Have you scoured the Internet looking for the ideal business opportunity, but never pursue any of them because: (a) the ‘perfect’ opportunity costs too much, (b) don’t want to waste time and money that you don’t have on something that may not work out, (c) you want to own a business not a franchise, or (d) when you contact the people in charge of the opportunity they answer questions vaguely or just don’t make you feel comfortable with moving forward. If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of those responses look no further I have found the perfect business opportunity for you: Celebrate Home.

Celebrate Home is a Welcome Service that to helps build communities, small businesses, non-profits and allows the business owner to make an exceptional income. Their motto,”Building Communities One Home at a Time”.

How it works:

A Celebrate Home exclusive territory owner, welcomes new homeowners with a generous basket filled with gifts and gift certificates from local businesses as well as community information. Celebrate Home benefits local non-profit organizations by providing new homeowners with a list of volunteer opportunities and each non-profits needs —this service is provided for FREE to the non-profit organizations. The beautiful gift baskets are an excellent way to bring in new customers to the business sponsor’s place of business. Here a few examples of the gifts that might be nestled inside a basket:

The Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity Celebrates Home

  • A fine dining restaurant might include an etched wine glass with a copy of the restaurant’s menu and a gift certificate for a free prime rib dinner inside the glass.
  • A veterinarian offers a tote bag with their name and logo. Inside the bag is a dog leash, dog toy, and a frisbee. Additionally there is gift certificate offering a FREE initial visit, a FREE night of boarding, a FREE nail clipping, and a FREE dose of flea and tick application.
  • An auto repair shop offers tire gauges and key chains with the company name and logo on them. Additionally there is a gift certificate for a FREE oil change and 25% off their first auto repair service.

The possibilities are endless (see the Celebrate Home website for more examples). Offers like these are sure to bring new customers to the business sponsors, while making the community feel very welcomed. Homeowners will feel inclined to try out every offer in the basket and they are provided with useful promotional items that will keep the business sponsors at the forefront of their minds.

How much does it cost?

Some of you may be thinking okay this sounds great but what’s the catch? It must cost a lot right? WRONG! Founders and close friends, Cindy and Dawn started Celebrate Home in 2009 in three rural Wisconsin cities with the goal of helping business owners navigate the recession and connect to the local communities. When they realized they had a great program they wanted to share it with other small business owners seeking to do the same, for this reason Celebrate Home is NOT a franchise opportunity and their are no royalties to pay. Cindy and Dawn’s mission is to share their opportunity with people of like minds for a price that is simple and cost effective. In order to get started, interested candidates must purchase the business opportunity kit that comes with over 60 templates of professionally branded digital files that will aid in running a successful business. They made all the mistakes first so that you won’t have too! Cindy and Dawn also provide on-going support at no additional cost. There are also sales articles, a training audio CD, and more! The kit is only $1295 plus the cost of your exclusive territory (which is determined by population). At the minimum you can be in business for less than $2,000 and actually make $15,000 a month or more! Which brings me to my next question:

How much can I profit?

If you are anything like me you might be thinking; I can spend around $2,000 – $3,000 on a viable business opportunity but how much can I really make? I mentioned $15,000 in the previous paragraph and it is very possible to achieve that goal with a lot of dedicated work and connections. But let’s look take a look at a few of the possibilities:

Cindy and Dawn have put together this wonderful visual (available on the Celebrate Home website) to help you really see the financial opportunity available. How to use the chart: Let’s say you sign up 30 business sponsors and they pay $4 per basket and you deliver 30 baskets a month to new homeowners:

30 sponsors x $4.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $3,600/month

With that example, you have made your initial investment back and profited $1,600! If you are very ambitious considered aiming for 100 sponsors that pay $5.00 per basket, and you deliver 30 baskets a month to new homeowners:

100 sponsors x $5.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $15,000/month

So imagine if you are located in a city where you could comfortably get $8 or even $10 per basket! The possibilities are truly endless.

Checkout this lovely twist! {Real-life example}

The Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity Celebrates Home

Jill Hansen (pictured above), co-owner of The Basket Connection based in central Texas purchased her Celebrate Home business opportunity kit to not only greet new homeowners, but to also celebrate soldiers returning home as well. Melissa Purl, a public relations representative for Seton Medical Center reported to the Kileen Daily News that Hansen only puts top quality products in the baskets so that soldiers know that what they do is appreciated. Hansen has really connected with her community helping the residents, business owners, and soldiers. How awesome is that!

Why I love this opportunity:

(Dawn and Cindy with their first Celebrate Home baskets in September 2009)

I don’t just put my neck out there for any company, trust me I have done my research and this is a business opportunity of a lifetime. I found the company a little over a year and half ago via while researching some business opportunities. I was so impressed with what I read and saw that I remembered the website by heart and contacted Cindy and Dawn (the founders of Celebrate Home pictured above) back in February to get more information. Let’s just say I bonded with the ladies instantly and we keep in touch regularly and I’m not even a Celebrate Home owner (yet) and they treat me like family. Another reason I personally love this opportunity is because as a small business advocate, I love the concept of personal touch marketing/ advertising that aids business owners with building their business and building the community. I like the fact that non-profits also get their information into the community for free. Also homeowners get a memorable and beautiful set of gifts which means everyone WINS! Finally, the cost to get started is realistic and doable with no franchise fees or royalties to be concerned with.

Celebrate Home is by far one of the best real business opportunities available. Head over to the website today for more information and to get started. Be sure to tell Cindy and Dawn, Ashley Neal sent you when asked, how did you find out about the opportunity. Visit: www.celebratehome.biz and invest in your future today before your exclusive territory is sold to someone else!

If you or someone else you know does get started with Celebrate Home opportunity please come back to this post and leave a comment with the city and state you are in, I would love to hear about your experience!


Images: Jill Hansen via kdhnews.com, all the rest of the images are used with permission from Cindy and Dawn, owners of Celebrate Home, Inc.