Companies everywhere are evolving and changing so they can better meet customer needs. You may not even realize just how different selling has become, but you probably use the quicker ways to pay. Speed has become the new currency in almost every business aspect, including sales.

Customers want things done faster, want it shipped immediately, and want it in their hands within a few days. Therefore, it’s up to your sales team to know what to do, which means quicker delivery and service. A large majority of customers prefer to handle business digitally. Sales teams must keep up with the pace and demands of their clients. To be more efficient, successful sales teams must focus all of their resources on selling, closing deals faster, and improved productivity. You can’t sell efficiently if you are disorganized.

Agility selling in sales translates to efficient management of customer data and management skills. In our digital age, sales teams must learn to develop the necessary skills and fundamental selling techniques to effectively utilize digital technology.


What is Agility Selling?

Agility in selling refers to an organization’s ability to optimize the workflow of their sales force. An agile salesforce is comprised of sales reps who can wear many hats and conduct operations and negotiations with clients on all levels of the sales cycle. Agile sales reps are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of their product and service which allows them to consult specific questions or concerns from customers in a timely manner. Due to advancements in analytic digital technology, sales reps can sell with more precision and efficiency.

Selling in the Information Age

Customers and sales professionals alike are now more informed more than ever. Digital technology and cutting-edge software means that we are all capable of making highly informed decisions and intelligible choices. This also means that sales professionals can interpret valuable customer data with in-depth analytics to measure customer feedback, adjust marketing strategies, and improve customer satisfaction on a dime.


Attributes of An Agile Seller

If you can’t communicate effectively with your customers to understand their needs and pain points than you can’t respond efficiently. Agile sellers are active listeners. They are able to digest messages from customers to find out the true meaning of their messages. Agile sellers choose their language carefully and are flexible with verbal interactions, a crucial attribute when negotiating with customers. Agile sellers are self-aware, humble, and curious. They inspect everything to ensure operations are running like clockwork.

Sales Agility Is Not An Option

In our competitive business landscape, sales teams can not afford to fall behind on new methods of selling. If speed is the new currency in sales than sales professionals must learn to adapt to the new environment by constantly honing their sales skills and integrating them into the latest technological advancements of the digital age. Sales agility requires flexibility from sales professionals in all matters of selling. Sales professionals who lack fundamental sales skills, knowledge, a curious mindset, critical thinking skills, and technological competence are limited by their inability to engage customers in meaningful ways. They will fall behind in the race to selling success.