Data-driven marketing has evolved from the days of simply measuring bounce rates and cost-per clicks to today’s complex big data and customers are demanding personalized experience despite the fact that they use multiple channels to access the internet. Data-driven marketing is the future of marketing. According to Invespcro, marketers that were using personalized techniques exceeded their revenue goals while 83% of marketers that employ data-driven campaigns enjoyed more than 5 times the ROI on marketing spend.

Simply put, data-driven marketing involves collecting customer data and then using that data to create your marketing strategy. Understanding customer behavior is the key to delivering the right content to customers. In other words, data-driven marketing helps one to create marketing content that are in sync with your customers’ expectations, behaviors and demographics.

Data-driven marketing is the future of economy

Great marketers today are influenced by big data. Detailed analysis as well as solid numbers should be prepared and presented based on the available marketing data. This helps the marketers to monitor customer online behavior and ultimately, how to increase online sales. Here are three reasons why data-driven marketing should be embraced by every marketer.

  • Data-driven marketing helps one to reach the right people.

In an ideal marketing would, every potential person you reach with your message should buy your service or products. However, that is not what always happens. In fact, less than 2.5% of customers convert to paying customers after landing on the landing page. The reason why so many people don’t convert is because most marketing messages directed to them are actually not relevant. With big data, you can reach the right audience.

  • It is easier to monitor performance,

Data-driven marketing makes it possible for one to monitor performance on a regular basis. Marketers must use data collected to gain insights into the tastes, preference, behaviors and habits of their audience and then make necessary changes improve their conversions rates. However, organizations must be careful to ensure that data collected is top quality. In fact, 54% of organizations fear that lack of data or poor-quality data might hinder data-driven marketing efforts. The right data to produce the desired results must be available and appreciated.

  • Reach people through the right channels

It is one thing to reach the right people and it is quiet another to reach them via the right channel. The average internet user will access the internet using several channels such through the phone, laptop and desktop. Data can help marketers to understand how best to reach their customers

The age of data-driven marketing is here with us. Data is already an important tools because it gives marketers and firms the ability to customize their marketing messages.