A recent presentation on inbound marketing from Marketo stated:

“You wait for buyers to take action when they feel ready. But sometimes you need someone to act. Pragmatists and late adopters who don’t actively seek out alternatives and new solutions may need a push, not a pull, to take action.” (Building a Better Inbound Marketing Machine)

The key, according to Marketo, is to incorporate inbound marketing into a larger group of marketing tactics to amplify your impact.

The presentation, particularly the checklist in its last two slides, is one of the best reference resources I have seen to help you consider the right mix of activities, which will ensure you are offering both the ‘pull’ needed to attract your target audience and that vital ‘push’ to drive your market to action.

At Brightfire, for example, we put a lot of time and effort into blogging, white papers, e-books and social media, and we are happy to report that it is providing us with an ever-growing community of people who find our content relevant and useful.

However, we also put a lot of time and effort into ‘push’ campaigns online, offline and in the field. This ensures that we engage with those prospects that need inbound marketing help but do not seek it out.

Recently we have placed some focus on helping our community get more value from trade shows. The interesting thing about this is that it uses inbound tactics to maximise the value of an outbound campaign.

The truth is that, as we have seen for ourselves, inbound can multiply the impact of outbound and vice versa!

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