With one of the best SMS marketing software solutions by your side, you can nurture leads and maintain relationships with existing customers on autopilot. Plus, you can segment your audience, boost engagement, and increase your revenue on promotions and deals.

With that said, there are ample tools on the market with different features and price tags — so to help you find the one that ticks all the right boxes for you, we’ve reviewed the market’s best SMS marketing software — from Sender to Twilio and Omnisend, here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the best one for your next SMS campaign.

Our Pick for the Best SMS Marketing Software: Sender

Of the top 10 SMS marketing tools we have included in our list, Sender is easily the best one and, therefore, our favorite.

Here are the standout features of Sender:

  • It works equally well for both email and SMS marketing
  • Getting started takes only a few minutes, and it’s also easy for beginners to wrap their heads around the tool
  • Bulk messaging with personalization is a cakewalk with Sender
  • You get a toll-free number to manage your business SMS and calls for free
  • The plans are pretty reasonable and suit almost every kind of SMS marketing needs

Best SMS Marketing Software: Top 10 List

We’ve ranked the best SMS marketing tools based on criteria like ease of use, functionality, pricing, scalability, automation, and customer feedback. Here’s how each one fared:

  1. Sender: Best SMS Marketing Software Overall | Try it Now With the Free Plan
  2. TextMagic: Best SMS Marketing Software for Bulk Scheduling Messages 
  3. SalesMessage: Popular SMS Marketing Software for Automated Replies
  4. SimpleTexting: Phenomenal SMS Marketing Software for Beginners
  5. SlickTest: Top SMS Marketing Software for Easy SMS Opt-Ins
  6. Klaviyo: Superb SMS Marketing Software for SMS Personalization
  7. EZ Texting: Best SMS Marketing Software for MMS Texting 
  8. EngageBay: Top-Notch SMS Marketing Software for Flexible Workflows 
  9. Twilio: Best SMS Marketing Software for Omnichannel Support
  10. Omnisend: Popular SMS Marketing Software for Customer Info Capture

SMS Marketing Software Comparison: In Detail

Choosing the right SMS marketing software for your company is a rather big decision. So leave no stone unturned and find everything you need to know about our top 10 picks with these detailed reviews:

1. Sender: Best SMS Marketing Software Overall

Sender is essentially an email marketing platform with a fantastic set of tools for flawless SMS marketing. The primary aim of the tool is to help you communicate better with your clients at a much more affordable price.

The software is pretty straightforward to get started with and also offers free SMS credit in premium plans. 


It’s been noticed that SMS has a higher response and click-through rates. Sender helps you take advantage of these numbers to reposition your marketing efforts into a less noisy channel. 

Best Features

Here’s what we love about Sender:

  • Toll-free Number: Don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a toll-free number for your company? No worries. Sender offers a complimentary toll-free number for calls and messages to all their users.
  • Engaging Notifications: Create engaging notifications for your users and send them out at just the right time to grab their attention
  • Precise Segmentation: Segmenting your audience is a breeze with Sender. Target who you want to receive a certain message and let the tool take care of delivering it to them.
  • Personalized Messages: Despite having hundreds of messages to send, Sender can process customer data and personalized messages in bulk before sending them out.


Here are the plans offered by Sender:

  • Free forever
  • Standard: $41.75/month up to 20k subscribers 
  • Premium: $208/month up to 20k subscribers
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Flexible pricing 
  • Personalized messages 
  • Better response rate
  • Allows email marketing automation as well


  • Limited guides and resources for beginners

2. TextMagic: Best SMS Marketing Software for Bulk Scheduling Messages

TextMagic is a dedicated SMS marketing automation software that helps you get your message across without breaking a sweat. The best thing about TextMagic is that it offers adequate diversity in its SMS marketing plan.

For instance, you can choose to send out no-reply messages or allow your customers to reply and strike up a conversation.


Similarly, you can simply send out messages from the software or recirculate important emails to your SMS subscribers. Whatever needs you have as a business, TextMagic has a solution for that. 

Best Features

Here’s what we love about TextMagic:

  • Bulk Messaging: Want to send an important SMS to hundreds of subscribers at once? Try TextMagic’s bulk messaging feature. Type in your text and reach out to all your subscribers in just a click.
  • Email-to-SMS: TextMagic helps you effortlessly convert your emails into SMS. The tool takes care of the formatting and content and automatically delivers it to recipients.
  • Easy Opt-out: Your customers should have an easy way to opt out of your SMS campaign. TextMagic makes it easier by allowing opt-out by simply messaging “STOP.”
  • SMS Scheduler: Manually sending out your messages is a waste of time, especially if you want to be in touch with your customers around the clock. Allow TextMagic to automate and schedule your SMS in advance so that you can cater to customers that are not in your time zone. 


