Many sales managers turn to sales training programs for help shaping up their teams. Immediate goals include sales technique and skills improvement; while some seek intervention in their sales processes. Ultimately, the end goal is to improve their bottom line.

Are they always successful? No.

While CSO Insights says that top rated sales training programs help salespeople improve their win rates by 10%, this doesn’t always translate to a sustained increase in sales and profits. The ES Research Group (ESR), an independent evaluator of sales training programs based in West Tisbury, MA, claims that up to 90% of these programs have no lasting effect on sales teams after 120 days.

ESR founder and CEO Dave Stein says: “….It’s not clear whether the investment in sales training is paying off in improved sales for the training provider’s clients. Money is often wasted because companies select sales training providers that are not the right match for them.”

The key to sales training programs that truly impacts your sales team’s long-term productivity and effectiveness is to find one that truly fits your needs and industry.

Evaluation Criteria For the Best Sales And Marketing Training Program For Your Team

There are several important criteria that you need to consider when choosing a sales team training program.

Foremost are: location, budget and focus.

The first thing to consider here, of course, is focus. Which aspect of sales does your team need help with? You can get the most return from a sales and marketing training program provider who specializes in your specific requirements, as well as your industry.

Then, think about your location and budget. Location used to be a non-negotiable. Trainers needed to come to your workplace for training; or, you took a business trip to theirs. Today however, you have online training as a feasible option that suits smaller budgets.

Your team’s schedule should also be considered. The training focus would have bearing here. The more complex your training needs are, the more time you have to allot for it.

Here’s a short list of reliable sales and marketing training programs you might want to consider.

Public Sales Training Programs

Public sales training workshops are open to all individuals who want to move up in sales. You could be a sales manager or sales agent. Or, you might have individual members of your team who need specific help in marketing and sales. Public sales training offers the best opportunities for an individualized investment into your sales career.

Franklin Covey
Franklin Covey is a global training company that was launched after its The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was released. They offer a variety of sales training opportunities, online and on-site, focusing on several aspects of sales. However, they are best at training teams on critical thinking, leadership, time management and self improvement. Their public sales training programs range from 1-day to 5-day events that will set you back by $500 to $3,000 for a seat.

MHI Global
You can’t lose with MHI Global’s tried and tested standard-format seminars that cover the gamut of sales training topics. Training seminars last between 2 to 3 days, and are held regularly in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. They are best at enterprise sales training, as well as topics like SPIN selling, large account management and strategic training. A seat can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000.

On-Site Sales Training Programs

When you prefer a visit from your trainer, choose any of these leading on-site sales training programs.

Your SalesMBA™ Workshops
This is the go-to sales workshop in Boston, MA and Menlo Park, CA, run by Jeff Hoffman. A typical workshop is a half-day event packed with masters-scale information. Topics range from getting a prospect’s attention to the entire sales cycle. Fees run from $395 to $595 per attendee.

Driving To Close
Driving To Close is a John Barrows-led on-site sales training program, especially created for B2B sales teams. Typical seminars take a whole day and focus on topics, such as analyzing opportunities, running effective meetings with prospects, and addressing objections. Training comes with a customized manual and sample call scripts and email templates.

Selling Your Stories
Selling Your Stories by the Hoffeld Group is a two-day affair that teaches your team to sell the right story in order to make the sale. This is a hands-on workshop where you get to create and practice your story in front of an audience. It is best for agents, managers and trainers.

Sandler Selling System
The Sandler Selling System takes on your sales process through their ongoing training program, conducted in their training center. The target is B2B sales teams. The program covers practically everything in your sales process. The approach is repetitive and methodical so this is a training investment that will not be forgotten after 120 days.

Sales Presentation Training
The Sales Readiness Group specializes in value presentation. Their Sales Presentation Training trains your team on strategies and approaches to doing relevant and interesting presentations. It spans a day and a half to two days, and is best suited for B2B companies.

Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills
The Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills program is conducted on-site for a day or two, and is then continued online through their Accelerate platform. Their focus is on technical skills, value proposition and client assessment. There is no set price, to date.

Online Sales Training Programs

Online sales training programs are slightly cheaper than their on-site counterparts, and offer comparable value. Your choice between online and on-site really depends on your preference and requirements, as well as the schedule of your sales team. Some online courses can be accessed through phones, making them your practical options if you have remote sales teams.

21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance
This marketing and sales training program by Brian Tracy is a 3-month online course on the 7 key aspects of sales: prospecting, trust and credibility development, assessing buyer’s problems, overcoming resistance, value proposition, closing, and referrals and repeat business. At $997, it comes with videos, exercises, workbooks and bonus training modules.

Smart Calling College
Smart Calling College by Art Sobczak is a month-long course that includes 2 hours of video modules a week. It is designed for companies that rely on the phone as their main method of reaching out to prospects. The weekly videos come with a workbook, online coaching sessions and online forum. The price starts at $795 for a company’s first attendee. Additional attendees from the same company pay only $695.

Sales Training and Strategy
Marc Wayshak’s Sales Training and Strategy program focuses on prospecting, and sales strategy and process. It is designed for entrepreneurs and top-level salespeople. The time frame and cost of the program vary according to client.

Inbound Sales
HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Sales program is best for those looking for inside sales training programs. It spans three hours, and focuses on your sales methodologies, from prospecting to drafting presentations. It is for sales people of all levels. The greatest thing about this sales training program is that it’s free. Once you’re done with the course, you can take an exam and get a badge you can display on your website and LinkedIn profile.

Sales Strategy: Mastering the Selling Process
Conducted by Sales Engine, this 5-week sales training program focuses on Sales 101. It is best for new sales agents and entrepreneurs as it teaches the fundamentals of selling. It is free and you have the option to pay $95 for a certificate.

B2B Inside Sales Training
This online sales training program by Salesbuzz spans 8 weeks, and covers sales skills and processes. It is ideal for inside sales agents, sales development reps, and business development reps. At $2,500 per group, you can include up to 5 agents in the training program. Each session ends with a graded exam to help agents assess their progress.

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