Customer service can play a decisive role in today’s competitive business scenario. Whether you run a small business or a large-scale enterprise, you just cannot skip this factor in a social media-driven, fast-paced environment. Be it a business website or a mobile application, you can always offer 24/7 support to your customers by adding the Live Chat feature.

Live Chat Feature Integration- Importance for Your Business Mobile App Revealed

Let’s focus on a customized mobile app for your business. When mobile app development services integrate Live Chat feature into your business app, you give an opportunity to your customers to interact with your company instantly and provide a platform to ask questions or share their thoughts about your products or services. It certainly plays a crucial role in improving the customer experience. That’s not all. Live Chat feature has other advantages too.

Let’s have a glimpse of the significance and business benefits of the Live Chat feature in your app. But before that here is a revelation of Hubspot survey- more than 89% of buyers want a quick response time of under 10 minutes from their vendors. Another research report mentioned that live chat can increase the consumer satisfaction rate by up to 92%. When it comes to the business mobile app, this feature can certainly enhance the user experience.

Apart from offering instant and convenient conversation facility, the inclusion of the live chat feature in your customized app solution can provide many benefits to your business.

Major Benefits of Live Chat Feature in Your Enterprise App

  • Real-time support within app

The live chat function within your app is different from a customized live chat app solution. The main difference is in the chat app, the chat facility is the key feature, whereas, in the business app, live chat is just one of the user-friendly features. An in-app chat feature enables your customers or app users to seek assistance and get help almost immediately.

In the absence of this feature, many companies redirect users to an external link, company website or a third-party chat app, which can distract the user’s attention and at times, annoy them. The integrated live chat feature can transform this experience into a streamlined communication and your app users or customers remain happy.

Short response time and 24/7 connectivity make in-app chat feature more important for businesses.

  • Seamless user experience

Every user wishes to get a pleasant experience with the apps they have downloaded. They want personalized touch and additional support as and when necessary. If your company receives and responds to their queries quickly, they remain happy and become loyal customers eventually. The live chat feature can enable you to serve these objectives effectively for enhancing the user experience. What’s more, you can get valuable information about the user’s behavior and track their browsing history thanks to this feature. You can send personalized shopping notifications and suggestions based on this information.

  • Enhanced promotional efforts

As mentioned above, the live chat option can assist you to send personalized notifications on the basis of valuable user data. It can boost your lead generation efforts. You can facilitate app users to connect directly with the management and provide them a facility to share their thoughts or issues on a 24/7 basis. The live chat integration also enables entrepreneurs to know the preferences of the target audience and you can provide personalized notifications. In a way, the Live Chat feature can enhance the marketing efforts of your company.

  • Higher conversion rates

This is one of the biggest benefits of integrating live chat feature in the business app. In-app customer experience can be enhanced and you can get a higher conversion rate. When the app users can readily raise their concerns or ask questions and get satisfactory solutions in real-time, chances are high that they will make a decision in favor of your products. You can hire chat mobile app developers to offer better interaction and communication facilities to the app users.

  • Less negative reviews

When your customers or business app users are satisfied with your services, they post positive reviews on social media and other online channels. In a way, you can have less negative reviews and a loyal customer base. On the other hand, if there is no in-app support for the customers, they may post negative reviews, that prevent other people from downloading your app.

The live chat feature can reduce the overall response time dramatically and gains the customer’s trust. Altogether, you can get increased revenue from the business app.

  • More outreach

Dynamic outreach is possible with the live chat feature. This feature is used for proactive outreach. Representatives of your company not only get chat requests from the visitors in real-time but also exchange messages and necessary information with ease. The tracking feature alerts representatives when the app users come to particular pages. In brief, you can increase customer base through more outreach and monitor the user’s activities.

  • Competitive edge

All these benefits of live chat feature integration result in a competitive edge and you can stay ahead of the curve through providing improved customer services. You can also have the advantage of integrating live chat feature in the business app before your competitors do.

Simply put, in today’s competitive business scenario, consumers can play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your business. A survey has revealed that as many as 90% of consumers prefer an immediate response to their customer service-related questions. Real-time interaction, quick response time, and customer happiness are three obvious benefits of integrating the live chat feature in your enterprise app.

Concluding Lines

The live chat feature can open the doors of new-age communication for your customers. It is the most effective and popular channel in the mobile domain. It is, therefore, beneficial to your company to integrate the live chat feature in the business app. You can retain the customers on your app for a long time and stay ahead of the curve.

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