TextMagic practically offers a free account with all the premium features included. They only charge a nominal fee of $0.04 per text.


  • Extremely cheap plans
  • SMS-centric services 
  • Limitless access to all premium features
  • Available almost worldwide 


  • Only available in browsers 

When you have tons of business responsibilities to look after, you might not want to comply with every single process, especially when it comes to customer communication.

If you’re looking for a simple, beginner-friendly tool to establish uninterrupted communication between your brand and your customers, try SalesMessage.


Available with a simple, user-friendly dashboard, SalesMessage is the simplest way to manage messages and calls on behalf of your company.

Trusted by some of the best brands in the world, their 14-day free trial and assisted onboarding will keep your best interest protected from day one.

Best Features

Here’s what we love about SalesMessage:

  • Company Phone Number: If you want to look like a local, SalesMessage can help you get the right local number with the right area code. On the other hand, if you want to look professional, you can always rely on SalesMessage to get you a toll-free number.
  • Shared Inbox: SalesMessage offers a unified inbox for all your team members and messaging channels so that everyone is aware of the ongoing communications between customers and the company.
  • Merge Fields: One of the best features of SalesMessage, merging fields, allows you to personalize text by optimizing it with data extracted from your CRM software.
  • Auto-reply: Don’t want to keep your customers waiting for a reply? Set up automated replies for your business hours to buy yourself more time to get back to them,


The pricing of SalesMessage’s service is based on the number of messages you send. Here’s how it works:

  • 500 messages: $25/month
  • 1000 messages: $49/month
  • 2500 messages; $99/month
  • 5000 messages: $179/month
  • 7500 messages: $249/month
  • 10k+ messages: Custom pricing 


  • Multiple plans for varied needs
  • Works for both calls and messages 
  • Operates locally and internationally 
  • Flawless personalization with CRM integration


  • The system slows down sometimes due to overload 

4. SimpleTexting: Phenomenal SMS Marketing Software for Beginners

Sometimes all you may be looking for in your business is a simple SMS service; no calls, no emails, just plain and effective SMS marketing.

In that case, it doesn’t make sense for you to navigate through the zillion features that other SMS marketing tools offer. For simple and straightforward SMS marketing that gets your desired result, try SimpleTexting.


It’s an all-one-one text messaging application designed for businesses to be in constant touch with their customers without fighting for attention in their overflowing email inboxes.

Best Features

Here’s what we love about SimpleTexting:

  • Schedule Messages: Why stick to your screen all day long and send out messages manually when you can automate them on SimpleTexting?
  • 2-way Communication: Texting with your customers is no longer limited to a one-way channel. Interact with them using a 2-way communication channel and see those customer engagement numbers boom.
  • Contact Import: Already have an existing list of customers you want to be in touch with? Import any list to your SimpleTexting account in just a few seconds.
  • Approved Toll-free Texting: SimpleTexting provides a toll-free number to all its users, which is already approved for mass texting. 


SimpleTexting charges based on the number of messages you send. Here is how it works:

  • 500: $29/month
  • 1000: $49/month
  • 2000: $79/month
  • 3000: $109/month
  • 7500: $229/month
  • 25000: $549/month
  • 50000: $899/month
  • 50k+: Custom pricing


  • Simple dashboard
  • SMS-centric only
  • 2-way communication with customers
  • Toll-free number approved for mass messaging


  • Crowded dashboard

5. SlickTest: Top SMS Marketing Software for Easy SMS Opt-Ins

SlickTest is one of the most powerful and trusted brands in the SMS marketing industry. More than 15,000 brands trust this tool with SMS marketing responsibilities, including global leaders like Samsung, Canon, HelloFresh, etc.


What we really like about SlickTest is that it aims to empower all its users through smart SMS services. All the features available with this tool not only help you communicate better but also pave the way for building long-term relationships that lead to better revenue growth.

