With so much marketing advice that’s coming to us from every sense of the way it’s hard to distinguish and cater to the right methods when it comes to getting people into our business in person. It’s network marketing, don’t over complicate it – you must own your business, your time is valuable and you are the boss of it. A lot of times it doesn’t matter how much online influence you have when it comes to getting the right person into your business. We are dealing with money and most of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired from being bombarded with deals and business opportunities in person or online and it’s very difficult to even spend more than $50 on something that may look lucrative. That is why word of mouth marketing works wonders … these deals are literally done with a handshake. In reality it takes hard work and dedication, most people get so hyped up and think that they’ll become wealthy in a matter of days. Upon entering the business they are struck with the reality of hard work ethics and a true testament of a mindset, they hear a few “no’s” and they are shut down from the industry. But remember, to achieve income you’ve never had before – you have to achieve things you haven’t done before.

In our line of work, we are not investing into money but we are investing into something bigger … we’re investing into other people. Think about it, people will never stop from being born. There are people turning 18 right now that can prosper with our business, and even more are turning 16 that can also begin with a business journey of their own. This is why our industry is the most paid industry world wide.

Follow these simple word of mouth marketing techniques to unlimited success in your business:

  • Keep your message short. The shorter the message, the more it’s remembered and repeated.
  • Ask them to try your product. You want consumers to talk about your product and tell others about it.
  • Short stories are easier to tell than long ones. Tell your brand story the way you want it told.
  • Stay in touch. Inform your customers of specials, send them savings, invite them to events. This will not only increase their visits, but it will get them talking about you.
  • Crazy requests? No problem. The more unusual or outrageous, the more shareable it will be. Whether it’s traveling with a customer to provide your service at an exotic, far-flung destination or serving it at menu event locations.
  • Tell people people how to become fans. Temporary tattoos? why not. Branded t-shirts, hats, pens.
  • Make CJMs fun. Coffee Jazz Mixers can ignite a whole new level of your business exposure. It doesn’t have to be a location, a lot of times it’s the people.
  • Network with the leaders of your company and edify them to increase your business exposure.