Recently, I was asked to take part in an expert interview offering strategies to help pro bloggers.

The question asked how I would boost a new blogging business.

After all, if the interviewer’s readers would find the answers helpful, you might as well.

These tips explain how to boost your blog traffic and income.

This article offers three actionable plans you can follow today to boost your professional blogging business. The strategies involve content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

Whether your blogging business is new or you are a veteran blogger looking to get a boost, these tips will help you.

This guide explains how to skyrocket your blogging business. By the time you are done reading, you will know how to boost both your traffic and online income.

It gets better: These strategies are mostly-free or with minimal cost.

Are you ready to get started learning how to level up your problogging business?

Plan A: Follow a 4-Step Content Marketing Funnel

This method is also called “inbound marketing.”

Step 1: Create stellar in-depth content. Shoot for at least 2,000 words. Guide, tutorials, and case studies are all great ideas. Make sure you create content that solves problems for people in your niche. Cover all aspects of the topic. Be thorough. Don’t leave the reader wanting more or they will go to another website to get the information you left out. This will tell Google your quality is substandard and your SEO will suffer.

Step 2: Promote your content everywhere. Remember to promote at places you wouldn’t normally think of like content curation sites and lesser-known social media sites.

For instance, the social media site MeWe is gaining in popularity in the last few months. The site currently boasts a user base of 16 million. That’s quite an audience.

Have you heard of Clubhouse? Clubhouse is currently an invitation-only iOS app. Clubhouse is also gaining members by leaps and bounds daily.

Clubhouse has a unique appeal: you can actually speak about your products and services. After branding yourself as an expert in your niche on the site, people might be interested in hearing what you have to offer. When people hear in your voice your passion for your niche, they may check out your goods and services.

Twitter just started Twitter Spaces. Like Clubhouse, Spaces allows you to speak about topics in your niche. Social media sites push their new features. Getting in early and being one of the first to use Twitter Spaces works in your favor. Twitter’s algorithms push your content out when you jump on new features as all social media sites do.

The beauty of social media sites is they have built-in audiences. Facebook and Instagram alone have three billion users.

Promote to both the mainstream and lesser-known social media sites. When you are new, you don’t yet know where your traction will generate. Follow the shotgun rule: Promote everywhere to see what resonates with whom.

To find your best referrers of social traffic check Google Analytics reports. Audience/Acquisition/Social/Overview tells you what social media sites bring you the best results. Scroll down to see your social media traffic referrers.

Step 3: Offer optins related to your niche. Create optins so incredible, people will want to give you their emails to get them. Optins are freebies. They are also called incentives.

Offer people in your niche freebies so tantalizing they will want to trade their email to get your optin and join your list. For instance, you can offer list members an exclusive membership. People love “exclusive” things. You can offer cheat sheets, case studies, and ebooks for example. Be creative.

Have your optin in place before creating your stellar content. This way, when your new traffic starts coming in, you can offer your optin to your new visitors.

This is the only part of this plan where a budget may be necessary. You need to pay your email list vendor. Here are reviews of email list providers so you can make an informed choice.

You might also need to pay for a tool that allows you to capture emails although some email capture tools are free.

Step 4: Market your goods and services. Try to sell all your new blog subscribers your product or service. People say this should immediately follow them signing up since they have just finished saying yes to you.

You can have a redirect in place that automatically gives people your freebie as soon as they sign up to get on your list and welcomes them. Remember, people have just been through a pandemic and money may not be flowing. Market subtly. Don’t come on too strong.

Advantages of Inbound Content Marketing:

Since you are marketing on your own website, you don’t need a budget.

Also, you are in complete control. For instance, when you market as a guest author on someone else’s website or on a content curation site that allows contributions, you are at the mercy of the website administrator. For instance, they may not allow links to your marketing materials or they may limit the number of links.

Plan B: Social Media Marketing

Step 1: Increase your number of Twitter followers. Find an influencer in your niche and follow their followers.

It’s the culture of Twitter to follow back. The more Twitter followers you get, the more people Twitter lets you follow.

Step 2: Market your products and services. Once you boost your Twitter followers, promote your product or service on Twitter. Make sure you have an image to accompany your promotional material. Tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted which extends your reach (Source).

Step 3: Follow the same steps on Instagram. Follow Plan B on Instagram.

Find an influencer in your niche, and follow their followers.

You can follow 30 an hour on Instagram without red-flagging Instagram.

Post Instagram posts advertising your product or service.

Advantages of social media marketing:

Twitter and Instagram are free to use so you don’t need a budget.

With this second method, you don’t need blog traffic to monetize.

Action Plan C: Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a great number of social media followers.

Go to where the influencers are.

Why would they share your social media content?

Reciprocation, that’s why!

There are two social media sites where influencers hang out just waiting to reshare your posts: Triberr and Viral Content Bee.

Triberr is based on the theme of Indians in a tribe. The tribes are content-based. The chief of the tribe invites you to join. You can also use the Triberr directory, to find tribes in your content niche and ask the chief if you can join.

Viral Content Bee is based on a credit system. The more you share other people’s content, the more credits you get. Use these credits to post work for members to share.

Wrapping Up: How to Boost Your Traffic and Income

All 3 plans will help you boost your income. Plan A will help you increase your blog traffic as well.

This article shared three action plans that enable you to boost your success as a marketer.

Readers, please share so other marketers learn these effective strategies.