Best Features

Here’s what we love about SlickTest:

  • Multiple Opt-ins: Whether your users want to opt-in by sending a small joining code to your number or through the web, SlickTest opens the door from all directions to ensure maximum opt-in response.
  • Autoresponder: Don’t have the time to take care of all the messages right away? No problem. Program SlickTest to send automated messages to concerned users instantly.
  • Landline Texting: Who says SMS marketing has to be restricted to landlines alone? SlickTest allows you to text to landlines and set up a seamless 2-way communication.
  • Short Codes: Short codes are perfect for sending bulk messages and making opting into your SMS service easier for your customers. The best part? SlickTest takes care of shortcodes on your behalf.


Here are the plans offered by SlickTest:

  • The Basic: $29/month
  • The Step Up: $49/month
  • The Lil Bro: $79/month
  • The Big Bro: $139/month
  • The Boss: $189/month
  • The AlbaTross: $350/month
  • The Whale: $750/month
  • The Monstro: $1250/month


  • Multiple opt-in options
  • Landline texting
  • Autoresponder for unattended SMS
  • Helps with SMS short codes 


  • Incompetent customer support

6. Klaviyo: Superb SMS Marketing Software for SMS Personalization

If you are looking for an SMS marketing platform that offers the best personalized and drives sales through targeted communication, try Klaviyo.

It’s an integrated SMS plus email automation software designed to unify all your customer communication in one place and fetch you the best results.


The best part is that you don’t have to integrate your Klaviyo account with a separate CRM tool to personalize the messages.

In fact, Klaviyo directly integrates with your online store or website and connects personal data from your customers for marketing optimization.

Best Features

Here’s what we love about Klaviyo:

  • Instant Messaging: With Klaviyo’s instant messaging feature, you get to communicate with your customers instantly. Whether it’s a flash sale or a new launch notification, keep your customers up-to-date at all times. 
  • Easy to Use: Klaviyo was designed to let customers make the most of the platform without spending hours learning it. That’s why every feature and part of Klaviyo’s interface is designed keeping usability in mind.
  • CRM-independent: Klaviyo does not need a separate CRM tool to manage your customer data and personalize your messages. Simply integrate it with your website and watch it skyrocket your SMS marketing results.
  • Readymade Templates: Unsure about how to create the perfect SMS copy? No problem. Klaviyo has countless ready-made templates to choose from.


Klaviyo has a flexible pricing strategy. Get in touch with the Klaviyo team and share the number of contacts you have to get a custom quote.


  • Custom pricing
  • Instant messaging
  • Engaging, readymade templates
  • Email marketing is covered as well


  • Changing the trigger for every SMS sequence isn’t possible

7. EZ Texting: Best SMS Marketing Software For MMS Texting

EZ Texting is a multi-dimensional business management tool that covers marketing & sales, HR operations as well as customer support. The tool also supports multiple industries, including entertainment, hospitality, travel, rental, education, etc. 


As part of its diverse range of features, SMS marketing with EZ Texting is fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies that can give you a much-needed advantage over your competitors.

With a supportive team and affordable plans, EZ Texting cannot be missed.

Best Features

Here’s what we love about EZ Texting:

  • Text Forwarding: Not available on a given number? Use EZ Texting to automatically forward your texts to a different number whenever needed.
  • MMS Texting: Use EZ Texting to avoid making your SMS plain and boring with texts alone and add pictures and videos and serve your customers better.
  • SafeSTOP Opt-out: Keep your customers happy and be compliant with your business ethics and laws by allowing your customers to opt out whenever they wish to.
  • Reminder Campaigns: A lot of times, messages are used to remind customers about payments and appointments. In that case, EZ Texting can help you automate all these texts and save tons of time.


Here are the plans offered by EZ Texting:

  • Value: Starting at $19/month
  • Essential: Starting at $29/month
  • Premium: Starting at $49/month
  • Custom: Starting at $299/month


  • Text forwarding 
  • MMS texting
  • Automated messaging
  • Easy opt-out for your customers


  • Texts limited to 160 characters

8. EngageBay: Top-Notch SMS Marketing Software for Flexible Workflows

EngageBay is an all-in-one sales and marketing management platform designed to boost your revenue and help you build long-term relationships with your clients to get the most lifetime value out of each of them. 


A part of their diverse marketing features is the SMS marketing feature developed for instant mass messaging and broadcasting. The tool is quite budget-friendly, making it perfect for beginners and startups.

For instance, they offer a free plan for up to 15 users and a free onboarding session worth $119 to all new users. 

