Bots are the most used client care devices by companies. Businesses can communicate with their clients anytime. It’s always fulfilling to the customers because both bots can hold conversations all the time without a sweat. There are differences, upsides and downsides to both the bots but clearly a great invention in customer care. Maintaining clear communications with clients is very important. The customers feel heard and appreciated, and that motivates them to stay loyal.


Voicebot is artificial intelligence-powered software that uses interactive voice response. The caller can speak to the bot and communicate using natural language. Artificial Intelligence identifies key aspects or markers in speeches and responds in near human form. They are also referred to as voice assistants. They can be integrated into different devices for easy access and use. The main difference between voice bot vs chatbot is the voice assistant only communicates via voice. They ingest words from the speaker analyse and interpret them then respond and form a meaningful verbal exchange.


It’s the best support solution to offer customer satisfaction. Voice is the most natural way of communicating which is why they are preferred by most customers. They are also easy to use; users are not constantly listening to menus while pressing corresponding keys on their phones. Getting answers has become very easy.

The bots can easily be integrated with a wide range of customer service tools and conveniently empower self-service. The touch-tone method is becoming obsolete because these voice-based bots are providing a smooth experience. Most people have them incorporated in at least one device in their homes. The companies can optimize their resources because the customer service contact rate will go down.

They are also very suitable for reaching a large customer base. That is because customers who are not tech-savvy can easily use it. Older folks who have difficulty texting can use it without unnecessary complications. The bots give service providers a mass appeal and a big platform to reach many of their customers and potential clients.


These types of bots are software applications used for online chat communication via text. It can automate communications and interact with people through messaging platforms. The main difference compared to voicebots is that the software is text-based. However, they also use artificial intelligence to stimulate a chat with the user in natural human language. They can be integrated in messaging applications like Watsapp, Facebook Messenger or websites. They provide quality and engaging self-service. They serve the same purpose as the voice bots, which is to provide constant and personalized communications with customers. It’s easy to use once you understand how a chatbot works.


Responses are prompt so they save a lot of time. They also do not require a lot of coaching as humans which reduces the time between setup and productivity in most companies. Consumers always go for brands with the shortest response time. The bots have stepped in in a big way to help companies be quick with their responses.

They have a wide range of applications in different departments in organizations. It can be used for advertising, orders, employee assistance, customer services and many others. Everyone needs help every once in a while and the bots can provide it. It’s even better if you can have the help easily accessible on your phone in different applications.

It reduces workforce cost because they can handle commonly asked questions especially during peak calling hours. It is also very convenient; it can hand over all the conversations and data to a live agent anytime that is needed. It is a reliable supplement during a crisis or on normal working days in any organization.


Artificial intelligence is quickly revolutionizing the customer service industry. The voicebots are mostly preferred than chatbots because they have managed to build on the momentum that chatbot started. They have some challenges like limited response and training but without a doubt very useful. Most companies have transformed or revived their businesses or products because of the software.