Mobile apps are an awesome way for your company to increase customer engagement. The process to build an app is not difficult and can be huge for your company. The increase in customer engagement will give you much better long-term growth for your business and won’t force you to pay through the nose for it.

Larger companies have been heavily investing in these mobile apps to increase their profit margins. They are able to utilize their current customers and increase the ROI on the customer relationship that they already have.

Here are a few ways mobile apps can increase your customer engagement and begin to earn money from apps.

1. Increased Time

People spend almost three and a half hours on their phones every single day. Since the average amount of time spent awake is 15 hours.

This means that 20% of a person’s day is spent on the phone. The only thing we spend more time on than our phones is our televisions.

Because of this, companies have a huge opportunity to engage with their customers in mobile apps. Time spent on the phone is huge and companies can gain a lot by focusing their marketing efforts towards this source.

2. Customers are More Focused

Almost half of the users in mobile applications are less inclined to shop around and compare with other competitors while using your company’s mobile app.

Increased focus on your companies mobile app allows them to purchase through your company versus another competitor. This can create a strong relational link between the customer and you. It also may increase their offline shopping with you since that stronger link has been built you and your products.

Your mobile app sales may even be able to overtake your desktop or offline sales, which will definitely help offset the cost to build an app and is not very high, to begin with.

3. Push Notifications

Since your customers are on their phones so much, push notifications that get sent through the app are much more engaging.

You can set automated push notifications when the customer triggers certain actions. These actions can include the following.

  • Adding or removing products from their cart
  • Large amounts of time between mobile app usage
  • Personal data input by the user

These push notifications can be relevant to what they have done in the app or any other data that your mobile app has collected. This will increase the engagement and relevance of said engagement.

4. Data Collection

Since customers are spending more time on mobile apps, you should be able to collect much better data from them. These analytics will help you to structure the user experience to increase sales and customer retention.

Not only is this data collection designed to boost sales and retention, but it is also much less expensive than other forms of data collection. A study found mobile app data collection to be nearly 70% less expensive than other forms of data collection.


Beginning your mobile app customer engagement journey can be one of the best things for your business. You should begin taking the time to create an amazing user experience, which will not only increase profitability but will also ensure the profitability for the long term.

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