Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2020

Search Engine Optimization continues to be popular in the world of Search Engine Marketing, thanks to what it has done for companies in the past years. However, the year 2020 has led to new trends in SEM, including paid search, PPC, paid social, and others.

Digital marketing will see some changes this year as the 3V’s– Video, Visuals, and Voice – see further incorporation in Search Engine Marketing.

Automation in Pay-Per-Click advertisements will become more popular as more businesses realize the importance of automation in becoming competitive in the industry. Automating a PPC campaign will streamline and optimize PPC campaigns as companies no longer need to handle the labor-intensive parts of the campaign.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data will further optimize Search Engine Marketing campaigns and make them more cost-effective. These three will work well with PPC automation since they can help predict a business’s target users, help generate more personalized marketing campaigns, and help with making PPC more effective, especially when optimizing keywords, predicting CTRs, and others.

Many people now use smart speakers in their homes, and voice searches will be done more frequently this year. Businesses will optimize their PPC campaigns for voice searches as digital marketers start adopting a voice search strategy.

Watching videos is also common among online users, and both businesses and consumers will see a rise in video usage. People tend to trust brands that they get to know through video advertisements, which is why digital marketers now use videos extensively in their SEM campaigns.

PPC advertising will also see the use of virtual reality, smart bidding, and alternative search engine marketing platforms. Consumers will continue to use new technologies as they become available, resulting in the growth of the online market and the appearance of new opportunities for digital marketers to make use of.

As digital marketers adapt to the online market’s growth, they will need to revolutionize their methods of creating their online advertisements to ensure that they get better results.