For those who grew up in a world of rotary phones and dial-up Internet, it is hard to imagine that most teenagers today have no memory of life before mobile phones. It’s also quite possible that your child’s cell phone, and not you, is the receiver of admiration in your household. Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, these Y Gens (or Millennials) have had so much contact with technology, mobile phones and laptops have turned into ordinary belongings of everyday life. This explains why 94% of Y Gens have cell phones, and 70% have laptops.

By now I’m sure you have noticed, teens use their mobile phones everywhere! Movie theatres, church, dinner table, classrooms, events, and even on the toilet! So why are they so glued? They are texting!

teens and cells

Don’t Miss the Potential to Reach Teens

Mobile marketing has incredible reach and a huge user base, giving it massive potential. This is a viral form of advertising and marketing that delivers an unmatched response rate compared to traditional forms of marketing, like radio, television, newspapers and billboards. It even greatly outperforms direct mail and email marketing in certain cases. However, other forms of marketing such as inbound marketing and using social media platforms should not be ignored.

Text messaging is the top means of communication among teens, with 63% of teens sending messages every day. Only 39% of teens reported making phone calls daily and 35% of teens say they communicate face-to-face.

For your business to stay in the game, start building a text marketing list, create strong social media profiles, get your business online, and TEXT!

Want to know exactly how many teens have cell phones? Check out this graphic from

teens with cell phones

Incredible, right?

So, what is life is like for these technology-obsessed teens? The following infographic from Online Schools offers a detailed look at the techy world of these teens and shows baby boomrers what they are missing. If you’re not on the online/mobile bandwagon, get on it!

How does this knowledge of teens’ tech usage change the way you will think about marketing to them?