Out with old and in with the new. It’s a saying we hear a lot, but does it apply to your new year’s marketing plan?

If your existing marketing mix consists of traditional strategies that fail to achieve optimal results, it’s time to make the most of the new year and add more digital marketing to your overall marketing plan.

This doesn’t mean you should completely replace what you have now, but do look at how to integrate digital strategies such as new marketing software or other tools into your current plan.

With this in mind, let’s see what digital strategies are in line for prime results going into 2012:

  • Get more social – Many marketers already understand the benefits of integrating social into their marketing mix. In the new year, kick your social marketing efforts up a notch. Find new channels to interact with your customers and potential customers. For those who haven’t gone down the path, it’s a good time to add it in. Don’t just look at creating a profile on a social network and spam out messaging about your product – engage and listen to what prospects want, then work on using your marketing software to generate qualified leads.
  • Think content– Today’s buyer is much more savvy, and thanks to the abundance of information available online, they’re much more informed as well. This means you need to develop and nurture relationships with prospects through relevant and educational content that keeps your audience’s attention and motivates them to come back for more. This includes content, such as:
    • White papers
    • Blog posts
    • Videos
    • Webinars
    • Special reports
    • Email campaigns
    • And more…When they’re ready to finally make their purchase, feed them content that brings them to your doorstep.
  • Test often – As you’re updating your marketing plan for the New Year, don’t forget to pencil in space for testing and possible change. Although we don’t look for negative results, we need to prepare for it. Test your marketing campaigns often with A/B and multivariate testing and leverage your marketing software to identify areas of opportunity. If you encounter elements of campaigns that don’t convert, change them until you find the right mix that drives more conversions.
  • Stick with tactics that performed – With a new year just around the corner, be sure to keep successful marketing elements in your overall strategy. What worked in 2011 could help you in 2012 – in other words: don’t turn your back on tactics that produced in 2011.
  • Landing page solutions – With a new year and a new budget, it’s a good time to bring in some new tools, including new or improved landing page software. This doesn’t mean bring in the shiniest toy, but instead, research to identify proven landing page solutions that can increase productivity and leads, while decreasing costs and inefficiency.

Going into 2012, you have the opportunity for a new beginning. That means updating your marketing plan with effective ways to boost lead generation, while removing outdated and ineffective techniques. Spoiler alert: the digital age is here and it’s time to add some new elements of it to your marketing mix.

What digital marketing strategies are you looking to bring in with the New Year? Leave a comment below and share!