Does the slow flow of high-quality leads upset you? Well, you’re not alone.

According to a survey, 59% of marketers quote generating quality leads as a key pain point, and a major challenge in marketing. Yet, we know of marketers who aced it and have managed to scale their businesses to new heights.

How, you might ask?

They leverage lead generation tools to identify, capture, and manage the lead generation process. After all, if you want to work smarter and generate better results for your business, then you need to leverage the tools that can help you achieve those objectives.

In this blog post, discover 7 must-have lead generation tool to help you grow your business in 2020.

1. CliClap

cliclap screenshot

Remember how in the Wizard of Oz, everything was in black and white until Dorothy landed in the magical world of Oz? It was like that with lead generation until Artificial Intelligence changed the game. With the emergence of this new technology, lead generation tools have also evolved (or at the very least, those who started employing AI technology): more automation possibilities, better personalization, and so much more.

CliClap is one of the tools that is successfully employing AI to help deliver better, more personalized experiences that get people to convert.

So, what exactly is it and what does it do?

CliClap is the (missing) brain of B2B websites. Their technology uses Machine Learning (ML) that predicts and applies the next best action for each visitor, building personalized content journeys, optimized for lead conversions.

Their algorithm analyses visitor’s data, behaviour and content consumption to determine where the visitor is in the funnel, which content they should read next and when is the right timing to convert them.

Once the lead converts, it seamlessly flows into your marketing automation tools and CRM, using through CliClap’s integration.

For example, when visitors land on your new blog, it will then provide each of them with the precise piece of content needed to move them forward in your sales funnel. Based on the engagement of each visitor, CliClap’s algorithm predicts the visitor’s likelihood to convert and will automatically engage with the visitor with CliClap’s goal widget.

2. LeadFormly

leadformly screenshot

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to place lead forms on landing pages. It’s a well-known method of lead generation and works like a charm.

To optimize your landing page, you’ll need a couple of features, including a lead magnet of a kind (coupon, e-book, webinar) and of course a form to capture your lead’s information. That’s where LeadFormly comes.

Developed by Venture Harbour, LeadFormly is a tool that makes it easy to build high-converting lead generation forms. Its simplicity of use is remarkable. No coding required; just choose your desired template, customize it with your specific info, then integrate it with your landing page.

Another great thing about LeadFormly is that it can help you group your audience efficiently by sorting your leads into what they call “buckets.” This feature makes it easy for you to qualify your leads while prioritizing the most promising ones. Plus, it also comes with built-in analytics to help you understand how your forms are performing.

3. Intercom

intercom screenshot

What do you do if potential leads ignore your call-to-action (CTA), lead magnets, and email newsletters?

You use something like Intercom to help.

Intercom is a live chat tool that allows you to interact with your website visitors in an instant messaging-style environment. Have you ever visited a website only to hear a little beeping sound, then a chat box opens? That’s Intercom.

The good thing about Intercom is that it allows you to set rules to display messages to your website visitors once certain conditions are met. For example, you can configure Intercom to invite any visitor who spends more than 30 seconds on your site to a chat.

An operator on your end then speaks directly to website visitors, either via messaging or video chat directly from the live chat window. This way, Intercom allows you to interact more with your visitors which is key to cultivating a relationship that leads to conversion.


discoverly screenshot is a really useful tool for generating social leads using major social platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s best suited for entrepreneurs, recruiters, and salespeople who want to leverage the power of social media and social selling to reach the right people.

This handy Chrome extension can be very valuable, especially when you want to learn more about specific prospects. It will give you detailed information about them, gathering information from their social activities.

Once you’re on a person’s LinkedIn profile, with the tool activated, a green icon will appear to reveal more information about that connection, including Twitter and Facebook data.

If you’re on Gmail, will show you a snapshot of whoever you’re messaging. For example, let’s say, you want to email contact. Once you add their name to Gmail, a mini-profile window will pop up with valuable information that can help you study the new contact. You can then use this information to determine whether they are potential leads.

5. SnapApp

SnapApp is an interactive content creation solution that allows marketers to create lead qualifying content and drive revenue across the web, mobile, email, and social media.

snapapp screenshot

It features a drag-and-drop content builder and animation tools that allow marketers to create and publish contests, surveys, interactive videos, whitepapers, calculators, interactive infographics, galleries, personality tests, and more.

SnapApp doesn’t just help you create interactive content; it will also help you conduct A/B tests, which are critical for determining the best-performing content.

With SnapApp, users are able to schedule content to be distributed through multiple channels, including email and social media. It also has a dashboard that allows users to view the performance of each piece of content.

What’s more, SnapApp integrates seamlessly with your existing system and other tools to help you optimize your lead generation process.

6. ActiveCampaign

activecampaign screenshot

ActiveCampaign is a powerful lead generation tool that aims to help you grow your business through email marketing.

This robust tool can come in handy when you want to create automated follow-up sequences to your leads and clients. It comes with a distinct set of features that set it apart from the competition—the most noticeable one being its ability to track every interaction a lead has with your website. How cool is that?

This means you can notify your sales team the moment a lead takes certain actions, like when a lead visits certain pages or clicks the CTA. You can then use these triggers to interact with the lead more or build an email marketing campaign that will seek to win back lost leads.

7. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is an appointment scheduling software that allows users to book appointments, schedule phone calls, and attend to live chat requests.

This way, it helps to speed up the lead conversion process by helping any visitor to your website book an appointment or start a call right away after they’ve filled out a form on your website.

chilipiper screenshot

Chili Piper features a simple, yet user-friendly interface that allows leads to book an appointment with the right sales rep with just one click. This helps to eliminate sales follow up activities and ensure leads are not lost or forgotten.

This intelligent tool automates marketing operations and sales development processes in a concise way, such that appointments are automatically routed to the available sales reps. It also sends automatic reminders via emails and SMS to remind all parties of the booked session.


Businesses that use smart tools to generate leads do more than just survive—they thrive. By implementing these lead generation tools, you will not just get an influx of new leads, but quality leads that are willing and ready to convert.

What other lead generation tools do you use to increase conversion rates and grow your business? Share with us in the comments section below.