1-hour photo app

Remember those days when you had to wait for hours, or even a day, to get your roll of film developed by a shop before you could see how your photos turned out? Sometimes, you even get the “pleasure” of a bucketful of frustration when you found out that your whole roll was ruined. Or that you shot crappy photos.

Gone are those days, thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, but I think you will agree that there has been more than a little bit of hipster whining about “the good old days” and “nostalgia” when it comes to “real photography”.

If you feel that way, then here’s a photo app for you: 1-Hour Photo.

What does it do? It basically makes you wait an hour before you can see the results, which are processed by their black and white film emulation. Talk about real old school.

The makers describe their app as “It sounds like a bad idea, but you’ll be surprised what it does for your photos.” And yeah, it sounds like a totally silly idea to me, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

1-Hour Photo is free, so you might as well give it a try. Get it here and be like the cool kids.

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