Media Newsrooms Will Improve Company Logistics

By having a Social Media Newsroom available on a company website, common issues that arise when running a business can be eliminated. Company owners and management would be able to publish important news such as changes in business practices, upcoming events or current sales challenges; this would ensure that all employees have the latest information in real time. Company based social media newsroom will also allow employees to access information about other employees, eliminating gaps in project deadlines due to employees taking sick days; ensuring that business can proceed uninterrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Luftansa is a great example of using having a newsroom integrated as part of their website that includes, press releases, current features and Social Media channels.

How Digital Newsroom Improve Client Interaction

Having a company digital newsroom will allow clients to see your social media press release quicker than they usually would, adding to an increase in interest of new products and services. When clients see your upcoming news straight from your websites digital newsroom they will begin contemplating their need of your company’s latest offering and how they can benefit from it. This can lead to direct sales ahead of schedule. Companies like My News Desk, Press Page, and Press Feed offer digital newsrooms, while Pressitt allows you to quickly create, publish and share your news online primarily through releases, they do provide free and fee versions for newsrooms.


How Social Media Newsrooms Can Help Your Digital Marketing

When you have your entire workforce checking in daily on your social media newsroom, you’ll give your company marketing teams an advantage in conducting digital marketing projects from remote locations. Additionally, you’ll have traffic pulled to your site as your social media newsroom begins to show up in search engines, similar to Facebook and Linkedin. This will allow future prospects and customers, who otherwise wouldn’t have seen your company, view your website. By being directed toward your websites social media newsroom, the other pages on your site will most likely be viewed. This can potentially turn visitors into new leads and possibly into new clients, greatly increasing the success rate of your company. Cisco’s approach to this reads more as a listed release dates of news rather than a socially integrated approach.

The success of any company is directly correlated with the ability to generate more leads that can be turned into an increase in sales. In order to succeed in this, companies need to operate smoothly; having employees that are up to date with current business news will ensure that each employee has an advantage in knowing the current trends that are taking place on a company wide level. Furthermore, having the ability to notify clients of upcoming news and events through digital press releases that are displayed on your companies digital newsroom will increase client interest, thereby improving the success rate of the sales department. (For more examples of newsrooms, check out My News Desk’s Pinterest board.)

While companies like Nissan, Kellogg, and Intel take advantage of this, there is no reason that small business owners and entrepreneurs can’t do the same. Scaled down, there sites that may provide a similar effect of personal branding for solo-preneurs, and independent professionals who want to a establish themselves online in a more robust way. Rebel Mouse is probably the most notable. It can integrate your Social Media feeds, website among other options to give an overview of where you are and what you post online. Another recommended site is Newsle, which acts as more of an online “clipping” service collecting mentions of your name when published online, and one that can be self-curated.


Some Starting Points for Your Newsroom

If you are thinking about creating an online social media newsroom for yourself, (and I highly recommend that you do), here are some good tips and starting points and best practices. To give you an idea of what may be included in a Social Media Newsroom, check out the template created by Shift Communications. Although when this was initially introduced in 2006, a lot of this is still relevant today.

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