Numerous factors come into play when one decides to build a mobile app whether it is for their artwork, business, or even for entertainment purposes. But one of the most crucial factors is to develop the app or to hire a developer for the same. You can hire a new developer with little experience or you can hire a professional. What matters is to understand that the more complex your idea of your mobile app is, the more bucks you will be spending on it.

But wouldn’t it be more hassle-free and light on the pockets if instead of hiring a developer for the entire process of mobile app development, you can take care of many of the steps on your own without having to go through lines and lines of code? Thankfully, with the rapidly evolving technology in today’s generation, it is possible to have a major presence in the process of creating your app without having any prior knowledge of coding.

So, if you are the kind of person who is not deep into technical stuff and don’t want to bother learning a whole new language of codes, then No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms could be your savior without making any major dents in your pockets or taking hours of hard work. Let’s have a look at the top 5 platforms which can assist you in this way.

1. Andromo

The first option for you is to build an app on your own in Andromo. Not only is building an app a possibility here, but you can also monetize it on the platform as well. This is an android-only based app-building platform with a seamless interface to help the user come up with an app, personal or commercial, with just a few clicks.

If you’re a musician or an artist looking to make an app for your work or a travel photographer looking to share your portfolio, Andromo has got all the necessary tools on the go to help you get started without having to tire your fingers with writing lengths of codes.

Since you can monetize your app on Andromo through its advertising network built for the users, that is not the only advantage to getting on with it. Apps developed on the Andromo Platform are written in Android codes only, which means once you have a solid foundation for your app working, it can readily be available to publish on Google Play Store without any technical issues about the Play Store platform.

2. Adalo

How does the idea of building an app without writing a single line of code sound to you? Pretty comfortable, isn’t it?

Adalo is an app-building platform with numerous engaging designs to choose from and get on with it within a few steps. The drag and drop customization doesn’t require one to step up their skills in coding, they can just simply use this feature and put their creative skills to work. With the help of such easy-to-grasp components, you can get your app ready without putting in any extra work or with any extra help.

A Pretty cool feature that Adalo provides is if you have already taken a first step on setting up your app and have an API already, then Adalo will integrate with the same. Such a fantastic option can get your app ready in almost no time for the Android as well as the iOS market.

  • Choose the components from the platform through spreadsheets and databases.
  • The drag and drop customization helps with the easy engagement in design.
  • Add forms, calendar, payment options, etc on your app.
  • Link your pages in one go so your app is easy to engage.

3. Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is probably one of the best platforms available to make an app for small businesses. One can easily build a single or native app for both markets – iOS and Android. There are a few new features on the Bizness Apps that set it apart from its competitors such as there is a range of tutorials already provided to the users who are new and have no idea how to go about building an app. There are also marketing tools provided to help you do tasks like generating screenshots when you publish an app on the app store.

The key features of the platform are the easy-to-understand content management system and the possibility to design your templates. You can even update your app online on the platform itself without having to take the update to Google Play or App Store.

The platform is a plus for design-savvy people as it offers tons of customization and may require some design knowledge and skill to get your app looking professional. And if you are one of those people and want to create an app for your small business or personal portfolio, then Bizness Apps could work wonders for you.

4. Webflow

Webflow offers you a range of apps to build with whatever idea you have without having to know a single line of code. The interface is quite engaging and can even help you set up an E-Commerce store without much hassle.

Webflow offers a variety of templates and designs to choose from. Learning your way around the Webflow workstation is probably the most beneficial factor you can get in the process of developing your app. The drag and drop option can easily help a new user excited to create their app without much work and effort.

Most of the small artists, businesses, or startups don’t have the luxury to spend enormously on the development of their website or app. Webflow allows its user to have an affordable entry to let you put high quality and site or design a responsive app without having to spend a huge amount of money.

5. Carrd

Carrd has one of the fastest systems to develop a website/landing page in a matter of minutes. One doesn’t even need to create an account first to create a site or a landing page, just visit their site and start working on your idea and when it is completed, you will get the option to sign up to publish.

Most features provided by Carrd are quite simple to use and the design doesn’t exactly allow too much customization, but it still keeps your content lined up and neat looking. One can dive right in and choose from the existing templates to go from or to create their own.

For a very reasonable price, Carrd can offer premium features that can help you set up a fully featured site according to your needs and choices. Overall, the platform has got everything that it takes to create a professional author site or landing page starting from scratch running at no cost. If you are looking for a convenient way to introduce yourself or your work on the internet, or if it is some informational page that you want to share with people, Carrd is the perfect platform to stack the deck.