Nowadays, mobile devices have become the focal point in businesses such as Hotels & Restaurants, Travel & Holiday Aggregators, Ticketing Sites, Banks & Financial Institutions, etc, and they have founded mobile apps to be a great way to increase both sales and visibility for their respective businesses. From small to mid to large organizations, mobile apps have brought about the extraordinary growth in the business operations with great customer services.

How Essential Mobile App Is Now A Days For Business Growth

Consider These Key Facts:

  • People are spending more time online today in comparison to any other media

  • Time spent per day on mobile phones has increased about 575% in just 3 years

  • About 62% of the world population can change their mind about the brand, if the brand provides opportunities for mobile access, mobile apps or purchase goods and services via smartphone.

  • About 80% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent using apps

  • Mobile Apps provide a user experience which ‘Responsive Websites’ are unable to offer.

  • ‘Internet of Things’ devices are mobile apps centric

Therefore, mobile apps are becoming the dominating form of digital interaction, and customers / consumers in today’s world are on the move and using mobile application platforms to get there. Also, whether they use mobile phones, tablets, Smartphone, they have all the information they require and that’s why mobile apps are extremely essential in today’s business environment.

According to Flurry Analytics, “Mobile app usage grew an impressive 76% in the year 2014, and the biggest mobile app use growth was in the categories of Lifestyle / Shopping (174%), Utilities / Productivity (121%) or Messaging / Social Media (103%).

Mobile App Usage

Customers / consumers start researching both B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-business) product purchases way earlier marketers realize that they’re in the market. Also, they look for information and cut down purchase options on their own. Customers are also using mobile apps to shop on their timetable. According to Flurry Analytics, “Shopping app use spikes during morning commute time, lunch time and later during the evenings at home”.

Shopping apps US only

Why Mobile Apps Are Essential For Business Growth?

Developing a mobile app for your business is a great way to connect with your target audience, drive sales or boost brand loyalty. An app is very important for businesses today and 5 great reasons are explained below:

     1. Customer Engagement (Acquire Loyal Customers)

As you know mobile apps let customers to get all needed information at their fingertips. Regardless of what business you have, a mobile app can help you get and retain buyers, as a result, you will reach your potential customer anytime, anywhere. Also, mobile apps can link customer’s location to your business through mapping or an integrated GPS (Global Positioning System), they permit customers to read local reviews regarding your business.

1. Customer Engagement

     2. Promoting New Products & Services

A mobile app can link to your inventory system to let customers to buy products online. With the use of mobile app you can easily provide users with some useful information about your new products or services, discount offers, etc. to lure them and increase your sales. For this, all you need is to come up with an easy to use and sophisticated mobile app design that entice users.

     3. Increasing Sales And Generating Leads

You can also increase your business sales or leads by integrating mobile shopping cart. If you sell your products and services online, then a mobile app is worth considering as it provides your potential customer base the flexibility to do the alike things they would normally have done sitting at their desks, but on their smartphones. Keep in mind, businesses can make the best use of apps to promote their business like never before with the help of some functions such as Messaging, Photo sharing, Loyalty programs and Push notifications.

    4. Customer Service

Mobile applications provide customers a simple yet efficient way to get in touch with your business as you can include detailed information about your business, products & services, hours and direct contact information through a one-touch phone call or e-mail. Besides, get feedback and suggestions from your customers simply by inserting polls and surveys.

   5. Enhanced End User Experience

Today, the mobile apps have enhanced the end user experience greatly for businesses with the ease of access plus being a great replacement to conventional business models. Moreover, apps have increased reliability as well as contributing high speed browsing to the business websites that engages the consumers and makes them stick to the business and it brings sales to businesses and makes the profitability quotient better.

With the increasing competition, your business needs to be represented as the best. So, your both your business site and mobile app should be responsive and user friendly. So, you must go for an experienced team of mobile application developers.

Mobile Application Developers

Finding the right mobile app developers is very important to make sure the greatest ability for employing its use and deployment. The most crucial thing to consider When looking for a developer or app development company is experience. This is because it lets for a fast turn around at a reasonable price while still having a quality application to sell to customers. Remember, customers will turn away from your business in favor of rivals if the app is buggy, difficult to use or doesn’t appear attractive. A professional and experienced developer knows what things to avoid while creating an easy to use app for everyone.


Without any doubt, apps are revolutionary changing the Mobile World these days, and so have become very crucial for businesses. Because of the fast growth of Smartphone users, it has become essential for businesses to have mobile apps.