Best Features

Here’s what we love about EngageBay:

  • Flexible Workflows: EngageBay offers a flexible workflow where you get to choose how you want your SMS marketing strategies to unfold. Use a simple drag-and-drop builder to create customized workflows. 
  • Action-triggered Messages: Don’t just send out generic automated messages. Instead, let the actions of your customers tell which message needs to be delivered to them.
  • Custom Personalization: While many tools offer their own personalization template for your messages, EngageBay allows you to choose the personalization features that you want in your SMS copy.
  • Schedule Planning: EngageBay not only schedules your messages in advance; it also helps you plan and distribute based on time, date, and segment for best results. 


Here are the plans (all-in-one) offered by EngageBay:

  • Free 
  • Basic: $11.99/user/month
  • Growth: $39.99/user/month
  • Pro: $79.99/user/month


  • Free for 15 users
  • Free onboarding
  • Customized personalization 
  • Flexible workflows


  • No separate plans for messaging alone

9. Twilio: Best SMS Marketing Software for Omnichannel Support

Twilio is a dedicated customer engagement management platform that looks after all your customer interactions, including SMS marketing. This software allows you to scale and integrate with multiple other applications thanks to its flexible API. 


Another thing that makes Twilio stand out from its peers is that its SMS feature is not limited to regular mobile texting alone; you can also enjoy the perks of this feature on Whatsapp and MMS.

Leverage all possible texting platforms for your customers to get the best leads and highest conversion rates. 

Best Features

Here’s what we love about Twilio:

  • Global Network: Twilio’s global network allows you to reach out to customers from anywhere in the world and send high volumes of messages every day. With Twilio, you never have to worry about reaching out to your international customers.
  • Multi-functional: Whether you want to offer customer support through messages or simply use it for marketing purposes, Twilio and its tools can adapt to any type of business need.
  • Zero Learning Curve: Why choose software that makes your team go through a steep learning curve when you can be an expert with Twilio from day one? The entire interface has been designed to minimize hassles for beginners and help them create stunning SMS campaigns. 
  • Compatible With Multiple Channels: As a business, the first thing you need to focus on is scalability and adaptability. Your customers should be able to reach you anywhere they want. That’s why Twilio Conversations helps you add multiple texting channels as your business expands. 


Twilio offers standard pay-as-you-go pricing. Here’s how it works:


  • To send: $0.0079
  • To send (with pictures): $0.0200
  • To receive: $0.0075
  • To receive (with pictures): $0.0100


  • To send: $0.0079
  • To send (with pictures): $0.0200
  • To receive: $0.0075
  • To receive (with pictures): $0.0100

Short Codes

  • To send: $0.0079
  • To send (with pictures): $0.0200
  • To receive: $0.0075
  • To receive (with pictures): $0.0100


  • Categorized pricing
  • Omnichannel support
  • Zero learning curve
  • Vast global network for high-volume messaging


  • Poor customer support

Omnisend is best known for its simplicity which has made users vote it among the most easy-to-use SMS marketing platform on the renowned review site G2.

Trusted by over 70,000 brands like Hallmark, Naked & Famous, Jiggy, etc., Omnisend doesn’t need any introduction.


But for those new to SMS marketing, this tool is by far the most refined SMS marketing platform to create powerful and result-driven SMS campaigns seamlessly, even for beginners. 

Best Features 

Here’s what we love about Omnisend:

  • Easy Set-up: Omnisend is easy to set up. No coding or manual data entry is needed; set up in 5 minutes and be ready to take off.
  • Personalized On Every Channel: Whatever channel you choose to interact with your customers, Omnisend will help you create personalized SMS copies for all of them.
  • Global Reach: Omnisend has a vast network and a global reach, which means that regardless of the distance between your custom and your company, communication will never suffer.
  • SMS Toolkit: Omnisend takes care of all your SMS marketing needs. With engaging content formats like pop-ups, landing pages, and Wheel of Fortune, collecting customer data is now extremely easy.


The pricing of the plans depends on the number of contacts you have. For both email and SMS, the plans start at $59/month. Share your subscriber details with Omnisend’s staff to get an exact quote.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to set-up
  • Operates worldwide 
  • Comes with a comprehensive SMS marketing toolkit


  • Not intuitive enough

What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software or business text messaging software enables businesses to send bulk, personalized text messages to their targeted audience. It’s a powerful tool for planning and implementing marketing strategies plus engaging customers.

An SMS software automates the messaging service based on a predefined set of rules. For instance, the software will send automated birthday greetings messages every year to your customers.

