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The goal of “America’s Got Talent” is to find the best talent in America through auditions and ultimately live rounds where America votes, right? Right. And the idea is that whoever wins gets the $1 Million prize and gets to perform in Vegas. So who would you pay to go see? I would definitely pay to go see magicians David and Leeman.

I hope you haven’t missed them, because they always leave me scratching my head and thinking, “How in the world did they do that?” An act that leaves you intrigued and wanting more is exactly what you should pay to go to see. In case you missed it, here was their first performance that left Howie speechless, literally.

David Blatter and Leeman Parker are the real deal. They are comical, they have charisma, and most of all they do what true magicians do, they amaze (read: confuse) us. I love that their “shenanigans” (as the coaches called them) are fresh and new. They aren’t the same old card tricks or illusions that we typically see from magicians. They are bold and extremely entertaining.

Ok, ok so you are wondering what they did tonight that was so impressive? It was the first twitter/selfie/magic trick combination that I have ever seen. They BEGAN their segment with a selfie of themselves and the judges. At the end of the segment, the proved that they could accurately predict what phrase the judges would pick out of 4 books worth of words and phrases by showing us the selfie they took and tweeted at the beginning. The picture of David, Leeman and the 4 coaches not only had the phrase the coaches picked (“Camera Ready”) as the caption of their tweet, but their name tags also read “Camera” and “Ready” in the picture.

I truly have no idea how they did it. Color me a simpleton, but thanks to DVR I was able to rewatch this several times and STILL have no idea. Where and when can I go to see them perform? I want more David and Leeman!

The judges (and Twitter fans) were a little bit critical of tonight’s performance by David and Leeman, but I think stacked up against their competition this week, and judging by the love seen on Twitter during and after the show, that America will vote them through to the semi-finals.

So what do you think? Are you a fan or a critic of David and Leeman? Do you think that they will make it through to the semi-finals? Make sure to comment below!

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