Search engine optimization is basically the most important factor to rank your website on any search engines. Why search engines you may ask? It is because that most consumers will be using search engines to find the product they are looking for and if you are ranking for that particular keyword then you will be seeing profits all day long. How can you do optimization of an e-commerce website? Here are a few easy things you should know when doing SEO.

Find a Profitable Keyword

Finding a profitable keyword can be easily done using some free tools available in the internet such as Google Keyword Tools. There is also paid software which can help you find keywords. You should be looking for a keyword that has a high traffic but lesser competition in order to rank very well.

Choosing a Domain Name

Once you have found a keyword, you then need to register a domain which contains the keyword. In your case of having an ecommerce website, it would be best to find a domain which has a product name on it like for example “nikeshoes dot com”.  There are some instances that the keyword or product name is not available for registration. You can use a description and a product name for example “color+ product name” like “rednikeshoes dot com”. This can add certain diversity on your keyword. You will then need to register the domain and install start creating an ecommerce site.

Use Product Names for Post Titles

You now need to post creative contents which can entice consumers to buy on your site. Remember to use the product name as your title to have it search engine optimized.

Add Keyword Tags

Keyword tags will help the search engine find your site which can bring even more consumers to your site. Keyword tags are a combination of your main keyword and some variation like for example “product name + release date”, “ product name+ color”, product name+ manufacturer” and other similar keywords that can describe your main keyword.


Adding images on your post with proper ALT tags can also help search engines find your website. Some people will be searching for images of the product they are looking and if you have some images that have proper keywords then it can be ranked on search engines which will then send traffic to your site.

High Quality Articles

Posting an article is a good technique for your ecommerce site but posting a well written and high quality article is another thing. People want to read an article that has high quality and interesting. They don’t want just a plain article describing the product they are looking for, they want to actually feel what the product can do for them and it is up to your articles to make them experience that. Sure it is quite tedious to write articles and quite expensive if you will be hiring a writer but it will all pay off once you start the money rolling in from your sales