Are you a B2C company that wants to boost your holiday sales?

One clever and effective way to do this is by including B2B customers into your target audience.

This is something that many small businesses catering to direct consumers already do. They diversify their customer base by selling at lower prices but for higher quantities to B2B customers and it’s a powerful way to scale a small B2C business.

For example, home-based crafts businesses can consider working with a chain of hotels to provide customised ware like soaps, arts and furnishing that’s exclusive to the chain. Or retail clothing stores can target corporate offices for team wear.

When you target B2B clients, you can sell in bulk and give your holiday revenue a boost.

So, you need to work on your marketing to reach more B2B clients. Let’s walk through some B2B promotion ideas that you can use.

Create B2B-specific landing pages

If you’re a B2C company, then the chances are high that your website and blog content has content for direct consumers.

So, one mistake you might make is to target B2B customers while still having website landing pages that don’t matter to them.

Create customised landing pages so that when people click on your link in ads and emails, it takes them to content makes sense for B2B brands. We’ll look at specific marketing messages you can use further down.

Aside from landing pages, you also need to create blog posts, articles, and guest posts that are SEO-optimized to appear for topics that decision-makers potentially research.

Such content also helps you when decision-makers in large companies do research about what you have to offer.

Create marketing messages around saving money

The major holidays that drive sales often happen in the last quarter of the year. It’s also a time when many businesses look over their expenses and even set up goals for the new quarter.

Your marketing messages can focus on helping clients reduce their expenses by offering them products and services at a holiday discount.

Decision-makers who have to lower expenses and get good deals for the following year will find your offering appealing. You can create deals during the holiday season that will apply towards the following quarter. And in this way, you stand to get into a solid relationship with a new B2B partner.

Offer a charity-based tie up

If you’re targeting big companies that clearly focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), then another way to catch their attention is to create an offering that supports charitable causes.

This approach makes a great deal of sense for non-profit organizations. However, if you’re a for-profit company too, you can develop a tie-up where big businesses that enter deals with you also end up contributing to some meaningful effort.

For example, Marks and Spencer worked with Oxfam to reuse old clothing and learn about human rights issues in its supply chain.

You can create value for businesses by addressing an aspect of CSR while aligning it with your business. And doing this before and during the holiday season will help you stand out while also doing something meaningful.

Express your appreciation

Sending a warm and personalised appreciation email to your existing B2B partners is an important way to strengthen your relationship with them. If you have former B2B connections, then consider making an email campaign for the holidays where you just send them a holiday greeting.

Doing this opens the door to further communication and serves as a reminder of your business’s offerings.

You can also use a holiday email campaign to offer a special gift or a discount. All together, it’s a winning way to build goodwill and drive sales too.

Create customized offerings

One of the major differences between B2C and B2B companies is that many B2C companies can offer virtually the same product and service to millions of customers without changing their offering.

However, B2B companies often have unique requirements that can’t be met with a generic product. Do your research about a potential B2B lead and offer them products and services that are highly tailored to their needs.

Personalisation and customisation are always powerful inducements that compel people to buy. And with offerings that are customized to the needs or large B2B brands, you’ll win more deals that increase your final sales during the holiday season.

Back to you

This holiday season, instead of trying to create more sales with your B2C audience, try winning B2B clients instead.

You can sell more products, and as a result, get the benefit of economies of scale. By reaching out to wholesalers and larger businesses, you can grow your business along a different angle.

Apply the ideas given in this post and reach out to B2B companies during the holidays. You’ll see greater sales and grow your business fast.