on demand app development

Mobile applications have made our lives easier. As mobile devices are driving transformation in almost every industry, the same is seen in the context of our day-to-day activities. We can do things like order a cab, order food, buy groceries, without stepping out of our house delivered with the help of mobile-based on-demand services.

Due to the ease and simplicity associated with on-demand delivery services, we are seeing all kinds of mobile applications rising to the occasion. While the growth and adoption of on-demand services were going at their normal pace, the pandemic gave it a big push, more importantly towards on-demand businesses catering to the essential commodities.

To build an on-demand app at this time would be an excellent opportunity, given the fact that the pandemic has radically changed consumer behavior. However, the question remains. What are the best on-demand app solutions or on-demand app ideas you need to work on in 2021?

For sure, not every shower idea is worth investing in. To build a successful business, you need verified and tested ideas with proven concepts and monetization methods. Here are the best on-demand app ideas you can take and hire on-demand app developers.

On-Demand App Solutions Worth Checking Out

  • On-Demand Food Delivery

Every aspiring entrepreneur must have once thought about hiring an on-demand app development company to build a platform for food delivery. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that on-demand food delivery is one of the most tested ideas.

And why should it be? Predicted revenue forecasts for this industry are said to cross $63.6 billion by 2025. That’s a lot of money coming from delivering food.

Source: Statista

As a customer orders food from your food delivery app, the restaurant will prepare and delivery guys will ensure it reaches the correct address. Your benefit is the commission charged on getting the restaurant an extra order.

To achieve success in this business, you need to ensure two things;

  • Customers can order food easily and at the best possible prices.
  • The food is delivered quickly, hot, and with no tampering.

Once you find the right way to do this, you can become the next UberEats or DoorDash or build a better brand than the existing ones.

  • On-Demand Medicine Delivery

With people refraining from stepping outside, we saw a boost in ordering medicines online. And as any true businessman would do, there was an increase in the number of medicine delivery applications.

An application that works as an Uber for medicines will ask the customers to upload their prescription slips. The order will be forwarded to the nearby medical shops, from where delivery agents will pick up the order and deliver it to the given address.

When you build an on-demand app on these lines, the commission will be one of the ways to earn money. Other than this, you can also provide premium customer services and get revenue from advertisements.

The business model for every on-demand business may be similar, but they differ in the execution part, dependent on the audience. So, consider your target market before jumping to on-demand app development.

  • On-Demand Mechanics

On-demand mechanic apps will connect the customers with the right mechanic. You can either include a repository of all types of mechanics/technicians like cars, appliances, HVAC, plumbers, and carpenters or choose anyone.

However, a better approach would be to start with one and add other types of professionals as the business grows. For this type of business, you need to conduct extensive research on your target audience and market.

Depending on the region and location you are targeting, find out the customer’s sentiment towards such a service. An area where dads and moms turn themselves into make-shift mechanics and technicians may not have the same response as you’ll from a region where people are more likely to hire other people for their work.

  • On-Demand Taxi or Cab Services

Starting a taxi or cab service might be one of the best on-demand app ideas, but it’s also the most challenging. Mainly because you have to compete with Uber, Lyft, etc., depending on the market, you are operating in.

Here again, before rushing to find the best on-demand app developers, you must find the right market to launch your app. Starting a business that is already saturated markets won’t do you any good.

Instead, try to find the best possible combination of a market where people need an on-demand service, and there is low competition.

  • On-Demand Cleaning Services

In 2020 the surface disinfectant sales crossed $4.5 billion after seeing a 30% jump from the previous year. This only means that people are more inclined to clean and disinfect their premises than before.

If you are a businessman, you’ll see several opportunities here, and one of them is starting an on-demand cleaning service business. The task is to help people find house cleaners and disinfection specialists at a click of a button.

Your application will help people connect with the right people in the town. Another reason is the busy schedule of millennial parents and adults. As they may not get enough time to clean, hiring people from their phones seems easier and better.

Steps to Build On-Demand App Solutions

To build an on-demand application, you must follow the following steps.

  • Do your Research

Remember that an idea’s viability and proof of concept are the priority before you look into hiring on-demand app developers. Start the process by identifying your target market, studying the audience, and creating a list of features/functions associated with each of these aspects.

  • Design the App

Before development, work on creating the application design. Here too, consider your audience and their preferences. While designing your app, make sure that it’s easy to understand and use while having an intuitive interface.

  • Tech Stack and Development

Choosing the right tech stack depending on your application and its functions is also important. Subject to devices and platforms your application will run on, select the right set of technologies. This is one of the reasons why startup owners hire developers first for creating their applications, especially if they belong to a non-technical background.

  • Build, Promote, and Improve

To build an on-demand app, you need the right team, so choose the right people to work on your product. Also, work on promotion and marketing along with creating a mechanism for listening to your audience. Take the customer’s feedback and responses into account while changing the application accordingly.


In a world where people are busier than ever, they crave instant satisfaction. Want to eat something, order right away. Need someone to repair the car, call a mechanic without moving out of the house.

On-demand app solutions help satisfy the user’s requirements instantly, and that’s why the expected mobile app revenues until 2023 are $935.2 billion.

To sum it up, the on-demand application industry is developing, and we can only expect it to grow further. For a businessman, this is the right time to start investing and growing.