This is a crucial part of improving brand image that goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty. Furthermore, advanced SMS marketing software offers not only bulk messages but also options to:

  • Start an automated conversation
  • Notify text delivery
  • Analyze response rates, and
  • Prepare comprehensive reports

Small or big, SMS marketing software will help you conduct polls, and surveys, notify promotional offers or send coupons. Simply put, you can reach a large audience with a single click. 

Beyond promotions, customer support and the sales team can use SMS marketing software to start a two-way conversation. Also, businesses can integrate this software with other applications through an API. 

Moreover, as per the trends, more and more businesses have started to leverage this technology or at least have plans in place to increase their budget for SMS marketing.

Features of Good SMS Marketing Software: How to Choose SMS Marketing Software

The features of your chosen SMS marketing tool shouldn’t be limited to sending bulk messages. Instead, it must come with advanced features such as:

  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Integrations
  • Contact management
  • Two-way messaging
  • Chatbots
  • Scheduled texts
  • Personalization, and
  • Shortcodes

These are must-have features of SMS marketing software. Let us go through every feature in detail:

Bulk Messaging

The prime feature of any SMS marketing tool is to send bulk messages to a large number of mobile devices. It should easily import multiple contacts in one go.

The good news is that almost every software has features to make bulk messaging more effective. For instance, software such as CLickSend, Textedly, or SlickText supports unique formats required for conducting polls or contests through bulk messaging.

Recommended Tool for This Feature: Sender 

Two-Way Conversation

This must-have feature boosts your overall customer experience. It will enable your customers to respond to your texts, allowing you to gather important insights and data about customer behavior. 

Recommended Tool for This Feature: SimpleTexting


Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS is something you must look to leverage. Thanks to this feature, businesses can now send personalized multimedia, which is multiple times more engaging than plain text messages.  

SimpleTexting, TextMagic, and EZ Texting are some excellent software for MMS marketing.

Recommended Tool for This Feature: TextMagic


Automation is easily one of the most crucial features of any SMS marketing software. This feature decides how much time, money, and effort a business can save on SMS marketing.

It lets businesses personalize, automate, and auto-response text messages based on predefined rules. 

Set the rules, sit back and relax. You will never miss any momentous occasion, thanks to automated messages. Also, a feature associated with automation named autoresponders is desirable for running campaigns and sending delayed messages.

Recommended Tool for This Feature: EZ Texting

Opt-In or Opt-Out Management

Your preferred SMS marketing software must have the option to let interested customers opt-in and out quickly. Generally, this is achieved by clicking on a URL or replying with a target keyword.

For instance, if a customer wants to discontinue your service, they should be able to do so by simply sending a “STOP” text to your company number.

Recommended Tool for This Feature: SlickTest

Contact Building

There is hardly any use of business text marketing software that doesn’t generate leads.

Beyond manual import that consists of your existing customer database, your chosen SMS marketing software should also be able to build contacts through SMS opt-in or online forms. 

Recommended Tool for This Feature: Omnisend

Keywords and Shortcodes

Short and crisp keywords and shortcodes are imperative to increase the number of subscriptions. Keywords are unique, short, and memorable words that can be used to attract more customers through messages.

Similarly, unlike 10-digit mobile numbers, using shortcodes is much more convenient.

For instance, if sending the text “SHOE” to 53377 lets customers subscribe to the newsletter of a shoe shop, the business can be assured of receiving a higher number of leads than they would via traditional long-text methods.

Recommended Tool for This Feature: SlickTest


Segmentation is the categorization of customers based on specific criteria like date of subscription, age, or gender. This functionality allows you to filter your target audience further and send personalized messages to each segment. 

Recommended Tool for This Feature: Sender

What are the Benefits of Using SMS Marketing Software?

As per an independent survey, only 25 to 30 percent of marketing emails get opened, whereas SMS has a whopping 90+ percent open rate. Here’s how SMS marketing software can help your business: 

Increase Efficiency

Unlike traditional methods of bulk messaging, fully-automated SMS software is more time and cost-effective. It has the potential to import multiple contacts and send personalized messages all at once.

So, you need not unnecessarily spend time, effort, and resources to reach your customers.

Further, by switching over to automation, businesses can save a significant percentage of the money they would have otherwise spent on traditional marketing strategies. 

