conversion call trackingOne of Ifbyphone’s sole purposes in life is to help businesses make better decisions when it comes to their marketing and advertising, so whenever we come across data that might help, we try to share it right away. And lo and behold, we have something to share!

We recently did an analysis of our PPC landing pages, setting up an A/B test to examine conversion rates from form downloads compared to calls made via call tracking phone numbers placed in the ad. What we found was very interesting.

PPC Landing Page Views 284 Form Conversions 9 (3.17%) Form and Phone Conversions 24 (8.45%)

Based on the above data, if we were to consider only the form conversions a landing page produced, we would be under the impression that the landing page isn’t performing well at all. 3.17%? That’s not ideal. In order to boost a perceived lack of conversions, we would have spent time, money, and resources to fix what we think is ineffective layout, unsuccessful copy, etc.

But what about when we take both form conversions and phone conversions into consideration? 8.45% conversion rate. Now that’s more like it!

This data tells us two very important things.

The first might seem obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: good marketing means getting the complete picture when it comes to your organization’s activities. As seen above, if we’d only been measuring the form conversions for our PPC landing pages, we would have a skewed idea of our marketing initiatives. It is imperative for businesses to have insights into all parts of the marketing machine if they truly want to have control of their strategy and budget.

The second is something we at Ifbyphone have known for quite some time: phone leads are valuable. Not only were 15 of the conversions of the PPC landing page were phone calls—meaning the phone call outperformed the form download in this study—but we know from previous analysis that phone calls are 3x more likely to turn into accounts. We said above that every business should take the full marketing picture into account, but here we’ll emphasize and say this: every business should take the full marketing picture into account—especially phone leads.

Are you getting a complete picture of your marketing activities? Which of your leads are most valuable? If you don’t know, you can find out in this free white paper, Tracking Phone Leads: The Missing Piece of Marketing Automation.