Gain Prospective Clients

Keywords and Shortcode features of SMS marketing software will help your business generate more and high-quality leads. It will become much easier for your staff to identify people interested in your product and services. It works in two ways: 

  • Collect Leads: Two-way SMS marketing tools let potential customers sign-up by simply texting back. For instance, a simple promotional message such as “subscribe by replying YES” can generate leads. 
  • Nurture Leads: Once a customer is on board, continue to engage them with occasional text messages like new year, festival, or birthday greetings.

Increase User Engagement

Most SMS marketing platforms provide a two-way messaging feature. Businesses can leverage this option to start real-time conversations, especially with their sales and customer service departments. 

Also, it assists in gathering valuable suggestions, reviews, and ratings, which can be further analyzed to prepare reports. Many advanced platforms also build reports based on such responses.

Such customer engagement initiatives greatly enhance your brand’s image. 

Enhance Customer Experience

The primary task of any business is to make its customers feel valued. When you give your customers timely updates on their orders and delivery schedule and deliver invoices through text messages, it increases their loyalty to your brand. 

SMS marketing tools come in handy to streamline such procedures with great precision, providing convenience to both customers and businesses. 

Boost Revenue

SMS marketing software amplifies your marketing strategy. In a single click, you can reach up to a thousand customers and notify them about your flash sales, promotions, and discounts.

Businesses also share URLs of their websites via SMS to channel the traffic directly to the desired page or product, which has a direct impact on the revenue of the company. 

How Much Does SMS Marketing Software Cost?

Different SMS marketing platforms charge you differently, depending upon several factors, including:

  • The vendor
  • The number of messages you want to send in a month 
  • The amount of keywords you require 
  • Whether or not you’re expecting to exceed your monthly limits

You can buy a decent package of most professional SMS marketing software at around $50. That said, the charges per SMS sent per month can be grouped into three ranges depending upon the starting price of the SMS marketing software.

The price ranges for the lowest-priced or entry-level SMS marketing software are as follows:

  • $0 – $0.03 per SMS per month
  • $0.03 – $0.05 per SMS per month
  • $0.05+ per SMS per month

Keep in mind that this range simply summarizes the base plans offered by most products available in the market.

However, some premium products or enterprise-level plans of otherwise affordable software are generally priced much higher than this, as they come with several other add-on features like unlimited contacts, add-on mobile keywords, web widgets, etc. 

Does CRM Software Include SMS Marketing?

Yes, there are several CRMs that tag along with SMS marketing. In case you didn’t know, CRM software allows businesses to digitize their interactions and records with customers.

It aims to boost effectiveness to meet end goals of selling more products or services, offering superior customer experience, or retaining them for prolonged periods. 

CRM software with SMS marketing functionality provides two-way communication with customers and allows you to keep in touch with them all the time. Other features include:

  • State-of-the-art SMS functionality
  • Lead scoring and custom deal milestones
  • Web engagement through pop-ups and forms
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Advanced CRM text solutions

We recommend you take advantage of the 100% risk-free trial options of some of the popular CRM software with SMS marketing functionality to arrive at an understanding of what you can achieve when you have technology on your side. 

Conclusion: What’s the Best SMS Marketing Software?

To sum it up, there are ample tools for various needs and budgets — here’s a recap of the market’s top 10 best SMS marketing solutions:

  1. Sender: Best SMS Marketing Software Overall | Try it Now With the Free Plan
  2. TextMagic: Best SMS Marketing Software for Bulk Scheduling Messages 
  3. SalesMessage: Popular SMS Marketing Software for Automated Replies
  4. SimpleTexting: Phenomenal SMS Marketing Software for Beginners
  5. SlickTest: Top SMS Marketing Software for Easy SMS Opt-Ins
  6. Klaviyo: Superb SMS Marketing Software for SMS Personalization
  7. EZ Texting: Best SMS Marketing Software for MMS Texting 
  8. EngageBay: Top-Notch SMS Marketing Software for Flexible Workflows 
  9. Twilio: Best SMS Marketing Software for Omnichannel Support
  10. Omnisend: Popular SMS Marketing Software for Customer Info Capture

Having reviewed the top ten — all equally adept — SMS marketing tools in detail, we conclude that Sender is the best of them all. What makes Sender the best SMS marketing software for 2024 is its comprehensive range of features, including:

  • A toll-free number
  • Attention-grabbing notifications to keep customers hooked
  • Immaculate segmentation, and
  • The ability to personalize messages for a particular section of the audience

And the cherry on top is its affordability — it has a free forever plan, making it the best free SMS marketing software of the year as well. Try it now; you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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